Is India a Secular Country?

We Often see Indian Government and Media keeps on Claiming that India is Secular Country where Every Community is Safe and Everyone is Free to Follow his Religion.

But When we see the 65 Years of Indian History We find the Reality is very different from this claim of India Being a Secular Country.  Dozens of Hindu Extremist Groups like RSS, Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal Exists in India which are involved in Killings of Thousands of Indian Muslims, Sikhs and Christians.

In 1992 Hindu Extremist Group BJP with help of other Extremist Groups Martyred the Babri Mosque in Ayodhya and killed over 2000 Muslims. Even After Two Decades Culprits of this Terrorist Act are living freely in India. in 2002 over 3000 Muslims where Killed in Ahmedabad and Gujrat by Hindu Extremist Groups.

Thousand of Muslims Women where Raped in front of their  Brothers, Fathers and Sons. The Person Who Played Major Role in these Killings Narendra Modi is Chief Minister of Gujrat Today and strong candidate for next Prime Minister in 2014 Elections. in Early 80s Thousands of Sikhs where killed in Indian Punjab and Delhi by Indian Army and Most important religious Place of Sikhs Golden Temple was also destroyed In a Army Operation named operation blue star.

in 2008 More than 100 Attacks where done on Christian Churches and hundreds of Christians where killed in Orissa and areas around it by Hindu Extremists.

More than 1 Lac Kashmiri Muslims are Killed in Indian Army State Terrorism from 1989 to 2013. Hindu Extremists killed hundreds of Muslims in Blasts Such as Ajmer Blast, Malegaon Blast and Samjhota Express Blasts. India is No. 1 for Religious Discrimination in the World according to report of USCIRF.

In India Muslims are behind in every Field of Life than Hindus except Showbiz and Cricket. its hard for them to get good Jobs and higher posts.

hundreds of Young Indian Muslims are picked up by Indian agencies with fake allegations of terrorism every year.

Next year Elections are coming In India and a Anti Muslim Leader Hindu Extremist Narendra Modi is heading the opposition Election campaign. Modi was responsible for Muslims Killings in Gujrat in 2002.

These are the Major Incidents that i have  mentioned in front of you from Indian History. If Someone calls India Secular ever now then he needs to do more research.