Websites That Where Visited The Most in Year 2010

It is 31st December the last day of the Year 2010 and we are just few hours away from the year 2011. Previously i created posts about main events that taken place in Pakistan in 2010 and famous personalities that died in 2010. Today i am going to share the Websites that where visited the most in the year 2010. Most of these Sites are Search Engines and Social Networking Sites. So here is the list of these Websites.

Google: Google famous Search engine this year as well was the most visited Website worldwide. The site got billions of visitors in this year.

Microsoft: It remained the second most visited site in the 2010. Its popular for its Search Engine, Email service and other Services.

Facebook: The Best Social Networking Site Facebook reached new level of popularity during this year in all parts of the World and became third most visited site.

Yahoo: Yahoo came down to 4th place this year as Facebook taken over it. Yahoo is popular for its services like Search Engine and Email.

Youtube: The Best Video Sharing Website on which you can found any type of Video by just few clicks was also visited by billions this year. Every minute of every hour millions of videos are being watched on this site.
Twitter: Its another amazing Social networking website that became very popular in 2010.

If Want To Save Israel Kill Every Palestinian: Israeli Parliamentarian

An Israeli Extremist Parliamentarian Jakob Kattner has demanded Israeli Government that if you want to save Israel kill each and every Palestinian Citizen.  Extremist  Jakob Kattner has said that existence of Palestinians is a threat for Israel so every Citizen of Palestine must be killed for the Security of Israel.

Jakob Kattner given these views in front of a Parliamentary Committee On Thursday. He said until the Palestinian Population is Present in Israeli Populations there is threat to Israel's Existence. he also demanded to stop Arabs and Palestinians from entering In Israel.  US and Western Media that keeps on doing Fake Propaganda against Muslims is silent on this statement of Israeli  Parliamentarian as usual and showing its biasness.

Most Of Americans Wants Afghan War To End: New Poll

It looks like that Citizens of Americans are sick and tired of the long 9 years war in Afghanistan on which American Government is spending Billions of Dollars every month and still failed to get any result out of it.  A new Poll has suggested that most of American Citizens are against War in Afghanistan and wants US troops to return home.

A CNN Poll that was released on Thursday which suggests that 60% American Citizens wants Afghan war to end.  People Opinion against Afghan war has increased rapidly in last couple of years in America. When this question was asked to Americans that how you think that things are going on in Afghanistan the 56% people said  Bad and some sad  Very Bad.

Americans where thinking that after increasing US forces in Afghanistan a year ago the Situation will become better but the result is very opposite and increasing troops has only increased deaths of these Soldiers.

Photos of Iranian Missiles

Here are Photos of Iranian Missiles.

Exchange of Fire Between Pakistan and India

Exchange of Fire and then blaming each other for violating cease fire agreement has became common now between Pakistan and India. On Thursday Exchange of fire taken place between Pakistani and India forces on International border of in the Himalayan area of Kashmir.

On Wednesday as well Fire exchanging taken place in Samba area of Kashmir.  After Exchange of Fire Media of both countries blamed each other for violating cease fire agreement first.  However no damage or loss of life is reported in this fire Exchange. In last 4 years more than 160 times Exchange of Fire on International border between forces of both sides has taken place.

Important Events That Taken Place in Pakistan During 2010

Yesterday i shared the details of the great Pakistani personalities that died in the year 2010. Today i will be sharing the main events that happened in Pakistan during 2010. Most of these events where sad such as floods and Terrorist attacks as Pakistan is facing tough time. We also hope that next year 2011 will be a good one for Pakistan. So here are some major events that happened in Pakistan in 2010.

Flood: During 2010 A Major Flood came in Pakistan that effected almost 1/3 Pakistan and taken thousands of lives. almost 5 Million people lost their homes and many where displaced.

Army Operation in South Waziristan: In 2010 Pakistan Army has done a major successful operation against TTP in the South Waziristan that is involved in major terrorist attacks all over the country.

Many Big Terrorist Attacks: Several Big Terrorist attacks taken place in Pakistan during 2010. From Lahore to Karachi and From Peshawar to Quetta all cities where effected by terrorism.

18th Amendment in Constitution: During 2010 Pakistan's National Assembly also done a major Amendment in its Constitution that is known as18th Amendment.

Asian Champion of Hockey: During 2010 Pakistan became the Asian Champion of Hockey.

Spot Fixing Scandal: During this year a major Spot fixing Scandal hit Pakistani Cricket.

Important Pakistani Personalities That Died in 2010

Just Couple of days are left in the year 2010 and we are heading towards a new year 2011.  During this year many Important Pakistani Personalities left us forever in which many great Politicians, Artists and Journalists are included.  Following is detail of Important Pakistani Personalities That Died in year 2010.

Famous Journalist Inqilab Matri died on 18 January 2010.

A Great Columnist Irshad Ahmed Haqqani passed away on 24 January 2010.

Famous Politician of ANP Ajmal Khattak Went from this world on 2 February 2010.

Drama Writer Riaz Ul Haq Siddiqui Died on 12 May 2010.

Federal Minister Abdul Razzaq Died on 1st September 2010.

Governor of Gilgat Dr Shama Khalid Passed away on 15th September.

MQM Leader Dr Imran Farooq Was Murdered on16th September in London.

Former Defence Minister Rao Sikandar Iqbal died on 29th September.

Lollywood Actor Saloni Left us on 15th October 2010.

Former President of Pakistan Farooq Lagari died on 19 October.

