Hindu Extremists of VHP Target Arundhati Roy In Orissa

Hindu Extremists of Vishwa Hindu Parishad Attacked Famous Indian Human Rights Activist Arundhati Roy in Orissa when she was addressing With a Gathering on Sunday. Several People Where Injured due to clash between Extremists of VHP and People Present in Gathering.

Arundhati Roy was came in this Gathering to Address On Invitation of a Human Rights Organization. She  was receiving death threats from different Hindu Extremist Groups from they day she given Statement in support of Kashmiri People and her House was also attacked in Mumbai by Shiv Sena extremists.  This Time she was attacked in Orissa which is considered a strong hold of different Hindu Extremist Groups. in 2007 More than 116 attacks where done on Christians by VHP and other extremist groups.