PTI Imran Khan Karachi Jalsa Photos

Following are PTI Imran Khan Karachi Jalsa Photos that was held at Mazar E Quaid.

Important Events In Pakistan During 2011

Another Year full of big events in Pakistan and World is going towards its end in few days. During 2011 World seen many big events like Uprisings, Natural Disasters, Deaths of Big Personalities and many more. Pakistan also seen many big events in 2011. some where good while some where bad. Some of these events became a headline in whole world. So Following is the list of Important events that taken place in Pakistan 2011.

Politician Imran Khan Family and Personal Photos

Former Pakistani Cricketer and Present Politician Imran Khan Family and Personal Photos Collection.

A Poem About Fall of Dhaka 1971 Which Makes Me Cry Every time

A heart touching Poem About Fall of Dhaka 1971 Which Makes Me Cry Every time i listen to this Urdu Poem.

Foreign Policy of Pakistan Is Changing Now

During last ten years Pakistan has faced destruction for fighting American war which became a cause of terrorism inside Pakistan. Pakistan faced loss of at least $60 Billion in this war. 35000 Pakistani Citizens and 5000 Pakistani Soldiers also died in this war. This war also destroyed economy and Image of Pakistan in the world. Pakistan was providing its bases to US Forces. Nato Supply Line was also going from Pakistan to Afghanistan during this war.

In last ten years American only provided $20 Billion to Pakistan in Aid about which we often hear in US Media.  Pakistan also faced American drone attacks which killed hundreds of Civilians in Pakistani Tribal areas.  America also continued to blame Pakistan for double game in Afghanistan during these years.

Now its seems like that a Nato Attack on Pakistani Soldiers that killed 24 Pakistani Soldiers few weeks back proved to be a turning point in Pakistan's Foreign Policy.  After this attack Pakistan has stopped Nato Supply to Afghanistan, taken back its Shamsi Airbase from US. After this incident American drone attacks on Pakistan are also stopped. Pakistani officials are talking about making a new independent foreign policy.  People of Pakistan which where already very angry towards American policies are appreciating these steps by Pakistani Officials.

Pakistanis Angry Over Veena Malik Photo Scandal

Actress Veena Malik has once again done a work due to which every Pakistani Citizen is feeling shame and is angry on her act. Veena Malik has posed in a Indian Magazine without clothes with ISI written on her arm and a hand grenade in her mouth. Last year Veena Malik done bad scenes in a Indian TV Show after which she was criticized strongly by Pakistani public but this time she has crossed all her limits.

Get Hundreds of Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers

I know many of you came to this page searching for the Mobile Numbers of Pakistani Girls through Google Search but i am sorry to say that you will not find Cell No. of any Girl here instead i have created this post to talk about a very important issue.  As i said it many times in my blog posts that Internet is a service that has many good as well as many bad uses.

it depends on the user how the user uses it?  i am very sad to say that many Pakistanis are also doing misuse of Internet.  One of the misuse of Internet that is done these days by Pakistanis is posting Mobile Numbers of Girls online.

There are many Websites online that are posting Mobile Numbers of Girls online and there is no one to stop them.  The sad fact is that such websites are also visited by many people. My Question to those people who posts Numbers of Girls online is that would you like it if someone else posts Mobile Number of your sister or wife online? Definitely most of you will not like it.

Then how such people are posting Mobile Numbers of other girls online? So all of us should not visit such websites. We also need to report such websites to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Chauburji In Photos

Beautiful building of Lahore Chauburji Photos.

Massive Anger In Pakistan Against Nato and US

Last Week Helicopters of Nato Forces Violated Pakistani Airspace from Afghan Border and attacked a Pakistani Checkpoint in Tribal areas which killed 24 Pakistani Soldiers including 2 Officers. This checkpoint was created by Pakistan Army to stop the Tehreek Taliban Pakistan Militants from crossing the border. After the Nato Attack Pakistan Immediately closed down Nato Supply Line to Afghanistan and also asked US to leave its Shamsi Airbase which is used allegedly for drone attacks in Pakistani tribal areas.

Amazing Spirit of Pakistan Army Hawaldar Mumtaz Shaheed's relatives

See the Amazing Spirit of Pakistan Army Hawaldar Mumtaz Shaheed's relatives who was martyred in Nato Airstrike inside Pakistani borders which martyred 24 Pakistani Soldiers including Hawaldar Mumtaz Shaheed.