Former Actress Chakori Begum died on 1st November.

Amazing Thinker and Journalist Mir Jaleel Ur Rehman was died on 13 December 2010.

Will Give Every Sacrifice To Protect Pakistan: General Kayani

Pakistan's Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani has said that Pakistan Army will continue to work to end terrorism from Pakistan and Army Action in Fata will continue until the Situation becomes normal. He said this while addressing with Army officers in Karachi Cantt on Tuesday.

According to ISPR General Kayani also said in his address that Pakistan Army is ready to give any Sacrifice for the protection of Pakistan. General Kayani became Army Chief of Pakistan at a crucial time when former President Pervez Musharraf was retired in 2007. During Musharraf's time Pakistan Army's Popularity was gone down but Kayani was successful in bringing back this Popularity and successful operations of Swat and South Waziristan where also done under him.

Big Lies of US Govt About Situation in Afghanistan

US attacked Afghanistan 9 years ago with help of Nato Forces to start war against Al Qaeda and Afghan Taliban.  During these 9 years US used different tactics to defeat Afghan Taliban but they failed to do so and today after 9 year most parts of Afghanistan are under Afghan Taliban control.

Thousands of US and Nato soldiers are killed during these 9 years in different Afghan provinces. US also used Mainstream media to justify its attack on Afghanistan and spoken many lies about Situation in Afghanistan. Today we are going to expose some major lies of US officials about Situation in Afghanistan.

1 First lie of US official is that they are able to reduce the strength of Taliban and Insurgency is reducing. The reality is that Taliban are as strong today as they where 9 years ago.

2 Another big lie of US is that Afghan Public wants US and Nato forces to stay is Afghanistan because they feel protected by their presence from Taliban. The reality is that Afghan Public is sick of War in Afghanistan and wants US to leave today.

3 Third big lie is that Air Strikes are weakening the Taliban. The reality is that these Air Strikes are killing most of civilians which is resulting in more hatred against US in Afghan Public.

4 Fourth big lie is that most of Afghan Public is against Taliban and likes Karzai Government. The reality is that most of Afghan Public supports Taliban and considers Karzai a US puppet.

5 Another lie is that Election in Afghanistan where credible and Afghan Public chosen Karzai as their President. Reality is that no fair Elections can take place in Afghanistan until US is present there.

6 Sixth Big lie is that Pakistan's Intelligence Agency ISI is funding and training the Taliban.

Skype Service Is Working Fine Now After Major Problem

Famous Free Online Voice and Video Chatting Program Skype was having trouble from couple of days and was not working for millions of users from Wednesday morning but from Friday morning the problem has been resolved by the Skype team.  The problem started after some major issue in Skype supernodes which works to connect th Skype users with each other.

Due to this problem almost Half users of Skype that are 12 Million where not able to use to service however for other 12 Million people the service was working fine.  Everyday from 24 to 25 Millions users Logins to their Skype accounts to do Voice and Video Chatting.  So as the problem in  Skype supernodes is resolved now so users can use the service without any problem. Skype team has also announced it on its official Twitter page that problem is completely solved.

New Leader of Jundullah Arrested In Pakistan

Pakistan officials have confirmed that new Leader of US backed terrorist group Jundullah Abdulrauf Rigi is arrested in Pakistan By Pakistani Security Forces. Abdulrauf became new leader of Jundullah after former Leader Abdul Malik Rigi was arrested few months back in Iran.

Jundullah is involved in many Suicide attacks in Iran and Pakistan most of which taken place on Shia Muslims.  Last attack by Jundullah was done on 15 December on day of Ashura  in Iran that killed almost 40 people.  Iranian officials has said it several times that US is backing this terrorist group. Abdul Malik Rigi also confirmed after being arrested that his group is funded by American CIA. Jundullah has also strong presence in Pakistan's Province Balochistan that is a very big Province with very less Population.

Before ISI Chief Present CIA Chief in Pakistani Court

An American Court Summoned Chief of Pakistan's Intelligence Agency ISI General Ahmed Shuja Pasha in Mumbai Attacks Case in which 4 Americans where also killed.  Along with ISI Chief the Ameer of Jamat Ud Dawa Hafiz Saeed is also summoned to present in American court next month.  Pakistan officials has shown hard reaction on this action of US court.  Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Geelani has said that ISI Chief will not go to US Court.

Opposition Leader Ch Nisar called it a step against Country's Sovereignty. My Point is that before Presenting ISI Chief General Pasha in US Count for an unproved Case present Chief of American CIA in Pakistani Court for the deaths of hundreds of innocent Pakistani Citizens that are killed in American drone attacks that works under CIA.  Recently many Relatives of innocent people that where killed in US drone attacks also sued CIA Chief in a Pakistani court after which CIA Station Chief in Islamabad ran away back to US.

Reasons of Increasing Rapes Cases in Pakistan

In Recent Years we have seen the Cases of Rapes are increasing very much in different areas of Pakistan. Almost every week at least one big case of rape is coming in the news which makes all good Pakistanis feel ashamed.

If we see a few years back such incidents where almost not existing in Pakistan but today Rape cases are very common. Just on Monday a Gang Rape of 20 years old Girl has taken place in Karachi. Have you noticed the reasons for the increasing rape cases in Pakistan? Following are major reasons for these Rape Cases according to me.

The Vulgarity In Media: In Recent years media has developed very much in Pakistan and Vulgarity has also increased in it.  Many TV Channels are showing such things that are directly effecting our young generation. Internet is also a major reason for this.

