Indian CBI Website Hacked By Pakistani Hackers

From 26 November 2010 morning Indian Hackers With Name of Indian Cyber Army Attacked Several Pakistani Websites including many official sites and hacked almost 40 Websites. Watching this Situation Pakistan Cyber Army Hackers decided to hit back and hacked 230 Indian Websites including several Indian official websites.

Indian Government faced major embarrassment when website of Indian CBI also got hacked on Friday morning by Pakistan Cyber Army. Pakistani Hackers warned on the homepage of CBI that more Indian websites will be hacked in future if attacks on Pakistani websites not stopped.  CBI website is considered the most secure Indian website and it has never got hacked in the past.  by hacking most secure Indian website Pakistani hackers has sent a message to Indian hackers to stay away from Pakistani sites in the future otherwise stay ready for Indian sites to come under attack.  CBI website is not restored even after 24 hours of getting hacked and an Inquiry about it has launched..