Names of 24 Pakistani Soldiers Which Martyred In Nato Airstrike

We are sharing Names of all the 24 Pakistani Soldiers among whom 2 where officers Which Martyred In Nato Airstrike on Pakistani Tribal areas last week. After the attack Pakistan closed down the Nato Supply and also asked US to leave its Shamsi Airbase.

Karachi Beach In Photos

Here is Beautiful Karachi Beach In Photos.

PTA Bringing New System To Filter SMS Messages With Bad Words

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is working on a system which will be used to filter those SMS Messages that will be having bad vulgar words.  For this purpose PTA has prepared a list of around 1600 words and whichever SMS Message will be having any word from that   list will be filtered and will not be delivered to the person whom it is sent.

Ron Paul The Man Which Can Really Bring Change in US

Present American President Barack Obama came into power with the slogan of bringing change in Internal and external policies of United States and world was also very hopeful that he will bring change but after 3 years we found that he has failed to bring any change and in some matters he has even crossed former President Bush.

Bakras For Sale In Karachi Mandi

Following are some photos of Bakras For Sale In Karachi Mandi.

Some Amazing Bakras For Sale in Pakistan This Year on Eid

Presenting Some Amazing Bakras For Sale in Pakistan This Year on Eid in different animal markets.

Cricket To Politics Corruption Everywhere in Pakistan

If we say that Pakistan is facing toughest time of its history then it will not be wrong.  There are several reasons of present Pakistan's situation and one of them is Corruption. Usually we hear on media that Pakistani Politicians are corrupt but the fact is that we as a nation are corrupt. All of us are corrupt.

Eid Ul Adha 2011 in Pakistan Photos

Following we are sharing Photos collection for Eid Ul Adha 2011 in Pakistan.

Pakistan To Celebrate Eid Ul Adha On 7th November 2011

Rituals of Hajj are starting today and over 25 Lakh Muslims are offering Hajj this year in Saudi Arabia.  Most of Muslim World will be celebrating Eid Ul Adha on 6th November this year while in Pakistan and India the Eid will be celebrated on Monday 7th November 2011. Eid Ul Adha is also called Bakra Eid or Big Eid.

People are buying Cows, Goats and Sheeps to do Sacrifice on Eid.  Prices of Animals are much higher this year in Pakistan due to which most of people are keeping part in Cows instead of doing separate Goat or Sheep.  People are also doing shopping like buying new dresses and shoes for the Eid.  

Occupy Wall Street In Photos

Here are Pics of Occupy Wall Street Movement of New York.

American Muslims Supporting Occupy Wall Street

Large No. of American Population is on roads these days to protest against Poverty, Unemployment and Capitalism.  Many Americans are also doing protest in-front of American Financial Hub Wall Street which is named as Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Animals Bakra, Cows For Eid Qurbani In Pakistan Photos

Here are some of the Animals like Cows and Goats For Eid Qurbani In Pakistan Photos.

Famous Pakistani Comedians

Following are top Famous Pakistani Comedians Photos.

Sohail Ahmed

Unethical Sites Must Be Banned In Pakistan By PTA

If Internet Can be used for so many good purposes then its also true that it can also be used for many wrong activities and sad thing is that it is indeed used for many wrong activities in Pakistan.  Large No. of Pakistani Youth is using Internet today and bitter truth is that most of them are doing misuse of it.  Many uses Internet just to see Unethical Sites.

Zaka Ashraf New PCB Chief, Is Afridi Coming Back In Team Now?

Finally three years controversial tenure of Ijaz Butt as Pakistani Cricket Board (PCB) chairman is over and President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari has appointed a famous Businessman and Chairman of ZTBL Zaka Ashraf as new Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board.  During three years of Ijaz Butt Pakistani Cricket seen many ups and downs.  Attack On Sri Lankan Cricket Team, Spot Fixing Scandal, Changing too many Captains where some of the bad things happened in Ijaz Butt Tenure.

Pakistani Celebrities That Are Using Twitter

Twitter is a very popular Social Networking Website which has reached a newer level of popularity in last 2 years. These days every Celebrity is using Twitter to get connected to their fans. Many Pakistani Famous Personalities are also using Twitter whom you can connect easily on Twitter. So Following are some of these famous Pakistanis that are using Twitter.

