You Can,t Turn Kashmiris Into Indians By Force: Arundhati Roy

Famous Indian Human Rights Activist Arundhati Roy is in news these days for her recent statement during a Seminar in which she said that Kashmir was never a Integral Part of India. After this Statement by Arundhati she is strongly criticized by many Indian Political Parties and many also demanded her to take back her statement but she refused to do so.  According to Indian Media she can also be arrested on the charges of sedition.

Arundhati Roy is not ready to take back her statement on Kashmir and recently in a Newspaper Article she has repeated her statement that i have said the same thing which Millions of people are saying everyday and if you see my speech from where my Statement is taken you will find that i have simply spoken for the rights of people of Kashmir. She said we can,t turn Kashmiri People into Indians by using force against them.  In the  Article she also condemned Rapes of Kashmiri Women and Killings of Kashmiri Civilians by Indian Security Forces.