No Rule of Law: Another big reason for increasing rape cases is the no rule of law. Very few criminals are punished for their crimes.  Many people objects why Islam gives so hard punishments? the reason for this is that the fear of punishment is more important that punishment itself which will stop any person from doing a crime.

Unemployment: Unemployment is another indirect reason for the increase in rape cases. When Youngsters will not get Jobs and will not get married they will go towards wrong ways.

Leaving Islamic Values: Today Islamic Values are vanishing away from our Society. We are not raising our Kids according to Islamic Guidelines that is another reason for increasing Rapes.

Pakistan Refuses to Allow Foreign Forces Operation on Its Soil

Pakistan has refused to allow US and Nato Forces to do any operation against Taliban on its Soil.  Pakistan has also warned US that if Foreign Forces attacked Inside Pakistani border the Alliance with it will be over.  Spokesman for Foreign Ministry of Pakistan Abdul Basit said on Wednesday that there are Red Lines which no body is allowed to cross. He also said that Pakistan will continue to fight against terrorism.

This American Media has claimed that US is planning to attack the Taliban inside Pakistan's Border.  US is also pressurizing Pakistan to launch new Army Operation in North Waziristan against Haqqani Network but Pakistan has refused to start the operation. Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Geelani on Thursday has said that we will not do any operation on Foreign Dictation.

Shah Zain Bugti Arrested With Heavy Weapons

Shah Zain Bugti  Grandson of Baloch Leader Akbar Bugti was arrested on Wednesday when he along with 27 other people in 16 Cars where taking away heavy weapons to Dera Bugti from Chaman.  Big weapons such as submachine guns, Army Universal Guns, Machine Guns and Rocket Launchers where found from the Cars.

Shah Zain Bugti is Provincial President of  Jamhoori Watan Party and son of Talat Bugti.  Shah Zain called recovery of weapons a conspiracy against him and denied keeping any of the weapons with thim. After getting arrested Shah Zain Bugti also called US Embassy in Pakistan for help.  Shah Zain Bugti is handed over to Balochistan Police for Inquiry.

Who Won Previous Cricket World Cups

Cricket World Cup Takes Place after every 4 years and it is considered biggest Cricket Title and Every team loves to win it. Till now 8 Cricket World Cups has taken place while first World Cup taken place in year of 1975 that was won by West Indies.  Here is a Look at which team won which Cricket World Cup in the history?

1975: West Indies Beaten Australia.

1983: India Beaten West Indies.

1992: Pakistan Beaten England.

1996: Sri Lanka Beaten Australia.

1999: Australia Beaten Pakistan.

2003: Australia Beaten India.

2007: Australia Beaten Sri Lanka.

2011: Time Will Decide Who Will Win?

US India Israel Alliance Wants to Take Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons

Chairman of Nazria-E-Pakistan Trust Majeed Nizami has said that Alliance of America Israel and India wants to take away Nuclear weapons of Pakistan.  Majeed Nizami was addressing with teachers from different collages on Tuesday in Lahore.  He said we need to be united to face this conspiracy against Pakistan and educate our new generation about our history.

While talking about Nuclear program of Iran Majeed Nizami said that US and Israel can't see any Muslim country having Nuclear weapons this is why they are trying everything to stop Nuclear program of Iran and destroy Pakistan's Nuclear weapons. He said we will have to stop India from making Dams on our water even if we have to do a war for this otherwise we will die with shortage of Water.

Facebook and Twitter Getting Popular While Blogging Dying

From several years Blogging got lot of popularity online to share your views on any topic. Many People are running their personal blogs on different topic in which they are interested to share their views on that Topic. Many people also uses Blogging to earn money. But in recent months a very interesting thing has been noticed that many people are losing interest in the blogging and instead of it shifting towards Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

These Sites are also known as Microblogging Websites. The Reason people are shifting to Facebook and Twitter is that sharing your views and getting information about different topics is easy on these sites as compare to Blogging. You don't have to write big blog posts on Twitter or Facebook to share ideas and getting others views on any topic is also far easy.  Some recent Surveys also shows that Internet Users specially Youth is losing interest in Blogging and using Facebook and Twitter more.

US Is Backing Jundullah: Iran

Due to American and Nato Presence in Afghanistan the whole region of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran isfacing Instability. There was no terrorism in Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan before US attack on Afghanistan. Today Terrorist organizations like Jundullah and TTP are spreading Terrorism in Pakistan.

Thousands of Innocent Civilians are killed in Suicide attacks by these Groups.  These Groups claims to do Jihad but they kills innocent Civilians in Iran and Pakistan instead of fighting with Foreign Forces in Afghanistan. Pakistani and Iranian officials has said it several times that these Groups are backed by US and India to spread Terrorism in Pakistan and Iran through Afghanistan.

At start of 2010 Top leader of Jundullah Abdul Malik Rigi was arrested by Iran who admitted that he was trained and backed by US. Many Arrested Terrorists of TTP in Pakistan also admitted to be backed by Indian Intelligence Agency Raw in Afghanistan.

on 17th December two Suicide attacks taken place in Iran on a Ashura Gathering which killed more than 40 People. Iranian officials blamed Jundullah for this attack.  So the only way of Peace in Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan is US Exit from Afghanistan which may take place in a couple of years.