Bahria Town Photos

Following are Photos of Bahria Town an amazing housing Society to live in.

Whole Pakistan Should Be Like Bahria Town

I Recently got a chance to stay for few days in famous housing Society Bahria Town Lahore and i was really amazed to see the environment and Facilities in the Bahria Town.  There was no broken street or any dirt on those streets. Houses where beautifully built. Security System of Bahria Town is amazing due to which Crime rate is almost zero.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Simplicity Photos

World's Corrupt Leaders of East and West must learn from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Simplicity. Watch these Photos showing simplicity of his life.

America Must Remember Vietnam Before Attacking Pakistan

Last week after attacks in Kabul on American Embassy and Nato Headquarters American Officials Michael Mullen and Leon Panetta started blaming Pakistan's Intelligence Agency ISI for being involved in these attacks.  American Officials are also threatening Pakistan for a direct ground invasion in North Waziristan.

Pakistan's Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani has rejected American Allegations and warned US of any  ground Invasion. Pakistan has made it cleared that we are not supporting Haqqani Network nor this group is operating from Pakistan. If American officials thinks to attack Pakistan they must remember Vietnam in mind.

Shahid Afridi Has Not Joined MQM

Recently this news spread all over Internet that Famous Pakistani Cricketer and Former Captain Shahid Khan Afridi has joined a political party of Karachi Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and in next elections he will fought elections for MQM in Karachi.  To prove this a photo of Afridi was also shown in which he is sitting with Mustafa Kamal signing a paper.

Photos of Dengue Mosquito Which Is a Sign of Fear These Days in Pakistan

Here are Photos of Dengue Mosquito Which Is a Sign of Fear These Days in Pakistan specially In Punjab Province where thousands of people are affected by Dengue Virus.

Photos of Shahid Afridi's Wife Without Hijab

Following are Photos of Pakistani Cricketer Shahid Khan Afridi's Wife Without Hijab.

War Of Taliban and Nato Reaches Twitter

Nato and Afghan Taliban are fighting a war from last 10 years in Afghanistan but recently this war reaches famous Social networking website Twitter where Nato and Taliban twitted against each other. here is a snapshot of these tweets exchanged between Taliban and Nato.

Its Time To Help Sindh Flood Victims

Like the last year's devastating floods Pakistan has been hit by massive floods this year again due to massive rains in province of Sindh. although this year's flood is not as big as it was last year but still it is affecting millions of people.  hundreds are died till now and millions are displaced after losing their homes.  Last year Pakistanis came out to help their brothers and sisters in need and contributed money, food, clothes and things of need.

Flood In Sindh Province of Pakistan 2011 Photos

Last year in 2010 Pakistan was hit by a big flood which killed thousands of people and destroyed millions of houses. This year once again Pakistan's Province of Sindh is hit by flood which has killed hundreds of people till now and thousands of houses are destroyed. Following are photos of Sindh floods.

World Trade Center Pictures

World Trade Center Pictures that was destroyed in September 11 attacks.

Pakistani Government Makes Its Own Social Media Cell

Like other Countries Pakistan has also seen a massive increase in use of Internet and Social Networking Website in last two three years.  Facebook users in Pakistan has recently crossed the number of 5 million.

Effects of 9/11 on Pakistan

11th September 2001 was the day which effected the whole world including my country Pakistan.  After 9/11 attacks US along with other Western Countries attacked Pakistan's Neighbouring Country Afghanistan. Pakistan's President of that time Pervez Musharraf also decided to become American ally in this war and given Pakistani Bases to US for attacking Afghanistan.   Later on Pervez Musharraf also sent Pakistani Forces to Tribal areas for operation.

Pakistan Defence Day Show 6th September 2011

Here is complete Pakistan Defence Day Show 6th September 2011. It was telecasted on PTV.

Famous Intelligence Agencies of World

Intelligence Agency is a Institution which works for Internal and External Security of a Country. Following are top Intelligence Agencies of the world.

9/11 Pictures

11 September 2011 9/11 Incident Pictures.

Pakistani Man Makes Quran Search Engine In Urdu and Roman Urdu

There are several Quranic Search Engines  Available already like Zikr Software which you can use to search different topics in the Quran. But recently a Pakistani man named Zahid Hussain who is an IT Expert has created a different type of Quranic Search Engine using whom you can also Search the Holy Quran in Urdu and Roman Urdu Language along with English and Arabic.

