South Asians Still Prefers Nokia Over Apple, Blackberry, Android

In a last couple of years the Smartphones of Apple, Blackberry, Android has got great popularity around the World specially in United States and Western Countries and everyone here prefers to buy a Smartphone of above mentioned companies instead of  a Nokia Phone.

After Arrival of Smartphones the Nokia has been hit hard and its Share in Mobile Market is reducing. It has also tried to recover by launching a new Mobile Operation System Symbian ^3 in Phones like Nokia 8 but still it has failed to compete with Apple, Blackberry and Android.

But there are still many parts of the World where people still prefers to buy a Nokia Phone instead of buying Smartphones. South Asian countries China, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh has almost half population of the World and here still most of people likes to buy a Nokia Phone.

The reason behind this is Low price and good quality of Nokia. For Example in Pakistan you can get a good Nokia Phone in 6000 to 8000 PKR but Price of Apple iPhone or a Android Powered Phone is around 50000 PKR. A Few People who can afford also uses Smartphones in South Asia but the most selling Phone is Nokia.