US Soldiers Death Toll Reaches 700 in Year 2010

American and Nato Forces Attacked Afghanistan 9 years ago in 2001 after 9/11 attack and announce to start a war against Al Qaeda and Taliban. During these 9 years hundreds of US and Nato Soldiers are killed every year in different Provinces of Afghanistan but 2010 has proved to be deadliest for Foreign Forces as 700 Soldiers are killed this year.

This Number is told by US and Nato Military officials while according to Taliban claim the real deaths of Foreign forces are much higher than 700.

US and its Allies sent thousands of more Soldiers to Afghanistan at start of this year after which Casualties of Foreign Forces started increasing.  Afghan Taliban that works under Mullah Omar is the biggest Group that is fighting against US and Nato while Haqqani Network and Hikmat Yar Groups comes later on.  These Groups has announced to continue to fight until Foreign forces leaves Afghanistan.

Photos of Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Here is Photo Gallery of Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

RSS & BJP Hates Muslims Like Nazi Hated Jews: Indian Congress

General Secretary of Indian National Congress Digvijay Singh has said that RSS and BJP hates Muslims and this Hatred is same like Nazi Hated Jews.  RSS and BJP are Hindu Extremist Parties of India that are involved in Killings of Thousands of Muslims in Different riots and Terrorism. Digvijay Singh said that RSS don't lose any chance to target Muslims which has divided the Indian Nation.

He also said that it was all started by LK Advani in 1992 Rath Yatra. He also blamed RSS for creating hatred in hearts of Young Indians against Muslims in its Schools.  Recently in a Wikileaks Cable Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi was also found saying that Hindu Extremists are biggest threat to India.

World Should End Double Standards On Terrorism: Chinese P.M

Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao has said that World should end its double standards about Terrorism and accept the Sacrifices of Pakistan that it has given over the years fighting against terrorism.Wen Jiabao was addressing with National Assembly of Pakistan on Sunday where Pakistani President Zardari, Opposition Leader Nawaz Sharif and other Leaders where also present.

Chinese Prime Minister said that Terrorism must not be linked to any Nation or Religion. He said we will continue to support Pakistan in all departments. He said Friendship of Pakistan and China is very strong and both the countries have always helped each other in difficulty. Wen Jiabao also called Pakistanis a brave nation which has never lost the hope.

How To Make a Successful Blog?

Some Weeks ago i written a post on topic of making money online by making a blog in which i told you the method of making a blog and how to earn money with it.

Today my topic is that how to make your blog successful. Making a blog is very easy but making it successful so that it can get visitors and make you money is not very easy. For this you need lots of hard work, patience and knowledge. following i am going to give you some tips to make your blog successful.

1 First Tip is that make blog on a topic about which you know well and you are interested in. When you will do it will become easy for you to write on that topic and you will also love to write. For example if you are crazy about Cricket you should make a blog about Cricket.

2 Next need For a successful blog is to write original real content regularly. If you want to make your blog successful you can't copy articles from others blog but you will have to write them yourself.
3 Third need is that you will have to be regular in updating your blog. the more regularly you will post on your blog the more visitors you will get.

4 Fourth Important thing for blogging success is getting backlinks to your blog. there are several ways to generate backlinks to your blog like posting comments on others blog.

5 Last but not the least you need to be patient to make your blog successful. sometimes it may take many months or even years to get good amount of visitors to your blog.

Flags of Israel on Walls of Qibla E Awal of Muslims Masjid Al Aqsa

Flags of Israel on Walls of Qibla E Awal of Muslims Masjid Al Aqsa in Maqboza Bait Ul Muqaddas.

Agreements of 37 Billion Dollars Between Pakistan and China

Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao is on three days Pakistan visit in which he has met with different Pakistani Leaders and also signed several projects. Till now Agreements of 37 Billion Dollars are signed between Pakistan  and China of Defence, Agriculture, Technology, Trade and Economy.

Pakistan has China have also agreed to increase trade to 25 Billion Dollars in next 4 years. Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao has said that Pak-China Friendship is very strong and we will make it even more stronger. China will do investment of Billions of Dollars in different sectors of Pakistan that will not only benefit China but Pakistan as well. both Countries will also open branches of their Banks in each others countries.

Hindu Extremists Big Threat to India Rahul Gandhi: Wikileaks

Wikileaks has published hundreds of more secret US diplomatic cables in the past week many of which are about India. These Secret US documents has once again brought shame for some Indian politicians are exposed the truth about many realities. In the Cables leaked on this Friday it is said that General Secretary of Indian Congress Rahul Gandhi who is son of Sonia Gandhi said that Hindu Extremists are a bigger threat to India than Muslim Extremists.

 In the Cables it is also said that Indian Army is involved in War crimes against Kashmiris. Kashmiris are killed and seriously tortured by Indian Security Forces. In these Cables Indian officials are also found blaming Pakistan's Intelligence Agency ISI for supporting Lashkar Taiba. With these new Leaks a storm has taken place In Indian Politics.

Tips To Buy a Good Mobile Phone

Definition of a good Mobile phone can be different for different people depending on their budget, taste, requirement and some other factors but i am going discuss about the things that are seen in a Mobile Phone commonly before buying it. You should also see that did the Mobile Phone that you are going to buy have these things in it or not?

Camera Result: It is one of the common thing that is seen before buying a Mobile Phone. People usually likes to buy Mobile whose Camera has a good result. The Camera of more Megapixel has more better result.