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Wallpapers

Presenting some amazing Wallpapers of the Great Pakistan Air Force (PAF).

Israeli Prime Minister Meeting With Egyptian Army Chief

Former Egyptian Ruler Hosni Mubarak was a puppet of United States and a Israel who was receiving billions of Dollars from US and Israel for keeping silence on Israeli terrorism against people of Palestine. When People of Egypt got rid of Honsi Mubarak through a revolution US and Israel got upset on possibility of a independent Government in Egypt..

Indian Terrorist Leaders That Are Involved In Mass Murders of Minorities

Following is the list of top Indian Terrorists That Are Involved In Mass Murders of Minorities.

Letter From Altaf Hussain To Tony Blair For Dismantling ISI in 2001

Anti-Pakistan Objectives of MQM and Altaf Hussain are exposed once again. Here is the copy of letter which was written by MQM Chief Altaf hussain to British Prime Minister in 2011 in which he demanded to dismantle the Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan.

Pakistani Hackers Takes Down

Just few days back i wrote a blog post about ongoing Online war between Pakistani and Indian Hackers and this war taken place once again last week when Indian hackers hacked famous Pakistani Defence website Defence.PK. after this attack Pakistan Cyber Army decided to hit back and they hacked the famous Indian  Defence website

Afghan Taliban Killed 64 American Soldiers in Kandahar

Afghan Taliban has claimed to kill at least 64 American Soldiers in Kandahar province of Afghanistan on Friday morning in two bomb blasts.  According to report of Press TV Afghan Taliban has said that two separate bomb blasts by them killed at least 64 US Soldiers.

Muslim Women Arrested In New York Over Hijab Ban

New York Police Arrested Several Muslim Women In New York City on Wednesday who where protesting against the Hijab Ban in the state. Many Protesters where also beaten by the police.

Pentagon Was Hit By Missile On 9/11 Video

Another proof just before few days of 10th Anniversary of 9/11 proves that it was an inside Job. Pentagon Was Hit By Missile On 9/11.

Muammar Gaddafi Life In Photos

Muammar Gaddafi ruled Libya for last 42 years from 1969 to 2011 alone. Following we are going to show you his life in Photos.

10 Most Liked Alive Pakistanis

Pakistan is a country full of talent. Its people have earned name in every field of life. But there are some people who got massive popularity due to their impressive works and they are loved by millions. Following i am sharing list of 10 Most liked Alive Pakistanis.

Muammar Gaddafi Arrested Rebels Takes Over Tripoli

According to various media reports Former Libyan Ruler Muammar Gaddafi is captured along with his sons and Rebels have taken over Libyan Capital Tripoli.  Libyan Forces failed to save Tripoli from Libya on Saturday as Gaddafi's defenses collapsed.

Civil war between Libyan Forces and Rebels was going on Continuously from last 6 months. during this war Nato Forces where also helping Rebels. thousands of innocent Civilians lost their lives during this war many of which where killed by Nato Forces. Gaddafi was in rule of Libya from last 42 years. 

What Pakistani Girls Says On Leaked Video of Aamir Liaquat?

These days a video of so-called Islamic Scholar Dr Aamir Liaquat is revolving on Internet in which he is shown using bad language. Aamir Liaquat was having a large Fan following but after release of this video people are in shock.  Check this Video what Pakistani Girls Says On Leaked Video of Aamir Liaquat?

Army Is Ready To Solve Karachi Problem: General Kayani

Pakistan's Largest City Karachi which is having a large population of 20 Million is in trouble once again. Over 100 people are killed in last few days in target killing. Whole Pakistani Nation is worried on the Situation of Karachi because it is not just a city but Economic hub of Pakistan. Pakistani Civilian Government has failed to solve the Karachi Problem. Now people are talking about Calling Army in Karachi to control the Situation .

on other hand Chief of the Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has said that the Army is ready to help the government for restoring peace to Karachi. Talking to the media on Saturday, he said paramilitary forces and other law enforcement agencies were working efficiently and the Army would also play its maximum role in this regard. But it would be the government to take the decision of deployment of Army in Karachi, Kayani added.

