Pakistan Cricket Wallpapers

Here are some amazing Pakistan Cricket Wallpapers.

Million man march Started in Egyptian Capital Cairo

Its looking like now that 30 year rule of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is indeed near to its end as Egyptian Protesters has announced to start a Million man march against the Government in Cairo.  The Million man march  will be starting from Tuesday and it will be continuing until Hosni Mubarak leaves Government.

Organizers of the Million man march has said that People will not go back to their homes until Hosni Mubarak leaves Presidency. This announcement has came at a time when Egyptian President has given authority of shooting Protesters to Security Forces. Egyptian Army Helicopters and Jets are also flying on cities of Egypt. The death toll has gone up to 150 and thousands are injured. it will become clear in next few days that what is the future of Hosni Mubarak Government?

Internet and Social Media Played Major Role in Tunisia & Egypt Revolution

Few weeks back we seen a major Revolution in Tunisia in result of which corrupt Tunisian President ran away from the country. Now the same story is repeating in another country Egypt where a corrupt President Hosni Mubarak is in government from 30 years.  Egyptian public is on the road and demanding Hosni Mubarak to resign. hundreds of people have also lost their lives in these Protests of Egypt. A thing which played major role in bringing Revolution in both of these Countries is Internet and Social Media.

Internet and Social Media are playing a major role in informing the public with every information which they never got from TV channels or other types of Media. TV Channels and Newspapers can also be controlled by Governments but Internet is a thing on which everyone can become a Journalist and post his views. Everyone can add videos on sites like Youtube. This Song Allah Akber played major role in revolution of Tunisia. Millions of people watched it online and came on roads.  After recent protests in Egypt the Egyptian Government Shut down the Internet Service which is another proof that they consider Internet as a threat for their Government.

The Song Which Brought Revolution in Tunisia

The Song Which Brought Revolution in Tunisia

Pakistan Refuses To Free Us Embassy Employee Raymond Davis

Pakistan is a country where people are already really upset with the United States due to its Policies towards Pakistan and Muslim World. US has also killed hundreds of Innocent Pakistanis in drone attacks. Recently Incident of killing of three Pakistanis by a US Embassy Employee Raymond Davis in Lahore has increased anger against US even more. Pakistanis are demanding tough punishment for the Us Embassy Employee. On Saturday US Embassy in Pakistan called for the Immediate release of Raymond Davis and called his arrest unlawful.

US Ambassador in Pakistan Cameron Munter also called N League Leader Nawaz Sharif for the release of US Embassy Employee on Saturday but Nawaz Sharif replied that the matter is in Court and Court will decide whether to free him or not.  Pakistani media is also raising questions that actually who Raymond Davis? is he really a  US Embassy Employee or a official of American Intelligence? and what he was doing Mozang Area of Lahore? Some Media report are claiming that he was there for Spying.

10 Must Read Articles About World Politics and Events

I am going to share some amazing articles that i read on different Websites regarding different World issues like Afghan War, US Policies, Israel, Iran, Pakistan. I found some of these articles really shocking while some really informative so i am sharing them all at one place.

1/3 Women In US Army Are Raped

American Embassy Personnel Caught Spying On Pakistani Nuclear Program

Death of a Great Soldier and a War Hero Col Imam 

Israel's War Crimes

Osama Bin Laden Is In India?

Indian Hostility Towards Pakistan

India Fomenting Terrorism In Pakistani Cities

Mumbai Attacks Drama

A CIA Purge In Pakistan

On The Question of Ideology

Videos About Protests in Egypt and Present Situation

Videos About Protests in Egypt and Present Situation

Pakistani Former Cricketer and Politician Imran Khan Wallpapers

Pakistani Former Cricketer and Politician Imran Khan Photos and Wallpapers.

Former ISI Officer Col Imam Is Alive: Family Sources

On Wednesday Media given these reports that Former ISI officer Col Imam is killed by Pakistani Taliban in Tribal areas but now Family sources of Col Imam has claimed that he is alive and fine. Family of Col Imam has said that we are in Contact with a Taliban Group that is claiming that Col Imam is fine and not murdered.

