Wikileaks Releases New Shocking Documents

Famous Websites Wikileaks that has gain popularity for publishing secret documents from couple of months has released thousands of new secret US documents just few hours ago which has exposed some really shocking and interesting things and also sparked worldwide diplomatic crisis.

Today Wikileaks website was also attacked by Hackers due to which it become inaccessible but Wikileaks officials published the secret documents through other sources. So here are some of the facts that have came out from these secret US documents.

1 Saudi King Shah Abdullah Wanted US to attack Iran.

2 Saudi King Shah Abdullah don,t like Pakistani President Zardari and feels that he is main problem in progress of Pakistan.

3 In the Documents Iranian President Ahmedinejad is compared with Adolf Hitler.

4 French President Nicolas Sarkozy is called “emperor with no clothes” in these Documents.

5 Al Qaeda is still getting support from elements in Saudi Arabia.

6 US and Nato Soldiers are involved in Series War Crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Many other facts have also came out in these secret documents which we will be sharing with you in the future  as we got them.