India Also Exposed In Wikileaks Cables

Although Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Is arrested in London and different Accounts of the site are also shutdown but release of 2.5 Lakh secret US Cables continues slowly by the Wikileaks officials.

Till now thousands of Wikileaks Documents are published on the site about different countries and issues which have brought a storm in world diplomacy. On Monday and Tuesday Wikileaks published some documents related to India in which real Face and lies of Indian Government are exposed.

The Shameful thing is that Indian Media that keeps on making fake stories against Pakistan is completely ignoring these documents. Following i am sharing some of the facts that are revealed in these documents about India.

1 US Declared Hindu Terrorist Groups like RSS, Shiv Sena Bajrang Dal as dangerous as Taliban and Al Qaeda.

2 Indian Army Is Involved in Series War Crimes in Kashmir and Kashmir is compared with Bosnia.

3 Hindu Terrorist Groups has links with Indian Army Officers.

4 ISI Is Present In India but there is no proof that it played any role in Mumbai Attacks.

5 Hindu Extremist Group is Called Time Bomb of Extremism.

6 Former Indian Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor is called incompetent combat leader that has unrealistic war doctrine.

7 Present Indian Army Chief General VK Singh is called Egotist self-centered idiosyncratic General.

8 Anti Terror Chief Hemant Karkare sought American protection after he exposed Hindu Terror network and arrested Hindu terrorist leaders.