No Government officials have confirmed the news of death of Col Imam. Former ISI Officer Khalid Khawaja  and Col Imam where kidnapped several month ago while going to Waziristan. Later on Khalid Khawaja was murdered and his dead body was found from a Village however Col Imam is still Kidnapped. Col Imam is retired officer of Pakistan's Intelligence Agency ISI and he trained the Afghan Taliban and other groups to fight against Russians in 80's.

Names of Popular Non-Muslim Terrorist Organizations

Many Islam Haters often do this Propaganda that all terrorist are Muslims and wherever Terrorism is taking place in the World is done by Muslim. The truth is that there are good and bad people in every Community of the World. It maybe true that Some Muslims are involved in terrorist activities but saying that all terrorists are Muslims will be the biggest lie of the Century. There are hundreds of Non-Muslim terrorist organizations existing in all parts of the World which have killed Millions of people. Following are names of some Popular Non-Muslim Terrorist Organizations.

Tamil Tigers
Bajrang Dal
Shiv Sena
Basque Fatherland and Liberty
Kahane Chai
ELN Colombia
Alex Bongcayao Brigade
Lord’s Resistance Army
Maoists India
Japanese Red Army

Hosni Mubarak Will Step Down From Presidency of Egypt

Its almost a week now that People of Egypt are on the roads and doing massive protests in every City specially Cairo against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and demanding him to Step down from Presidency of Egypt on which he is sitting from last three decades. Till now 15 People including Civilians and Policeman are killed in these protests and several Government buildings are also burnt by the Protesters.

More than 1000 Protesters are arrested till now by Egyptian police and thousands are many are tortured but Protests are on the rise.  Egyptian Opposition Parties and Major Islamic Group Muslim Brotherhood are also taking part in these protests. Muslim Brotherhood has said that we will continue the protests until Hosni Mubarak resigns from Presidency. Lets see will Egypt be able to get Revolution like Iran and Tunisia or Mubarak will be able to continue as President of Egypt?

Interviews of Some Famous Personalities That Thinks 9/11 Was Inside Job

Interviews of Some Famous Personalities That Thinks 9/11 Was Inside Job

Veena Malik Interview in Front Line Most Watched Pakistani Talk Show Ever

Till now you must have seen hundreds of amazing Pakistani Talk Shows and Interviews about different issues but do you know which is the most seen Talk Show till now in history of Pakistani Talk Shows?  It was Interview of Pakistani Actress Veena Malik in Program Front Line With Kamran Shahid that was telecasted on Express News earlier this week. The Program was on issue of Veena Malik Controversial acts in Indian Reality Show Bigg Boss.

In the show Veena Malik was invited with a Moulana who strongly criticized her for her acts in Bigg Boss. During the show Veena Malik also started crying. Express News has also confirmed that it was the most ever seen Pakistani Talk Shows. Millions of People in Pakistan and Outside watched this Interview Live. On that day Veena Malik was also came in Top Twitter Trends and became first Pakistani to appear in Twitter Trends.

9/11 Was An Inside Job: UN Official Richard Falk

An United Nation Official Richard Falk has said that 9/11 was an Inside Job and American Government was involved in this attack.  Richard Falk is UN official for Palestine and recently he written on his blog that 9/11 was an Inside Jo. He also said on the blog that there are lot of contradictions in the explanations that are provided by US officials about 9/11 Incident.

After giving his views about 9/11 Richard Falk has came under strong criticism by US and UN officials. US Government has  demand to sack Richard Falk from UN. United Nation Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has also shown reservations on statement of Richard Falk. Richard Falk is not the first person who has called 9/11 an inside Job but there are hundreds of Scientists, Engineers, Officials of Different Governments, Journalists, Celebrities that thinks that 9/11 was an inside Job.

U.S Consulate Employee Killed 2 Pakistanis In Lahore

An U.S Consulate Employee has killed 2 Pakistanis in Lahore on Thursday while travelling in a Car in area of Mozang.  U.S Consulate Employee opened fire on two men who where travelling on a Motorbike. Due to firing  both the men died on the spot.  After the incident People gathered at the spot and stopped the car.

Policed also reached at the spot in few minutes and arrested the American man. The American man claimed that these two man where trying to rob him and he done firing in self defence. Police has started Investigation on the incident. Some Media reports have also claimed that this U.S Consulate Employee is actually in American Intelligence and he was present in Lahore for spying.

