Reasons of Increasing Rapes Cases in Pakistan

In Recent Years we have seen the Cases of Rapes are increasing very much in different areas of Pakistan. Almost every week at least one big case of rape is coming in the news which makes all good Pakistanis feel ashamed.

If we see a few years back such incidents where almost not existing in Pakistan but today Rape cases are very common. Just on Monday a Gang Rape of 20 years old Girl has taken place in Karachi. Have you noticed the reasons for the increasing rape cases in Pakistan? Following are major reasons for these Rape Cases according to me.

The Vulgarity In Media: In Recent years media has developed very much in Pakistan and Vulgarity has also increased in it.  Many TV Channels are showing such things that are directly effecting our young generation. Internet is also a major reason for this.

No Rule of Law: Another big reason for increasing rape cases is the no rule of law. Very few criminals are punished for their crimes.  Many people objects why Islam gives so hard punishments? the reason for this is that the fear of punishment is more important that punishment itself which will stop any person from doing a crime.

Unemployment: Unemployment is another indirect reason for the increase in rape cases. When Youngsters will not get Jobs and will not get married they will go towards wrong ways.

Leaving Islamic Values: Today Islamic Values are vanishing away from our Society. We are not raising our Kids according to Islamic Guidelines that is another reason for increasing Rapes.