Wikileaks Documents About Pakistan

Wikileaks has released over 2 Lakh Secret US Documents on Sunday which has turned out to be blast for relations of different countries and their Internal Politics. Wikileaks has released documents about several countries and most of these documents are about Muslim countries.

If we speak specifically about Pakistan more than 4000 Releases are made on Pakistan related issues. These Documents talks about Internal Pakistani Politics, Pakistan's Nuclear Program, Pakistan's Relations with  India and Afghanistan and Views of Foreign Rulers about Pakistani Politicians. Following i am sharing some of the claims that are made in these Documents about Pakistan.

1 Pakistan's Army Chief General Kayani was thinking to remove Asif Zardari from Presidency in 2009 and making Asfand Yar Wali New President.

2 Western World and US not happy about Pakistan's Nuclear Program.

3 ISI not played any role in Mumbai attacks.

4 Saudi King Shah Abdullah Don,t Like President Zardari.

5 Abu Dhabi King Called Asif Zardari Dirty and Nawaz Sharif Dangerous.

6 Zardari assured US that Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan will be kept under house arrest.

7 Saudi Arabia Want Army Government in Pakistan.

8 US thinks Zardari is Better For US Than Musharraf.