Liaquat Ali Khan Photos Wallpapers

Here are Photos Wallpapers of First Pakistani Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan.

Sanctions Against Iran Are Not Working: Mossad Chief

New Chief of Israeli Intelligence Agency Mossad General Aviv Kochavi has said that UN Sanctions Against Iran are not working and Iran is quickly working on its Nuclear Program. General Aviv Kochavi  given a briefing to parliament's defence committee on Tuesday in which he told that Sanctions have failed to effect Islamic Republic of Iran.

He also told the Committee that Iran will be able to make Nuclear bombs in a few years.  Israeli officials are  demanding US to take a Military action against Iran from several months but US is not in a position to do so as it  forces are already engaged in two wars and its Economy is also down. Iran has always said that it is not making the Nuclear weapons and its Nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only.

Massive Protests in Egypt To End Hosni Mubarak Government

In recent days we seen a great revolution in a Arab Country Tunisia where a Corrupt President was ruling from many decades who was also backed by US and France. This Revolution came in result of massive protests by people of Tunisia. This great revolution was also a message for people of other Arabian countries to bring change by coming on roads where Corrupt Dictators and Kings are ruling from Decades and Americans are backing them. So in recent days we seen Protests in several Arab Countries like Jordan and Egypt.

In last two days thousands of people done protests on streets of Egypt against President Hosni Mubarak who is in Government from 23 years. On Tuesday 15000 People done protest in Egyptian Capital Cairo. These protesters demanded an end to Rule of  Hosni Mubarak.  3 People have lost their lives till now in these Protests. Lets see will these Protests will be able to bring a change in Egypt as well like Tunisia?

Shaheen Ballistic Missile Photos Wallpapers

Here are Photos and Wallpapers of Shaheen Ballistic Missile of Pakistan.

Sick Mentality of US Media Exposed Again

Most Of US and Western Media Networks Such as CNN, BBC and specially Fox News keeps on showing their biasness on different issues. Sometimes by lying, sometime by showing one side of the news and sometime by hiding the news completely.  These Media Groups keeps on attacking Muslims and Labels them as Terrorists but they hide the Facts about US and Israel's War Crimes. They talk about Terrorism but not discusses causes of Terrorism.

They speaks against Al Qaeda, Taliban and Saddam Hussain but not talks about who was supporting them  few decades ago.  Sick Mentality of US Media was Exposed Again when recently Host of Fox News Channel Sean Hannity claimed that US has right to take complete Oil of Iraq  for giving it Liberation. I think Sean Hannity has forgotten that US attacked Iraq by lying that it has Weapons of Mass Destruction which where never found. US has killed more than one Million Iraqi Civilians till now.

Today People of Iraq are facing Terrorism everyday which was never existing in Iraq before US Invasion. What Liberation US has given to People of Iraq? Sean Hannity if you are so interested in Liberating Countries than why you not talk about Liberating Palestine from Israeli Occupation? Why you not talk about Liberating Kashmir from Indian Occupation? Why you not talk about Liberating Afghanistan and Iraq from US Occupation?

American Soldiers Desecrated Holy Quran in Afghanistan

A Shocking new Footage has shown that American Soldiers Desecrated Holy Quran in Ghazni Province of Afghanistan during a Raid on Islamic Madrassa recently. During this raid US Soldiers killed several Civilians and also done firing on Copies of Holy Quran.  US Soldiers are also found insulting the Islamic Symbols in this Footage.

When Afghan Authorities where contacted about this Raid they said that this Raid was done without coordination of Afghan National Army.  Authorities have also announced to do a Investigation on this series issue. Hundreds of Afghans done a protest after listening the news of Desecrating of Holy Quran by US Soldiers in Ghazni yesterday. More Big protests are expected in Afghan Cities due to this act of US Soldiers.  Killings of Civilians, Rapes of Afghan Females and now Desecrating of Holy Quran by Foreign Troops is increasing hatred in Public of Afghanistan and increasing support for the Taliban.

