Nato Wants To Improve Relations With Russia To Get Help in Afghanistan

US and Nato Forces are facing tough time in Afghanistan From Afghan Taliban and other Groups. Death Toll of US and Nato Force is on the raise and everyday we hear about killing of 2,3 Foreign Soldiers.

In this Tough Situation US and Nato Forces are trying to take help of other Countries to control the Situation. Recently US Demanded Pakistan to Do Operation against Haqqani Network. Last Week Richard Holbrooke asked Bangladesh to sent its Army to Afghanistan and now Nato has showed its wish to Improve Relation with Russia by forgetting old disputes.

Nato Secretary General Fogh Rasmussen said in a New Conference on Wednesday that Nato and Russia should improve their relations by forgetting the past. In the Past Few Months as well Nato has tried to Take Help of Russia to control things in Afghanistan but Russia has completely rejected to sent its forces to Afghanistan. Former Russian Ruler Gorbachev has also said that Win in Afghanistan is Impossible for Foreign Forces and they should try to find a political solution.