Strike By Muslims Naxals and Kashmiris on Obama Tour to India

American President Barack Obama has reached India on his 3 Day Tour On Saturday Morning. Strict Security Will Be Provided to American President during his Stay in India. 40 Jets, 5 Bullet Proof Cars and Drones will be Protecting Obama from any type of threat.  On This Occasion Indian Muslims, Naxals and Kashmiris are on Strike For Different Reasons.

Indian Muslims Are Unhappy Due to American Policies with Muslim World Specially towards Palestine. This Report by Indian Media increased the Anger of Indian Muslims Even More When they came to Know That Name of Security Dog of Obama is "Khan" that has came with him to India.

Naxals are unhappy with Obama's visit because they think that Indian Government is selling India to Foreign Forces Including US and Israel.  Kashmiris are Doing Strike Because Obama is not fulfilling his Promise of Playing Role in Solving the Kashmir Issue which he made before becoming US President. Infect Barack Obama has even forgot Word Kashmir from the day he became US President.