Big Lies of US Govt About Situation in Afghanistan

US attacked Afghanistan 9 years ago with help of Nato Forces to start war against Al Qaeda and Afghan Taliban.  During these 9 years US used different tactics to defeat Afghan Taliban but they failed to do so and today after 9 year most parts of Afghanistan are under Afghan Taliban control.

Thousands of US and Nato soldiers are killed during these 9 years in different Afghan provinces. US also used Mainstream media to justify its attack on Afghanistan and spoken many lies about Situation in Afghanistan. Today we are going to expose some major lies of US officials about Situation in Afghanistan.

1 First lie of US official is that they are able to reduce the strength of Taliban and Insurgency is reducing. The reality is that Taliban are as strong today as they where 9 years ago.

2 Another big lie of US is that Afghan Public wants US and Nato forces to stay is Afghanistan because they feel protected by their presence from Taliban. The reality is that Afghan Public is sick of War in Afghanistan and wants US to leave today.

3 Third big lie is that Air Strikes are weakening the Taliban. The reality is that these Air Strikes are killing most of civilians which is resulting in more hatred against US in Afghan Public.

4 Fourth big lie is that most of Afghan Public is against Taliban and likes Karzai Government. The reality is that most of Afghan Public supports Taliban and considers Karzai a US puppet.

5 Another lie is that Election in Afghanistan where credible and Afghan Public chosen Karzai as their President. Reality is that no fair Elections can take place in Afghanistan until US is present there.

6 Sixth Big lie is that Pakistan's Intelligence Agency ISI is funding and training the Taliban.