9/11 Was An Inside Job: UN Official Richard Falk

An United Nation Official Richard Falk has said that 9/11 was an Inside Job and American Government was involved in this attack.  Richard Falk is UN official for Palestine and recently he written on his blog that 9/11 was an Inside Jo. He also said on the blog that there are lot of contradictions in the explanations that are provided by US officials about 9/11 Incident.

After giving his views about 9/11 Richard Falk has came under strong criticism by US and UN officials. US Government has  demand to sack Richard Falk from UN. United Nation Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has also shown reservations on statement of Richard Falk. Richard Falk is not the first person who has called 9/11 an inside Job but there are hundreds of Scientists, Engineers, Officials of Different Governments, Journalists, Celebrities that thinks that 9/11 was an inside Job.