Screen Resolution: Screen Resolution is another factor that is seen before buying a Mobile. Screen Resolution in easy words means the Size of Mobile Screen. You should chose the Mobile of Screen Resolution that you think is good for your requirement. People that wants to play games should buy Mobile with high Screen Resolution.

Memory: Memory is also another Important thing to keep in mind while buying a Mobile Phone. If your requirement is to keep lot of Data like Music files, Games in your Mobile that you should buy a Mobile with big memory.

Features: Fourth Important thing is the features of Mobile Phone that you are buying. Different people wants different types of features according to their requirement so check whether to Mobile that you are buying contains the features that you want to or not? For example if you want to listen Radio check whether the Mobile contains Radio or not?

Hindu Extremists Behind Assassination of Hemant Karkare: Indian Minister

Hindu Extremists Behind Assassination of Hemant Karkare: Indian Minister Digvijay Singh

Pope Benedict Not Wanted Muslim Turkey in EU: Wikileaks

Amazing Revelations  by the Wikileaks are not ending and everyday we are hearing about more and more interesting hidden truths exposed through Wikileaks secret US cables.

Hundreds of real faces of different World leaders and Politicians are exposed in a week by Wikileaks and more are going to be exposed soon. The newest Victim of Wikileaks is Pope Benedict XVI. According to a secret US cable published by Wikileaks on Saturday Pope Benedict XVI was against Including Muslim populated Country Turkey into European Union.

According to cable Pope was against Including Turkey in EU because it can weaken the roots of Christians in Europe.

When i was reading this Cable the words from Late Dr Israr Ahmed's Lecture were coming into my mind that Turkey will never be included in European Union because Westerners knows that if it is done Islam will spread very rapidly in European Countries. Wherever Muslim have went in the World they Islam has spread very rapidly there and this is why Westerner leaders are feared of Including Turkey in EU. This Wikileak Cable has proved the words of Dr Israr Ahmed true and made it clear that Pope is feared that Islam will spread in Europe.

8 Afghan Civilians Martyred in US Airstrike

At least 8 Afghan Civilians are killed on Saturday in a US Airstrike in Zermatt City of Afghanistan's province Paktia. US Jets attacked on Saturday morning in an area where some Afghan workers where working on road construction project according to report of Press TV. At least 8 People where killed on the spot due to Strike.

US and Nato Forces has increased Airstrikes in different Afghan Provinces in the recent months that has increased the casualties of Afghan Civilians. more than 1000 Airstrikes where done in alone October 2010 according to a recently published report by American Air Force.  These Civilian deaths are increasing the anger against foreign forces in Afghan public and giving more strength to Afghan Taliban. Deaths of of US and Nato forces are also more in 2010 than any other year.

Photos of Balochistan Province

Here are some Photos of Balochistan Province.

America Approves More Military Aid to Israel

Recently in July America decided to increase its  Military Aid to Israel. On Thursday US house has approved massive Military Aid of Millions of Dollars for Israel and called it a message for enemies of America and Israel. US house  given vote to approve Aid of $205 million For Israel.  America has also decided to provide latest Anti-Missile System to Israel soon in few months.

The Matter of Israel also shows double standards of US. US never taken any action against Illegal Israeli Occupation of Palestine or killings of Millions of Palestinians by Israeli army and provides it with latest weapons and massive aid. US even provided more than 200 Nuclear weapons to Israel illegally but US feels pain if Iran works on Nuclear programs. American officials also remain silent in last year Israeli attack on Palestine that killed over 1500 Palestinians in which 1050 where Women and Kids.

There Is Indian Involvement in Balochistan & Waziristan: Wikileaks

Wikileaks Cables has exposed real faces of many International leaders in past week and the latest victim of these documents is India. In last couple of days several facts about Indian Hindu Extremist Organizations and Indian Army Human Rights Violations are exposed in Wikileaks Cables. An Cable has also confirmed that Indian Intelligence Agency Raw is involved in terrorism in Pakistan's Province Balochistan and Waziristan.

According to this Cable American Government admitted that we have got several proofs of Indian involvement in  Balochistan & Waziristan. Pakistan has said it several times that India is supporting the terrorists through Afghanistan in Balochistan & Waziristan but this time Wikileaks has also confirmed this. Like other Cables that exposes India the Indian Media is also hiding this news.

Pakistan Matches Schedule in Cricket World Cup 2011

Cricket World Cup 2011 is starting from 19th February 2011 in Several Countries of South Asia. Most of the matches of World Cup will held in India including Final that will be played in Mumbai. From Today World Cup is 72 days away from us.

14 Teams will take part in the World cup that are divided in 2 Groups. Pakistan is in Group A while India is in Group B. Following i am going to share the Schedule of Pakistan's Matches in World Cup 2011. This Schedule of First Round only and winning teams will go to next Round.

Pakistan Will Face Kenya on 23 February, Sri Lanka on 26 February, Canada on 3 March, New Zealand on 8 March, Zimbabwe on 14 March and Australia on 19 March 2011. Pakistan's toughest match will be with Present World Cup Champions Australia.

India Also Exposed In Wikileaks Cables

Although Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Is arrested in London and different Accounts of the site are also shutdown but release of 2.5 Lakh secret US Cables continues slowly by the Wikileaks officials.

Till now thousands of Wikileaks Documents are published on the site about different countries and issues which have brought a storm in world diplomacy. On Monday and Tuesday Wikileaks published some documents related to India in which real Face and lies of Indian Government are exposed.

The Shameful thing is that Indian Media that keeps on making fake stories against Pakistan is completely ignoring these documents. Following i am sharing some of the facts that are revealed in these documents about India.

