Indian Raw Planning Conspiracy For Defaming Kashmir Freedom Struggle

It Has Become Common Method of World's Different Intelligence Agencies to Launch Fake Terrorist Attacks To Get their Dirty Objectives. An UK Based Organization Tehreek-e-Kashmir has warned on Monday that Indian Intelligence Agency Raw is Planning a Conspiracy For Defaming Kashmir Freedom Struggle. Tehreek-e-Kashmir  has said that Raw may do a Fake Terrorist Attack in Indian Occupied Kashmir during upcoming Barack Obama's visit to India so that Freedom of Movement of Kashmiris can be given a bad color.

American President Obama is coming on Indian Visit on 7th November. Tehreek-e-Kashmir has said that Like Indian Agents Killed 36 Sikhs during Ex-President Clinton Visit to India in 2000 another Possible Terrorist attack Drama May Take Place. President of Tehreek-e-Kashmir has also demanded American President Obama to raise Kashmir issue with Indian Leadership during his visit to India.