Veena Malik First Pakistani To Come In Twitter Trends

Pakistani Actress Veena Malik is in news these days for her Controversial acts in Indian TV Show Bigg Boss. Many Pakistani TV Channel are also inviting him along with those people that not liked her acts. Its Causing more Spices in the Controversy.  Yesterday After Veena Malik was invited in a Program Front Line of Express TV she came in the Top 10 Twitter Trends.

Veena Malik was the First Pakistani to come in Top Twitter Trends. For those Who don't know what Twitter is? its a famous Social networking site like Facebook and whichever Topic is discussed the most on Twitter becomes a Trend on it.

Faisal Mosque Islamabad Photos Wallpapers

Here are Photo Wallpapers of Famous Pakistani Mosque Fasil Masjid.

Indian Government Failed To Protect Minorities and Secularism

Famous British Newspaper Guardian has said in report that Indian Government has failed to protect Minorities Specially Muslims and Secularism in India. The report was issued on Saturday in which Questions about Terrorism of Hindu Extremist Parties against Muslims and other Minorities are raised. According to report Hindu  Extremists are involved in Killings of Thousands of Muslims and Christians, Raping Their Women and burning their Religious places. The recent Confession of Swami Aseemanand has also exposed the Hindutva Terror against Minorities.

In the report Indian Security Establishment is also criticized which failed to catch elements involved in terrorist attacks. Guardian reports also says that Muslims are No. 1 target of Hindu Terrorist groups but still Indian Police catches thousands of  Muslim Youngsters without any proof and tortures them in Jail.

Pakistan on 5th Place For Sending Most SMS Messages in the World

According to a recent report issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Pakistan is on 5th Place in the World For sending most SMS messages. Pakistanis sends Billions of SMS Messages to each other daily. United States is on first spot in sending most SMS messages while UK and Sweden are on second and third spot respectively.

SMS Messages Service is cheapest   in Pakistan than any other country of the World. Companies like Warid, Ufone, Jazz, Telenor are providing very cheap SMS Packages to users due to which they can send thousands of SMS Messages in few Rupees. People likes to do Chatting with friends and Relatives through SMS Messages. Many People also sends Jokes and  Poetry.

We Will Not Withdraw From Nuclear Program: Iran

Iran has once again made it clear that it is ready to do Dialogues with the World but it will not withdraw from its Nuclear program at any cost.  An Iranian official Saeed Jalili has said that In Dialogues with US and other countries we will not move from right of Nuclear program and working on Nuclear program for peaceful purposes is our right. Jalili said that Iran is not afraid of any threat however it will continue cooperation with IAEA.

US, Israel and Western Countries keeps on blaming Iran for making Nuclear Weapons while Iran says thats its Nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. The Interesting thing is that all those Countries that are demanding end of Iran's Nuclear program have Nuclear weapons whether its US, Israel, France or Germany.  US illegally given Nuclear weapons to Israel many decades ago.

Photos of Pakistan Army Chief Kayani Visit To Sri Lanka

Following are Photos of Pakistan Army Chief General Ashfaq Kayani recent Visit To Sri Lanka.

Huge Anti-American Rally in Pakistan

A big Anti- American Rally Taken Place in Tribal Areas of Pakistan on Friday against the Thousands of Civilian Killings In American drone attacks in last few years. The Rally Taken Place in Miranshah City of Tribal Areas in which thousands of Locals Participated including relatives of those who where killed in Illegal US drone attacks.

The Protesters raised slogans against US drone terrorism and demanded an end to these attacks. Effigy of President of America Barack Obama was also burnt by the Protesters. They raised the slogans like "Killer America" and "Go America Go". In just 2010 more than 120 Drone attacks where done by CIA in Pakistani Tribal areas which taken 1200 lives and hundreds got Injured.  US Officials and Media Keeps on shouting that Terrorists gets killed in these attacks but reality is that not more than 20 Terrorists have been killed in all drone attacks done till now but thousands of Civilians lost their lives. These attacks also increases hatred against US in Pakistanis.

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Photos

Pakistan's Nuclear Scientist and Maker of its Nuclear Program Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Photos and Wallpapers.

