We and Kashmiris Have Common Enemy in Delhi: Naxal Leader

There are Dozens of Separatist Movements That are Operating in India but the most Dangerous and Influenced among them is Naxal Maoist Movement. Naxals are controlling several Indian States today and they have also killed Thousand of Indian Soldiers till now.

Naxal Leadership also claims that soon there will be Naxals Government in Delhi. On other hand Kashmir Freedom Movement is also the raise once again. The Kashmir Freedom Movement is Very Different from other Movement because Kashmir is Illegally Occupied by Indian Forces From Several Decades and Kashmiris are struggling to get Freedom even after giving Thousands of Lives.

Naxal Maoist Leader Varavara Rao has recently said in a Interview that We and Kashmiris have a Common Enemy Sitting In Delhi and we completely Support Kashmir Freedom Movement. He Said Kashmiris have a right to chose with whom they want to live. Varavara Rao said Kashmir Is Illegally Occupied by Indian Government and it should be given Freedom.