Freedom Is Right of Kashmiris: Indian Minister

From a Couple of Years Many Indian Writers and Analysts has started accepting that Kashmir Problem has not solution but freedom. Last Month Popular Indian Human Rights Activist Arundhati Roy also came under strong criticism for giving statement in support of Kashmir freedom and against Killings of innocent Kashmiri Civilians by Indian Army Forces.

On Monday a new Controversy started in India when a Congress minister Sham Lal Sharma said in a speech that Freedom Is Right of Kashmiris and Kashmir problem has not other solution.

After this statement of Sham Lal Sharma Indian Politicians specially Opposition leaders have started targeting him and demanded him to take back his statement. Leader of BJP Nirmal Singh also demanded action against Sharma.

This Acceptance that Kashmir has no other solution but freedom by many Indian writers, analysts and now even Politicians is actually truth because every Indian tactic to crush  Kashmir freedom movement has failed. India used massive force and killed thousands of Kashmiris over the decades but Kashmir freedom movement is still there.