London Riots In Photos

Earlier this month London faced massive riots in which many people where killed while thousands of Shops where looted. Following are Photos of London Riots.

War Between Pakistani and Indian Hackers Always Remains On

India and Pakistan are two Countries which are enemies of each from first day of Independence 14th August 1947. Both Countries Always blames each other for different things and both have also fought several wars on different Issues. When they play Cricket it also not remains Sports but turns into a war.  But do you know Pakistan and India are at war even on Internet.  Hackers from both India and Pakistan keeps on attacking Websites of each other Countries.

Eid 2011 in Pakistan Photos

Eid is a Islamic Festival that is celebrated every year by Muslims around the world. There are two Eids in a year one is called Eid Ul Adha or big Eid and other is called Eid Ul Fitr or Small Eid. Eid Ul Fitr is celebrated at end of Ramadan. This Year's Eid Ul Fitr is just 10 days away from us now. so we have brought some nice Photos of Eid in Pakistan for our viewers from past.

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Google Changes Logo On Pakistan Independence Day

Pakistanis are Celebrating 64th Pakistan's Independence Day on 14th August 2011. Every Pakistani is trying to celebrate this big day in a different way. At this time Google Pakistan is also celebrating this day in a different way. They have changed the logo to below photo which is in green color and having moon and Minar E Pakistan on it.

New Wallpapers of 14 August Pakistan Independence Day

Presenting some New Wallpapers of 14 August Pakistan Independence Day.

Pakistani Ramadan Foods

Do You know which are the Foods which are eaten mostly In Ramadan Sehri and Iftar in Pakistan? If you don't know then this post is for you. Following are the popular Pakistani Ramadan Foods.

Pakistan Now Having 14 Lakh Internet Broadband Users

In last few years we have seen a great growth in use of Internet in Pakistan. Use of Broadband Internet has also increased very much in recent times and now Pakistan has 14 Lakh Broadband Internet Users.  in just last one year 5 Lakh more people has got the Broadband Connections. one year ago Broadband users in Pakistan where 9 Lakh which are now around 14 Lakh.

31 American Soldiers Killed In Helicopter Crash In Afghanistan

At a time when United States of America is facing debt crises there is another bad news for it that 31 American Soldiers are killed in Eastern Afghanistan in a Helicopter Crash last night. According to American Media reports the Helicopter was shot down by the Afghan Taliban who has also taken responsibility of this attack.

This is the biggest one incident in which so many US Soldiers are killed in 10 years of Afghan War. Nato has also confirmed the Incident. US Military officials has said that 22 Soldiers out of 31 where Navy Seals the same unit which done Abbottabad Operation against Osama Bin Laden. around 400 US Soldiers killed so far in 2011 in Afghanistan.

Pakistani Army Chief General Kayani Speech In Quetta

Pakistani Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani Speech In Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences and Garrison Sports Complex.

Massive Opportunities For Pakistanis To Earn Online Income

Are You are Unemployed Pakistani who is looking for a way to earn Income? Are you a Youngster Who is not getting a Job even after getting a degree? are you a retired Pakistani who is looking for a source of Income? Are a Businessman who wants to Increase Sales of your Products?  Then i have a good new for all of you.

Colors of Ramadan In Pakistan (Photos)

See the Colors of Ramadan In Pakistan in Photos.

Pakistani Ramadan Nasheeds Video

Here Is Collection of Pakistani Ramadan Nasheeds Video

Christian Terrorist Killed 94 People In Oslo Norway

We Often hear this statement by Anti Muslim elements that all Terrorists are Muslims but these elements are proved wrong once again by a Incident that taken place earlier this week. A Christian Terrorist named Anders Behring Breivik killed 94 People in Oslo City of Norway by Bombing and Firing.

Muslims are demonized by Western Governments

The Western Governments has focused too much on Muslims living in Western Countries in matters relating to terrorism that it has buried concerns over home-grown terrorism.

Photos of Norway Attack

Here are Photos of Norway Incident that taken over 90 Lives.

Old Wallpapers of Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Akhtar

Following are some Old Wallpapers of Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Akhtar.

American Drone Destroyed By Iran

According to Iranian TV Channel Press TV an American Drone is destroyed by Iran's  Revolution Guards who was flying over Qom Province of Iran by Violating its Air Space. Defence Unit of Iran's  Revolution Guards has destroyed the Drone.

