Facebook and Twitter Getting Popular While Blogging Dying

From several years Blogging got lot of popularity online to share your views on any topic. Many People are running their personal blogs on different topic in which they are interested to share their views on that Topic. Many people also uses Blogging to earn money. But in recent months a very interesting thing has been noticed that many people are losing interest in the blogging and instead of it shifting towards Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

These Sites are also known as Microblogging Websites. The Reason people are shifting to Facebook and Twitter is that sharing your views and getting information about different topics is easy on these sites as compare to Blogging. You don't have to write big blog posts on Twitter or Facebook to share ideas and getting others views on any topic is also far easy.  Some recent Surveys also shows that Internet Users specially Youth is losing interest in Blogging and using Facebook and Twitter more.