My Personal Experience With PTCL DSL Broadband

 Like Other Countries Broadband Internet is also getting very popular in Pakistan and people not only are switching from Dial Up and Wireless Internet to Broadband but many new users are also taking Broadband connections in Pakistan.

There are many Broadband Companies in Pakistan like PTCL, Wateen and Link Dot Net but the PTCL DSL Broadband is considered the best one and Millions of Pakistanis has already got its connection. It has reached in almost 1300 Cities of Pakistan and trying to reach more cities soon.

Watching the Popularity of PTCL DSL i also decided to take its connection of 1 MBPS whose price is 1200 Month. It worked very well for me in first two weeks but later on it started troubling me. From last several weeks i am facing a big problem that my Internet disconnects after every 2 minutes.

I even done complaint at 1218 several times but my problem was not solved. when i asked many other PTCL DSL users about their experience they also told me the same story that at first it worked well for them but later on they started facing lot of problems with their connections. So my personal experience with PTCL DSL is not good and i am switched to Link Dot Net from PTCL DSL from a couple of days which is working well for me till now.