American Soldiers Desecrated Holy Quran in Afghanistan

A Shocking new Footage has shown that American Soldiers Desecrated Holy Quran in Ghazni Province of Afghanistan during a Raid on Islamic Madrassa recently. During this raid US Soldiers killed several Civilians and also done firing on Copies of Holy Quran.  US Soldiers are also found insulting the Islamic Symbols in this Footage.

When Afghan Authorities where contacted about this Raid they said that this Raid was done without coordination of Afghan National Army.  Authorities have also announced to do a Investigation on this series issue. Hundreds of Afghans done a protest after listening the news of Desecrating of Holy Quran by US Soldiers in Ghazni yesterday. More Big protests are expected in Afghan Cities due to this act of US Soldiers.  Killings of Civilians, Rapes of Afghan Females and now Desecrating of Holy Quran by Foreign Troops is increasing hatred in Public of Afghanistan and increasing support for the Taliban.