Import of Gas to Pakistan From Iran To Start Soon

Work on Pakistan Iran Gas Pipeline Project was going on from a Long a time. According to this Gas Pipeline Deal Pakistan will be importing Gas From Iran. US and Some Western Countries are Opposing This Project and trying to Pressurize Pakistan to not do this Gas Pipeline deal with Iran.

A Major Reason due to which US is Opposing this Deal is because China is also interested to become a partner of this deal and if it happens this Pipeline will be extended to China through Pakistan.  According to Iranian Media Reports this Project is going to be complete soon and in a couple of months.

This Is a Project of $7.6 billion and a very Important one for Pakistan to solve the huge Energy Crises going in Pakistan. Pakistan is facing Gas as well Electricity Load Shading Which is badly effecting its Industry but after Import of Gas From Iran the Situation Will be better.  This is a big deal according to which Pakistan will take 750 million cubic feet Gas Everyday from Iran for next 25 Years.  First it was decided that This Gas Pipeline will also go to India from Pakistan but later on India decided to not become part of this Deal after which China has become interested in it.