US Is Backing Jundullah: Iran

Due to American and Nato Presence in Afghanistan the whole region of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran isfacing Instability. There was no terrorism in Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan before US attack on Afghanistan. Today Terrorist organizations like Jundullah and TTP are spreading Terrorism in Pakistan.

Thousands of Innocent Civilians are killed in Suicide attacks by these Groups.  These Groups claims to do Jihad but they kills innocent Civilians in Iran and Pakistan instead of fighting with Foreign Forces in Afghanistan. Pakistani and Iranian officials has said it several times that these Groups are backed by US and India to spread Terrorism in Pakistan and Iran through Afghanistan.

At start of 2010 Top leader of Jundullah Abdul Malik Rigi was arrested by Iran who admitted that he was trained and backed by US. Many Arrested Terrorists of TTP in Pakistan also admitted to be backed by Indian Intelligence Agency Raw in Afghanistan.

on 17th December two Suicide attacks taken place in Iran on a Ashura Gathering which killed more than 40 People. Iranian officials blamed Jundullah for this attack.  So the only way of Peace in Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan is US Exit from Afghanistan which may take place in a couple of years.