Cyber War Between Pakistani Indian Hackers Goes On

The Cyber War Between Pakistani and Indian Hackers was started last week when on 26 November 2010 Indian Hackers attacked several Pakistani Websites including many officials websites.

Indian Hackers Claimed to hack 40 Pakistani Sites. The Next Day Pakistani Hackers Decided to Retaliate and hacked 270 Indian Websites in a couple of days. The Biggest Hunt of Pakistani Hackers was Website of Indian Spy Agency CBI that is considered one of the most Important and Secure Site in India.

This brought series Embarrassment for Indian Government and Indian Media also made it a big Headline. On Friday Indian Hackers Hacked Ogra's Official Website and called it a response of CBI Website Hacking.  On Saturday Pakistani Hackers has announced to hack more Indian Sites until the attacks on Pakistani sites not ends.