How to Earn Money Online by Blogging in Pakistan?

Its  a time when Unemployment is on the raise in Pakistan and people are looking for different ways to make money.  If you are also one of those who are looking for a way to earn good amount of money as your main job or part time job then you can surely find it on internet.

there are hundreds of ways to make money online on internet and good news is that Internet is also growing at a very fast rate in Pakistan. one of the best, easiest and popular way to make money on internet is Blogging.

Blog is a type of website where a person writes his personal views on different topics and it is known as blogging. this site which you are reading at the moment is also a blog on which i write on issues related to Pakistan. you don,t need to invest much money and nor need  any degree to do blogging. you simply will have to write unique and original content by getting a blog and soon you will start making money from it.  Following are the steps to make money by blogging.

1 Get a Free or Paid Blog. You can get a free blog from

2 Chose a Topic for your blog about which you know well.

3 Get a Adsense or other Advertising Program account and put its Ads on your Blog.

4 Start writing Unique, Original Articles on your blog. Articles must not be copied from other sites.

5 Continue to do hard work for several months until your blog start getting visitors. Once your Blog will start getting visitors you will start to make money.