Mullah Omar Was Admitted In Karachi After Heart Attack: Washington Post

Biased American and Western Media Continues its Propaganda against Pakistan by publishing Fake Baseless news about Pakistan Army, ISI and  Its Nuclear Program. A Famous American Newspaper Washington Post has recently published a report in which it is claimed that Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Muhammad Omar was admitted into a Hospital of Karachi after heart attack with help of Pakistan's Intelligence Agency ISI on 7th January 2011.

Washington Post claims that it is also confirmed by CIA officers. According to report Mullah Omar was kept in Hospital for four days and now he has recovered completely. Pakistani's officials has rejected this baseless report of Washington post and called it a big lie. Pakistan's Ambassador to US Hussain Huqqani has said that its a try to give bad Image to Pakistan.  US Media keeps on claiming that ISI is helping the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Successful Experiment of Haag Missile By Iran

Iran has done a successful experiment of upgraded Haag Missile on morning of Wednesday. Its an surface-to-air missile whose experiment was done after Upgradation. According to report of Press TV the Experiment was done close to an Iranian Nuclear site Khondab on Wednesday where Iranian Army Generals where also present.

Iran is working to increase its Military Power from sometime and recently it also announced to do some major changes in the army for this purpose. Experiment of this Missile was also a part of efforts to increase Military Power of Iranian Army. In recent weeks Iran has also made its own Drones and new naval cruise missile system.  Israel and US are worried about Increasing Military Power of Iran specially its Nuclear program.

Apple iPad Replaces Books in Schools of Singapore

If we call the Apple iPad Tablet device as one of the biggest invention of last year 2010 then it will not be wrong.  Apple iPad has united the Phone and Laptop in on device. Apple iPad got great attraction after its release and got millions of Sales worldwide. Due to success of iPad many other Companies started making their own Tablet Computers.  In Singapore Apple iPad has replaced the Books in Schools.

In many schools Teachers and Students comes with iPads in their hands instead of books because all the required Data is available in their iPads. Weight of iPad is very less as compare to books and it is also easy to use it with Fingers. Government of Singapore is thinking to introduce the Apple iPad in many more Schools as well.

Pakistan Also Need a Revolution Like Tunisia and Iran

33 Years ago World seen a big Revolution in Iran due to which Government of Pro American Corrupt Shah E Iran ended and he ran away from Iran. In First Month of 2011 World   seen another Revolution in another Muslim Country  Tunisia where a Corrupt President Zain al-Abidin Ben Ali was ruling from 23 years who was backed by US and Western Countries.  People of Tunisia came on Roads and continued their protests for many days finally Zain al-Abidin ran away from the Country. His supporters France and US refused to allow him to enter their countries.

Revolution of Iran and Tunisia are very similar and similar type of Revolution is needed in almost 90% Muslim Countries where corrupt Rulers are running the Governments and US and other Western Countries are supporting them. Pakistan is in desperate  need of such Revolution because its Corrupt Rulers are destroying the Country. Public is dying with hunger while Rulers are busy in doing Corruption. Its time for Pakistani Public to come on roads and bring a Revolution like Iran and Tunisia.

My Heart Is Changed Completely: Swami Aseemanand

RSS Leader Swami Aseemanand who recently confessed that he and other Hindu Extremists where involve in Samjhota Express and other Terrorist attacks has said that my heart has completely changed now and i have starting respecting humanity now.  Swami said that his heart was changed after meeting a Muslim Man in the Jail.

Swami Aseemanand has also showed his wish to meet Chief of Jamat Ud Dawa Hafiz Saeed and Taliban Leader Mullah Omar.  After the Confession of Swami Aseemanand debate about Hindutva Terrorism is again became hotter in India. Hindu Terrorist Groups like RSS, Shiv Sena, BJP are involved in many terrorist activities for which Pakistan and Muslim Groups where blamed in the past but now confession from Swami Aseemanand has turned the tables over.

Guyana Also Recognizes Palestinian State

Guyana is the new addition in many Latin American Countries that has  Recognized the Palestinian State recently.  After Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay and Ecuador Guyana has also officially accepted the Palestine on Friday.  All above mentioned countries have recognized Palestine in last couple of years one after one and many more Countries are also planning to do this in next few months.

According to Statement Issued by Guyana Government it has recognized Palestine as an Independent state with borders of 1967.  Israel and its Master US is upset with these Latin American Countries that are recognizing Palestine one after one.

