Important Events That Taken Place in Pakistan During 2010

Yesterday i shared the details of the great Pakistani personalities that died in the year 2010. Today i will be sharing the main events that happened in Pakistan during 2010. Most of these events where sad such as floods and Terrorist attacks as Pakistan is facing tough time. We also hope that next year 2011 will be a good one for Pakistan. So here are some major events that happened in Pakistan in 2010.

Flood: During 2010 A Major Flood came in Pakistan that effected almost 1/3 Pakistan and taken thousands of lives. almost 5 Million people lost their homes and many where displaced.

Army Operation in South Waziristan: In 2010 Pakistan Army has done a major successful operation against TTP in the South Waziristan that is involved in major terrorist attacks all over the country.

Many Big Terrorist Attacks: Several Big Terrorist attacks taken place in Pakistan during 2010. From Lahore to Karachi and From Peshawar to Quetta all cities where effected by terrorism.

18th Amendment in Constitution: During 2010 Pakistan's National Assembly also done a major Amendment in its Constitution that is known as18th Amendment.

Asian Champion of Hockey: During 2010 Pakistan became the Asian Champion of Hockey.

Spot Fixing Scandal: During this year a major Spot fixing Scandal hit Pakistani Cricket.