1 US Declared Hindu Terrorist Groups like RSS, Shiv Sena Bajrang Dal as dangerous as Taliban and Al Qaeda.

2 Indian Army Is Involved in Series War Crimes in Kashmir and Kashmir is compared with Bosnia.

3 Hindu Terrorist Groups has links with Indian Army Officers.

4 ISI Is Present In India but there is no proof that it played any role in Mumbai Attacks.

5 Hindu Extremist Group is Called Time Bomb of Extremism.

6 Former Indian Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor is called incompetent combat leader that has unrealistic war doctrine.

7 Present Indian Army Chief General VK Singh is called Egotist self-centered idiosyncratic General.

8 Anti Terror Chief Hemant Karkare sought American protection after he exposed Hindu Terror network and arrested Hindu terrorist leaders.

Will Not Let Our Enemy Win: Taliban Leader Mullah Omar

Mullah Muhammad Omar Leader of Biggest Group Afghan Taliban that is Fighting in Afghanistan against US and Nato Forces   has said in his new released message that we will not let our enemies win in Afghanistan. The New Message of Taliban Leader is of 4 Pages and it was released on Tuesday. Mullah Omar has said that US and its allies are losing in every Province and City of Afghanistan and our objective is to make them tired.

He said by increasing forces in Afghanistan only death toll of these forces has increased and nothing else. Mullah Omar also criticized Karzai Government in his message for the worse condition of Afghanistan.  In the message it is said that  Afghan Rulers has Foreign passports this is why they don,t care about conditions of Afghanistan and they will also run with foreign forces. Mullah Omar has also addressed the Afghan Student in his message that Students should work hard to counter the conspiracies of Afghanistan's and Islam's enemies. Taliban leader has also called American claims of Dialogue a fraud.

Google Launches eBookstore, Android 2.3 and Nexus S Phone

Famous Search Engine Google has made some really big announcements in the last few days in which launching eBookstore, Android 2.3 OS and Google Nexus S Phone is included. On Saturday Google Announced its new Phone Google Nexus S that is powered with latest version of Android known as Android 2.3. Google Nexus S will now be launching in US only and later on it will reach other parts of the World including Pakistan.

Google Nexus S Phone is a very similar Phone to Samsung Galaxy S and most of the things such as Camera, Screen, Internet Features are same in both the Phones. On Monday Google also made another big announcement of launching its much awaited eBookstore that contains millions of Online digital Books. Some of the books are free and some can be read after buying.   This eBookstore can be reached Here.

After Brazil Argentina Also Recognizes Palestinian State

Just last week a big Latin American Country Brazil recognized Palestine as an Independent state with which Israel and US where really upset but this news can upset US and Israel even more that Argentina another big Latin American country has also recognized Palestine as an Independent state on Saturday.

President of Argentina Cristina Kirchner written a letter to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in which she announced to accept Palestine as an Independent country. Different US officials has strongly criticized the decision of Brazilian and Argentinian Governments. An Congressman of US Eliot Engel said that this decision is really wrong.

Wikileaks Owner Julian Assange Arrested Bail Denied

Owner of Popular Website Wikileaks Julian Assange that has created diplomatic crises from last week after publishing thousands of secret US documents has been arrested on Tuesday morning by London Police over changes of raping a Australian Women and his bail is also denied. 39 Years old owner of Wikileaks is blamed for raping a Australian women to which Assange calls a conspiracy against him.

Next hearing of the case will be taking place on 14th of December and until than Assange will remain in custody of London police. on other hand the Wikileaks officials has threaten to publish secret documents about Nuclear Programs of different countries if Assange is not leaved. According to media reports UK may also handover Assange to Sweden where there many cases against him.

You Can Now Open Wikileaks From 250 Different Sites

On last Sunday Wikileaks started releasing Secret US Cables about different Countries and from that day Wikileaks official Website also came under strong Cyber attacks. Wikileaks gone offline several times due to major cyber attacks and Millions of people that where trying to open it failed to do so. In the main time its hosting company Amazon also stopped its hosting on US Government pressure and later on its DNS was also taken down.

On Saturday Paypal closed down the payments account of Wikileaks. In the main time Wikileaks came online with a new domain name called Today Wikileaks announced on its Twitter account that their site can now be reached from more than 250 different domain names that are also known as Mirrors. These 250 Mirrors are available on this Webpage

Some Examples of these Mirrors are following:

No Operation In North Waziristan Until Present Operations Underway

Pakistan Army has once again made it clear that no new operation will be launched against Taliban until the present operations in South Waziristan and Swat are underway. Pakistan Army Core Commander Peshawar Lieutenant General Asif Yasin made it clear on Monday that no new operation is going to be launched in  North Waziristan.

While Answering the Questions of Journalists he said Pakistan Army is already targeting the terrorists in Tribal areas and there is no need of starting new operation.  He also said that terrorists and weapons are coming into Pakistani tribal areas from Afghanistan and Afghan Government should take steps to stop this infiltration.

Freedom Is Right of Kashmiris: Indian Minister

From a Couple of Years Many Indian Writers and Analysts has started accepting that Kashmir Problem has not solution but freedom. Last Month Popular Indian Human Rights Activist Arundhati Roy also came under strong criticism for giving statement in support of Kashmir freedom and against Killings of innocent Kashmiri Civilians by Indian Army Forces.