Masjid In New Delhi Martyred

A Mosque Earlier this week was Martyred in Indian Capital New Delhi by DDA. Following is the Photo of Imam Jamia Masjid Delhi Imam Bukhari who is leading the Prayer at the place where Mosque was Martyred.

Till now many mosques are martyred by Hindu Extremists in different parts of India.

22 Nato Tankers Burnt In Pakistan

According to report of Geo News 22 Nato Oil Tankers where burnt in Dera Murad Jamali City of Balochistan Province on Friday night that where carrying Oil for American troops in Afghanistan. Its not yet clear that who is behind this incident. Some Local witnesses said they saw some armed men attacking the Nato Oil Tankers on Friday night in which many Tankers where destroyed.

Several Armed Men attacked with ammunition on Tankers. No deaths have been reported in this incident however some drivers got injured in the Incident. Responsibility of the attack is not yet taken by Any Group. In the past Taliban taken responsibility of such attacks on Nato Tankers. in the year 2010 hundreds of Nato Tankers where destroyed in Pakistan. These attacks where increased when Nato Violated Pakistan's Airspace and killed its five soldiers.

Most Popular Mobile Phones in Pakistan

Pakistan has the sixth biggest population in the world and it also has a large Mobile Market. Users of Mobile has increased very much in last 6 years in Pakistan. There are more than 10 Crore Mobile users in Pakistan that are increasing each and everyday. The Most popular Mobile Company in Pakistan is Nokia while the most used GSM cellular service provider is Mobilink Jazz. other popular GSM cellular service providers are Ufone, Warid, Telenor and Zong.  Commonly Used Mobile Phones in Pakistan are following.

Nokia 1100
Nokia 6600
Nokia C3
Sony Ericsson C905
Nokia N95
LG Gx200
Sony Ericsson K700i

Another Land Corruption Scandal in Indian Army

Indian Army is continuing its habit of being involved in Corruption Scandals and this month Indian Army is hit by another major Land Scam. According to Indian Media reports Former Indian Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor and Former Minister of Defence Rao Inderjit are allegedly found involve in a Land Scam.

Deepak Kapoor and Rao  Inderjit are accused for Selling the Land of Indian Army to a Private Builder to Make Money in 2007.  Investigation of this Corruption Scandal has been started by Indian CBI.  Previously Indian Army was found involve in many Corruption Scandals such as illegal Sales of Weapons and Lands. Not Just corruption but recently elements in Indian Army where also found involved in doing terrorism by joining hands with RSS and other Hindu Extremist Groups.

American Soldiers Rapes and Kills Afghan Girl

Doing War Crimes and Raping Fellow Women in Army has became very common in American Troops that are Present in Afghanistan but this Tuesday American Troops Present in Southern Afghanistan Province Farah raped and killed a Small Afghan Girl. American Soldiers Caught and transferred many Afghan Women and Girls to US Army Base in Farah earlier this week where these Women where Sexually Assaulted.

 One of these young teenage girl died after being assaulted sexually. The Medical reports tells that the death of girl taken place due to severe bleeding.  Many of these girls where shifted to near Hospital where they are receiving medical treatment.  According to Media reports the Girl  that died was daughter of Afghan Politician.  The Biased US media is as usual hiding this news while the Independent Media group around the World has reported it. Such Incidents are increasing hatred against US and Nato Forces in Afghan Public and also increasing attacks on Foreign Troops.

Six More American Soldiers Lost Their Lives in Afghanistan

Six US Soldiers got killed in Afghanistan on Wednesday morning in a Bomb blast in Afghanistan. According to report of ISAF the a big blast taken place in Eastern Afghanistan on morning of Wednesday that killed the six US Soldiers and Injured several.

In the Eastern Afghanistan most of the Foreign Forces Present are of US and Influence of Taliban has increased in recent months in this area which is causing many casualties for US. In 2010 more than 712 US and Nato Soldiers where killed in Afghanistan that was the most deadliest year from 2001 to 2010. The new year is also not proved to be a good one for Foreign Soldiers and till now over 40 Foreign Soldiers have got killed in 12 days.

