US and Nato Forces Can,t Win in Afghanistan: Taliban

Last Week in a Nato Conference it is decided by heads of Different Nato Countries that Withdrawal of Foreign Forces From Afghanistan Will Be Done in Year of 2014 which means Foreign Forces will be staying in Afghanistan For 4 More Years to Come. Afghanistan Was Attacked After 9/11 At End of 2001 and almost a Decade is completed of War in Afghanistan.  During this War US and Nato has tried different Tactics to Crush the Taliban but they have failed to do so.

Today Taliban has a strong Public Support and Most of Afghan Territory Is Also under their Control.  On Announcement of Withdrawal from Nato in 2014 Taliban has issued a Statement in which they have said that US and Nato Forces Can,t Win in Afghanistan and Announcement of Exit in 2014 Is like Accepting Defeat.  Taliban Leader Mullah Omar has also given a Statement on Eid in which he said that Win in Afghanistan is very near and soon there will be a Islamic Government on Afghan Land.