On Monday a new Controversy started in India when a Congress minister Sham Lal Sharma said in a speech that Freedom Is Right of Kashmiris and Kashmir problem has not other solution.

After this statement of Sham Lal Sharma Indian Politicians specially Opposition leaders have started targeting him and demanded him to take back his statement. Leader of BJP Nirmal Singh also demanded action against Sharma.

This Acceptance that Kashmir has no other solution but freedom by many Indian writers, analysts and now even Politicians is actually truth because every Indian tactic to crush  Kashmir freedom movement has failed. India used massive force and killed thousands of Kashmiris over the decades but Kashmir freedom movement is still there.

Iran Asks For Arab Countries Response on Wikileaks Claims

In Recently Published Wikileaks Documents it was claimed that Saudi Arabia King Shah Abdullah and some other Arab Rulers asked America to Attack Iran and destroy its Nuclear Program.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad rejected these Claims of Wikileaks and said that American Government is behind Wikileaks and America wants to destroy Iran Arab relations due to which it is doing such Conspiracies.

On Saturday Iranian Government has said in a statement that We have trust in Arab Governments but we don,t trust the information published by Western Media or Governments so we would like Arab Governments to response on Wikileaks Claims. Some Arab Countries officials are silent on Claims of Wikileaks while some others have rejected these Claims.

Cyber War Between Pakistani Indian Hackers Goes On

The Cyber War Between Pakistani and Indian Hackers was started last week when on 26 November 2010 Indian Hackers attacked several Pakistani Websites including many officials websites.

Indian Hackers Claimed to hack 40 Pakistani Sites. The Next Day Pakistani Hackers Decided to Retaliate and hacked 270 Indian Websites in a couple of days. The Biggest Hunt of Pakistani Hackers was Website of Indian Spy Agency CBI that is considered one of the most Important and Secure Site in India.

This brought series Embarrassment for Indian Government and Indian Media also made it a big Headline. On Friday Indian Hackers Hacked Ogra's Official Website and called it a response of CBI Website Hacking.  On Saturday Pakistani Hackers has announced to hack more Indian Sites until the attacks on Pakistani sites not ends.

South Asians Still Prefers Nokia Over Apple, Blackberry, Android

In a last couple of years the Smartphones of Apple, Blackberry, Android has got great popularity around the World specially in United States and Western Countries and everyone here prefers to buy a Smartphone of above mentioned companies instead of  a Nokia Phone.

After Arrival of Smartphones the Nokia has been hit hard and its Share in Mobile Market is reducing. It has also tried to recover by launching a new Mobile Operation System Symbian ^3 in Phones like Nokia 8 but still it has failed to compete with Apple, Blackberry and Android.

But there are still many parts of the World where people still prefers to buy a Nokia Phone instead of buying Smartphones. South Asian countries China, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh has almost half population of the World and here still most of people likes to buy a Nokia Phone.

The reason behind this is Low price and good quality of Nokia. For Example in Pakistan you can get a good Nokia Phone in 6000 to 8000 PKR but Price of Apple iPhone or a Android Powered Phone is around 50000 PKR. A Few People who can afford also uses Smartphones in South Asia but the most selling Phone is Nokia.

American Foreign Policy Is Controlled By Zionists: Helen Thomas

Famous US Journalist and Author of Several Popular Books Helen Thomas has said that Zionists are controlling the foreign policy of America and American government cannot do anything against the will of Zionists. Helen Thomas is Ex-White House Journalist and she has also worked for several TV Channels.  She said it is not allowed to Criticize Israel in America and Zionists  owns all the major institutions in America from Foreign Policy to Banks and from Hollywood to White House.

90 Helen Thomas was suspended from American Hearst Newspapers for writing a article against Israeli policies in 2009. Helen Thomas said even President of United States cannot make any policy against the Will of  Zionists and if he will do it he will have to die.

Indian CBI Website Hacked By Pakistani Hackers

From 26 November 2010 morning Indian Hackers With Name of Indian Cyber Army Attacked Several Pakistani Websites including many official sites and hacked almost 40 Websites. Watching this Situation Pakistan Cyber Army Hackers decided to hit back and hacked 230 Indian Websites including several Indian official websites.

Indian Government faced major embarrassment when website of Indian CBI also got hacked on Friday morning by Pakistan Cyber Army. Pakistani Hackers warned on the homepage of CBI that more Indian websites will be hacked in future if attacks on Pakistani websites not stopped.  CBI website is considered the most secure Indian website and it has never got hacked in the past.  by hacking most secure Indian website Pakistani hackers has sent a message to Indian hackers to stay away from Pakistani sites in the future otherwise stay ready for Indian sites to come under attack.  CBI website is not restored even after 24 hours of getting hacked and an Inquiry about it has launched..

5 Websites To Know The True News About World Issues

Today Disinformation and Lies are very common in International Media no matter which type of Media is it? Whether its Newspaper, TV or Internet everywhere disinformation and Lies are very common.

Most of Media follows the lines of their Governments instead of speaking truth while many makes hot stories to increase their TRPS.  Today its not court which decides that who is a criminal or not but its media which starts the trial before the decision of any court.   Good news is that still there are few media groups in the world that are working for the truth. Following i am sharing 5 amazing websites with you about where you can get true news about the world issues free of fake propaganda.