Israel Asks US For Military Action against Iran

Till now only one Muslim Country in the World has Nuclear weapons that is Pakistan but its Rulers are US puppets so US is not much worried about it however Propaganda in US media continues against Nuclear weapons of Pakistan. Another Muslim country that has not yet made Nuclear weapons but it is working very fast on its Nuclear program and whose Government is also free of US Influence is Iran.  So US and Israel are really much worried about it and wants its Nuclear program to end at any cost.

US and Israel both have Nuclear weapons and both are involved in series War crimes in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. On Tuesday Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has asked United States to take Military Action against Iran so that it can be forced to stop its Nuclear program. Netanyahu said the Sanctions on Iran are not working and pressure is not enough so US should go for other available options. Israeli officials has given same type of Statements in the past as well.  Iran has warned US and Israel that if is attacked Iran will hit back hard.

Mixed Interesting Photos From Pakistan

Mixed Interesting Photos From Pakistan.

Rumors About Facebook Shutting Down Are Wrong

These Rumors are revolving all over Internet from the starting of new year 2011 that Most popular Social networking site Facebook will Shut Down forever from March 2011. These Rumors where really shocking for Billions of Facebook Fans that loves to use it everyday to Interact with Friends.  This rumor was first of all started by a satirical Blog and in a few hours spread all over the Internet.

The Good News is that On Monday Facebook has officially announced these Rumors to be false and promised to work as usual. Popular Social Networking site having over 500 Million users have also came in headlines in the past due to many Controversies and Rumors.

Pakistan Demands Samjhota Express Investigation Report From India

India's Acting High Commissioner G.V Sri in Pakistan was called in Foreign Ministry On Monday where he was told to provide Investigation report of Samjhota Express blasts to Pakistan.  In 2007 Samjhota Express blasts taken place Near Delhi killing 68 people most of which where Pakistanis. Samjhota Express was coming to Pakistan from India when it was targeted by Hindu Extremists.

Indian Government and Media as usual blamed Lashkar Taiba for this attack that time but later on Former ATS Chief Hemant Karkare arrested a Indian Army Lt Col for this attack and found in Investigation that Hindu Extremists and people from within Indian army where involved in this attack. After death of Hemant Karkare in 2008 the Investigation of Samjhota Express blasts was stopped. Last week Samjhota Express Blasts again become headline of Media when a Hindu Extremist Leader of RSS Swami Aseemanand confessed that Hindu Extremists done this attack.  He also confessed that Hindu Extremists groups are involved in many terrorist attacks such as Macca Masjid Attack, Ajmer Blast andMalegaon Blast.

American Public Anger Increasing On Barack Obama

Barack Obama became the President of US with the slogan of change back in 2008. This Slogan of Change attracted American Public and they voted for Obama with the hope that he will bring improvement in Economy and Healthcare. But today when new year 2011 has started American Public is not noticing any change in the Economy while Healthcare is also not according to their will which is increasing Anger at Obama Administration.

Most of Americans wants reforms in Financial system as well as Healthcare. Support for Iraq and Afghan is also reducing with each passing day because every week Billions of Dollars are used for these wars. Last Year Election results also shown  that Public of America is not satisfied with Policies of Obama and they have not seen the change for which they voted. 

World Large Buildings Pictures

World Large Buildings Pictures.

New Pakistan Army Drama Serial Ehd E Wafa Coming Soon

All of you must have remembered famous Pakistan Army Drama Serial Alpha Bravo Charlie that was came on PTV many years back and it got great popularity all over Pakistan. Soon PTV Home is going to telecast a New Drama Serial about Pakistan Army named Ehd E Wafa in a few weeks. Here is the Poster of this Drama Serial.

Religious Extremists & Liberal Extremists Trying To Divide Pakistan

Pakistani Nation is indeed going though a very tough time. Inflation, Terrorism, Corrupt Government are destroying the Pakistani Society. Another thing that is dividing the Pakistani nation is Extremism of two types one  Religious Extremists and second Liberal Extremists.

On one hand Religious Extremists are not even ready to condemn terrorist attacks of TTP and tries to bring justifications for it and on other hand Liberal Extremists talks about making Pakistan slave of United and separating Islam from Pakistan.

