Why Most of Wikileaks Documents Speaks against Muslim Rulers

Wikileaks has released thousands of new US secret documents on Sunday which has created a huge diplomatic crises and can strongly effects the relationships of different countries in the future. In these Wikileaks documents different claims are made about different World Rulers and  these documents also contains the comments of different rulers about the rulers of other countries.

The thing which shocked me most was that why most of these documents speaks against only the rulers of Muslims countries and they also contains many comments of Muslim rulers against Muslim rulers of other countries.

This can seriously effect the relationship between Muslim Countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Abu Dhabi.  Well this was a really suspicious thing for me that why only Muslim World is targeted in these documents. Is World so short? Why no documents about thousands of other Important issues of the World? Pakistani and Iranian Governments has already rejected these Wikileaks Documents by calling it Propaganda to create dispute among Muslim Countries.

In the Documents it was claimed that Saudi King Wanted US to attack Iran. Saudi King also don,t like Pakistani President Zardari. Abu Dhabi King also don,t like Zardari and Nawaz Sharif. Arab Countries are feared of Iran. In the past Wikileaks blamed Pakistan's Intelligence Agency ISI for supporting and training the Afghan Taliban to fight against American and Nato Forces.