A Similar Incident also taken place last year when a America Drone was taken down by Iran which was trying to Violate Iranian Borders.  The Purpose of These Drones can be to do Spying about Iran's Nuclear Program according to Security Experts.

Father of Shahid Khan Afridi Died

Father of Famous Pakistani Cricket and Former Captain Shahid Khan Afridi died on Wednesday morning due to Illness in Karachi.  Sahibzada Fazal UR Rehman Afridi was suffering from bad health from several years.  But from last few weeks his Situation was very series due to which Shahid Afridi also Came back to Pakistan by leaving County Cricket.

Public Places Ruined by Cheap Love Acts in Karachi

It's sad how public places are being ruined by so called cheap "love birds" in major cities of Pakistan specially in Karachi.. I went to a restaurant the other day with my nephews and a young couple were shamelessly involved with vulgar activities.

Pakistani Bridal Dresses Photos

A Nice Collection of Pakistani Bridal Dresses Photos.

United States Is abusing Afghans in Secret Jails

According to Report of Iranian TV Channel Press TV a United Nation inquiry says inmates are routinely forced to take off their clothes in secret CIA detention facilities in Afghanistan.

Relations of Pakistan and America Are Worse Once Again

Relationship between Pakistan and United States of America deteriorated further when the US justice department charged two men alleged to have been in the pay of the Pakistani intelligence service (ISI).

16 Pakistani Policemen Killed By Tehreek Taliban Pakistan

16 Pakistani Policemen Where Killed By Tehreek Taliban Pakistan On a Unknown Location. TTP has also released Video of Killings.

US Withdrawal From Afghanistan Starts

Almost 10000 US Soldiers are ready to leave Afghanistan starting gradual withdrawal which will complete in Year 2014.  American President Barack Obama announced withdrawal of US Forces from Afghanistan few days back. This Announcement was welcomed by most of Afghans, Pakistanis and Americans.

Pakistani Media Is Feared of MQM

We Often hear that Pakistani Media Is Free and it always do correct reporting but i strongly disagree with this statement. There are many Corrupt Elements in Pakistani Media just like Pakistani Politics. The biggest example which proves that Pakistani media is biased is that you will never see Pakistani Media criticizing MQM on any matter.

Pakistani Dresses Photos

Different Types of Dresses Are Weared in Pakistan. Following we bring Some Pakistani Dresses Photos.

Me Indian ... My India By a Indian Muslim Nisar Nadiadwala

The latest bomblast in Mumbai  reminds me the good relations that an overwhelming number of HIndus and Muslim enjoy in India inspite of mischievous elements in the our country.

Shahi Qila Photos

Following are Shahi Qila Photos that is is located in Lahore Pakistan.

Hindu Extremists Involved In Recent Mumbai Blasts: Digvijay Singh

Have You Noticed This Time Indian Media and Government Officials are not blaming Pakistan for Mumbai Blasts which they usually do after any Incident in India. However India’s Congress leader Digvijay Singh has disclosed that Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), an extremist Hindu terror outfit was “making bomb factories” and demanded that role of all kinds of terror groups, including Hindu outfits, should be probed in connection with the Mumbai serial blasts.

America & India Doing Dangerous Plannings Against Pakistan: Hafiz Saeed

Chief of Jamat Ud Dawa Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has said that America and India are doing dangerous plannings against Pakistan by sitting in Kabul. He said that America and India are trying hard to promote Sectarianism in Pakistan to get their objectives.

Over 90% Egyptians Not Wants Relations With Israel: Survey

Former Military Dictator in Egypt Hosni Mubarak was a US Puppet and was having strong relationship with Israel which benefited Israel greatly for decades.  Now Rule of  Hosni Mubarak has ended and people of Egypt are looking for a real change. Egyptians also wants to end ties with State of Israel.

Pakistani Foods Photos

Here are different Pakistani Foods Photos which are eaten in different areas of Pakistan with lot of excitement.

Massive Really In Support of Gaddafi In Libya

Earlier this week a Massive Really taken place In Support of Gaddafi In Libya that was having millions of people. Here is a view of this rally.

