US Soldiers Death Toll Reaches 700 in Year 2010

American and Nato Forces Attacked Afghanistan 9 years ago in 2001 after 9/11 attack and announce to start a war against Al Qaeda and Taliban. During these 9 years hundreds of US and Nato Soldiers are killed every year in different Provinces of Afghanistan but 2010 has proved to be deadliest for Foreign Forces as 700 Soldiers are killed this year.

This Number is told by US and Nato Military officials while according to Taliban claim the real deaths of Foreign forces are much higher than 700.

US and its Allies sent thousands of more Soldiers to Afghanistan at start of this year after which Casualties of Foreign Forces started increasing.  Afghan Taliban that works under Mullah Omar is the biggest Group that is fighting against US and Nato while Haqqani Network and Hikmat Yar Groups comes later on.  These Groups has announced to continue to fight until Foreign forces leaves Afghanistan.