Pakistan and US Don't Have Common Enemy and Interests

We Often Hear Different US Officials and Corrupt Pro US Pakistani Politicians Claiming that Pakistan and United States Have Common Enemies and Common Interests.  Many People who don,t know the Exact Ground Situation in Afghanistan and Pakistani Tribal Areas may also get agree with this Statement but the Reality is very different than this. Pakistan and US Don,t Have Common Enemies or Interests. Now I Will Be Explaining One By One That How This Statement is Wrong?

First of All those Taliban Groups Such As Mullah Omar, Haqqani, Hikmat Yar That are Fighting in Afghanistan Against US and Nato Forces are not enemy of Pakistan nor they have ever attacked Pakistan. Pakistan is Under attack by a Group Called Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) That is backed by RAW through Afghanistan.

This Group has no Links with the Afghan Taliban and it is also created in last couple of years.  Secondly Present Afghanistan Government of Hamid Karzai is Pro Indian and Anti Pakistan which Keeps on blaming Pakistan for Everything.  So Pakistan's Interest Is in End of Karzai Government. Thirdly Under US Umbrella Indians are also operating in Afghanistan to Promote Terrorism in Pakistan and if US Leaves Afghanistan Indians will also have to run.  In Short Pakistan and US Don,t Have Common Enemy or Interests.