Inflation On Rise in Pakistan

From The Day Present People Party Came into Government in 2008 in Pakistan the Inflation is increasing very Rapidly. The Reasons for this huge increase in Inflation are several.

First of all Massive Corruption by Government, Secondly Government is taking lot of Debts From IMF and other World Institutions and Thirdly Not Collecting Taxes From Elite of The Country in Which Government Personalities and their relatives are also included.

These Reasons are resulting in huge increase of Prices of different things which is making lives of Poor and Middle Class Difficult. Today Price of Sugar has reached 92 RS KG and Rates of things like Onions are also gone very higher.

On other hand Pakistani Currency is losing its Value and Dollar has reached to 87 Pakistani Rupees. For the first time i am seeing that even Middle Class is very upset which not happened ever in the history.