Wikileaks Purpose Is to damage Muslim Countries relations: Kuwaiti Emir

These Voices has now started taking Loudness that the actual purpose of Wikileaks documents is to destroy Muslim countries relations.  If we see these documents we will find that most of these documents are against Muslim Countries Rulers and their comments against the rulers of other Muslim countries which will only result in damaging the Muslim ties.

In these documents we find Saudi King Speaking against Iran and Pakistani President Zardari, Abu Dhabi King speaking against Pakistani leadership, Syrian Ruler speaking against Iran and several other similar type of claims. Pakistan is also targeted several times in these documents. Pakistan's Nuclear weapons, its leadership, its Intelligence agency and its army all are targeted in these documents.

Many Muslim rulers including Saudi Leadership, Iranian President, Pakistani Leadership and today Kuwaiti Emir has called these Wikileaks a plot whose purpose is to destroy Muslim ties. Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Sabah Ahmed al-Sabah has said that some powers don,t wants Muslim countries to have strong ties and they are trying to create differences between Muslims.  He  called these documents as an evil move.