This is causing a divide in the Pakistani Society that was not there a few years back but after incidents like Lal Masjid, TTP Terrorism and increasing American Infiltration the Society is dividing into Religious Extremists and Liberal Extremists.

But If we see in the history Pakistan was not created for Liberal Extremism nor for Religious Extremism. Islamic Republic of Pakistan was created so can Muslims of Subcontinent should be able to live with freedom and follow their religion Islam.  Pakistanis need to reject the Extremism of both types and bring back Pakistan of Quaid Azam.

Israel Don't Have Courage To Attack Iran: Mohsen Rezaei

Chairman of Expediency Council of Iran Mohsen Rezaei has said that Israel don't have courage to attack Iran.  Rezaei given a Interview to Press TV on Saturday in which he blamed Israel for the killings of Iranian Nuclear Scientists.  He said Its not possible for Israel to launch a direct military attack on Iran so it is trying to promote terrorism in Iran and Killings its Scientists.

During 2010 Several Iranian Nuclear Scientists where killed in different attacks. Scientists like Ali-Mohammadi and Professor Shahriari where killed in attacks.  Iranian Government blamed Israel and US for these attacks. If we see in the history Israel has destroyed Nuclear programs of many Muslim countries before they where able to make Nuclear weapons. Pakistan was the only Muslim country that succeeded in making Nuclear weapons. Israel and India jointly tried to destroy Pakistan's Nuclear program but they failed to do so.

Biggest Problems of Pakistan In New Year 2011

New Year 2011 has started last week and whole world is making plans for the new years. Pakistan that faced a tough 2010 year has entered in new year with several major problems which it will have to cop with in 2011. Most of these Pakistanis are hopeful that this tough time will be over soon and Pakistan will comeback on the road of the progress. Following are the major problems that Pakistan will have to face in 2011.

Terrorism: It is the biggest problem with which Pakistan will have to fight to comeback on roads of Progress. Terrorism has destroyed Pakistani economy, its image and taken thousand of Lives.

Bad Economy: Pakistani Economy is also in a bad condition in new year and many Improvements are needed to improve its situation. Inflation and Unemployment is also high due to bad condition of Economy.

Crimes: Its another big problem that Pakistan is facing in new year 2011. Rate Crimes in big cities specially Karachi is increased very much. Rape Cases are also increasing in last couple of years.

Foreign Influence: Influence of Some Foreign countries specially America has increased very much in internal matters of Pakistan that is causing problems so Pakistan will have to get rid of it. Foreign Intelligence Agencies such as RAW, CIA and Mossad are also trying  to create problems in Pakistan.

Corruption: Corruption is another big problem of Pakistan in 2011. From President to Prime Minister everyone is involved in Corruption Scandals. Pakistan need to get rid of this Corrupt Government to make progress.

Chile Has Also Recognized Palestinian state

More and More Latin American Countries continues to Recognize the Independent Palestinian state and latest addition in these Countries is Chile which has Recognized Palestinian state on Friday. Brazil was the first Country  from Latin American that recognized Palestine and after it many other countries such as Argentina, Portugal, Bolivia also taken the same step.

On Friday morning President of Chile Mr Alfredo Moreno made official announcement of recognizing Palestine. Totally 130 Countries from all over the World has recognized the Palestine in which Chile is the latest addition. Israel and United States seems really unhappy on this step of Latin American Countries. Uruguay has also announced that it will recognize Palestine in March this year.

Hindu Extremist Leader of RSS Admits Involvement in Samjhauta Bombing

Hindu Extremist Leader of RSS has Admitted  Involvement in Samjhauta Express Bombing and other Bomb Blasts in India. Swami Aseemanand a major leader of Hindu Extremist Group RSS has told during investigation that he was involved in Samjhauta Express attack and several other incidents of Terrorism. Swami was arrested in November 2010.  68 People in most where Pakistanis where killed in attack on Samjhauta Express  in 2007.

Swami has said during Investigation that RSS also done Ajmer Blast, Macca Masjid Blast and Malegaon Blast.  Muslims where blamed for years for doing this attack by Indian Government as well as Media but now Truth has came out that actually Hindu Extremists launched these attacks.