2 Press TV
Ahmed Qureshi
4 Info Wars
5 Brasstacks

Pakistani Politicians Are Exposed by Wikileaks Documents

Wikileaks is continuing to publish more and more documents about different countries and its politicians which is causing panic around the world.  There are almost 2.5 Lakhs Documents which has to be published by Wikileaks so Wikileaks is doing it slowly. Cyber attacks on Wikileaks also going on and Internet Service of the site was also closed twice after which Wikileaks is again online with a different domain and hosting.  Where Wikileaks has exposed many facts about world issues the Pakistani politicians are also exposed in these documents.

Pakistani Politicians are proved to be the puppets of Americans who takes their orders on every small and big issue. Pakistani Politicians even goes to US Ambassador to solve their problems with other politicians and speak against politicians of opposition leaders.  This fact is already well known in Pakistani public that its major politicians are American slaves but now it is completely confirmed from Wikileaks documents. Pakistani President Zardari to N League Leader Nawaz Sharif all are taking American dictation on all issues.

Wikileaks Purpose Is to damage Muslim Countries relations: Kuwaiti Emir

These Voices has now started taking Loudness that the actual purpose of Wikileaks documents is to destroy Muslim countries relations.  If we see these documents we will find that most of these documents are against Muslim Countries Rulers and their comments against the rulers of other Muslim countries which will only result in damaging the Muslim ties.

In these documents we find Saudi King Speaking against Iran and Pakistani President Zardari, Abu Dhabi King speaking against Pakistani leadership, Syrian Ruler speaking against Iran and several other similar type of claims. Pakistan is also targeted several times in these documents. Pakistan's Nuclear weapons, its leadership, its Intelligence agency and its army all are targeted in these documents.

Many Muslim rulers including Saudi Leadership, Iranian President, Pakistani Leadership and today Kuwaiti Emir has called these Wikileaks a plot whose purpose is to destroy Muslim ties. Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Sabah Ahmed al-Sabah has said that some powers don,t wants Muslim countries to have strong ties and they are trying to create differences between Muslims.  He  called these documents as an evil move.

Americans Done Massive Online Shopping of $1Billion On Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday Is Day On Which Things are sold on lesser prices than their actual prices in United States so Americans tries to do maximum shopping on this day of their Favourite things every year. Longs line can be seen on big stores a night before the Cyber Monday. According to report issued by Mashable on this year's Cyber Monday Online Shopping has broken all old records and Americans done Online shopping of $1 Billion on this day.

So Much Online Shopping has never taken place in past on one day in the history so online shopping of $1 Billion on one day by Americans is a new record. this year online shopping on Cyber Monday is 16% more than last year and in upcoming years it will continue to go up.  Americans showed their interest in buying different types of products like Mobiles, Tablet Devices, Laptops, Cloths on this day on lower rates online.

TTP Planning To Target Hafiz Saeed: Intelligence Report

According to News of Express Tribune Pakistan's Intelligence Agencies has issued a report according to which Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is planning to target chief of Jamat Ud Dawa Hafiz Muhammad Saeed. In the report it is also said that TTP has made plans of doing Suicide attacks all over Pakistan specially on Muharram Gatherings. Jamat Ud Dawa was banned by United Nations after Mumbai attacks in 2008 and Hafiz Saeed was   declared mastermind of Mumbai attacks by Indians.

This news once again confirms that Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is backed by Indian Intelligence Agency Raw through Afghanistan border because they have made plan of Killing India's most wanted person Hafiz Saeed who is also a Jihadi and speaks against India, America as well as Pakistani Government policies. So the question that raises here that why TTP wants to kill Hafiz Saeed? a person who is against American and Indian Policies and talks about Jihad. The only difference  is that Hafiz Saeed is against attacking any Civilian in Pakistan or anywhere in the World but he talks about attacking Indian Army in Kashmir.

Zardari Is Not Democratic More Than a Army General: Fatima Bhutto

Fatima Bhutto Daughter of Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's Brother Murtaza Bhutto has said that Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari is not democratic more than an Army General.  She said during a Interview with Newsweek that Zardari has became President in same way like Musharraf and there is no democracy in present Government.

While Talking About Benazir Bhutto she said i love Benazir Bhutto and she was a very brave women but she was changed after coming in Government. She said some political families have proved destructive for the Pakistan and there is no benefit of such Democracy to Pakistan which revolves around few families.  She once again repeated that she considers Zardari to be the murderer of her father Murtaza Bhutto.

Wikileaks Documents About Pakistan

Wikileaks has released over 2 Lakh Secret US Documents on Sunday which has turned out to be blast for relations of different countries and their Internal Politics. Wikileaks has released documents about several countries and most of these documents are about Muslim countries.

If we speak specifically about Pakistan more than 4000 Releases are made on Pakistan related issues. These Documents talks about Internal Pakistani Politics, Pakistan's Nuclear Program, Pakistan's Relations with  India and Afghanistan and Views of Foreign Rulers about Pakistani Politicians. Following i am sharing some of the claims that are made in these Documents about Pakistan.

1 Pakistan's Army Chief General Kayani was thinking to remove Asif Zardari from Presidency in 2009 and making Asfand Yar Wali New President.

2 Western World and US not happy about Pakistan's Nuclear Program.

3 ISI not played any role in Mumbai attacks.

4 Saudi King Shah Abdullah Don,t Like President Zardari.

5 Abu Dhabi King Called Asif Zardari Dirty and Nawaz Sharif Dangerous.

6 Zardari assured US that Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan will be kept under house arrest.

7 Saudi Arabia Want Army Government in Pakistan.

8 US thinks Zardari is Better For US Than Musharraf.

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