Americans Done Massive Online Shopping of $1Billion On Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday Is Day On Which Things are sold on lesser prices than their actual prices in United States so Americans tries to do maximum shopping on this day of their Favourite things every year. Longs line can be seen on big stores a night before the Cyber Monday. According to report issued by Mashable on this year's Cyber Monday Online Shopping has broken all old records and Americans done Online shopping of $1 Billion on this day.

So Much Online Shopping has never taken place in past on one day in the history so online shopping of $1 Billion on one day by Americans is a new record. this year online shopping on Cyber Monday is 16% more than last year and in upcoming years it will continue to go up.  Americans showed their interest in buying different types of products like Mobiles, Tablet Devices, Laptops, Cloths on this day on lower rates online.