Exposing The Liberal Fascists In Pakistan

Most of Liberals Makes Fun of Islamic Ideology of Pakistan  and "Pakistan ka Matlab Kya? La ilaha illallah". while truth is that Pakistan is a Country which was created In Name of Islam.  Pakistan is a country whose over 90% Population is a Muslim.  Pakistan was created so that Muslims of Subcontinent can live freely and follow their religion without fear of Hindu Majority.

Bringing True Reporting On Mumbai Blasts

By Ahmed Qureshi: Hours after the three consecutive blasts in India's Mumbai, our team of India analysts at released a brief report titled, Fearing Inside Job, India Plays Wise, So Far.

Some Unique and Interesting Websites For Online Shopping in Pakistan

Although Pakistan is far behind in Online Business and Online Shopping than any Western Countries but it is also a fact that last few years have brought a big growth in Online Businesses in Pakistan. Now many Websites have came into existence for Online Shopping in Pakistan where you can buy different type of Products like Clothes, Shoes, Mobiles, Laptops Etc.

Pakistani Youth Getting Addicted To Mobiles and Internet

Its the age of Science and Technology. Today use of Mobile Phone, Computer, Tablet Devices and Internet is growing rapidly all over the Globe.  Same is the Situation in My Country Pakistan.  Use of Mobile as well as Internet is growing Rapidly in Towns and Cities of Pakistan. More and More Pakistani Youth is getting addicted to use of Mobile Phones and Internet.

Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Akhtar Family and Personal Photos

Here is Collection of Pakistani Former Cricketer Shoaib Akhtar Family and Personal Photos.

A Good Message By Strings and Atif Aslam To Pakistanis

Its a very Good Message By Strings and Atif Aslam To Pakistanis People who just speaks about their problems and do nothing practical.

Ramadan in Pakistan Photos

Just one month is left in Holy Month of Ramadan this year. Billions of Muslims around the world are waiting for blessed month of Ramadan to arrive with lot of excitement. Here i have brought some Interesting photos of previous Ramadans in Pakistan.

Pakistani Facebook Users Specially Women Must Read This

Social Networking Websites are reaching a new level of Popularity On Internet in last year as millions of people are joining these Social networking websites every month specially Facebook and Twitter . Users Of Facebook are also increasing in Pakistan.  Millions of Males and Females from Pakistan are using Facebook today. Many of these people also shares their personal information like Address, Photos, Mobile No. on their Facebook Accounts.

But not much people now how much dangers they can face for sharing such personal things on Facebook. For Example there are many Websites out there which picks up Photos of Girls from Facebook Profiles. So if you are a Girl and keeping your Photos in your Facebook Account there are many websites which can pick them up. According to different media reports Different Intelligence Agencies are also using Facebook for spying.  So everyone needs to understand Importance of Privacy on Facebook specially if you are a female. To Improve Your Facebook Privacy change Privacy Settings From your Facebook account.

Facebook Reaches To 750 million users

The social network Facebook has reached the number of 750 million active users worldwide, according to data leaked on the Internet and that were published on Friday by CNET's website.

Pakistan Army Spokesman Major General Athar Abbas Photos

Following are Pakistan Army Spokesman Major General Athar Abbas Photos.

Different Kinds of Pakistani Mangoes With Photos

Mango is one of the most popular Fruit in whole World. I don't think there would be any country in the world where this tasty Fruit is not eaten. Pakistan is one of the top country in the Production of mangoes. Its Mangoes are popular all around the World for its amazing taste.  Different Kinds of Mangoes like Chaunsa, Langra, Sindhri  are grown in Pakistan. Following are some Kinds of Pakistani Mangoes with Photos.

Israel Planning To Stop New Gaza Aid Flotilla

You must have remembered last year when Israel stopped a Gaza Aid Flotilla and killed several activists that where present on that  Flotilla and arrested others. Now in June 2011 another Aid Flotilla is heading towards Gaza and Israel is once against planning to do attack this Flotilla.

10 Most Popular Computer Games in Pakistan

Just like whole world People of Pakistan also loves to play Computer Games specially Kids and Youth. Play Stations are not very popular in Pakistan so most of the people plays games on their Desktop and Laptop Computers. But do you which are 10 Most popular Computer Games that are played in Pakistan. If you don't know here is the list of those games.

Funny Cricket Photos

Following We present Funny Cricket Incidents Photos.