American Soldiers Rapes and Kills Afghan Girl

Doing War Crimes and Raping Fellow Women in Army has became very common in American Troops that are Present in Afghanistan but this Tuesday American Troops Present in Southern Afghanistan Province Farah raped and killed a Small Afghan Girl. American Soldiers Caught and transferred many Afghan Women and Girls to US Army Base in Farah earlier this week where these Women where Sexually Assaulted.

 One of these young teenage girl died after being assaulted sexually. The Medical reports tells that the death of girl taken place due to severe bleeding.  Many of these girls where shifted to near Hospital where they are receiving medical treatment.  According to Media reports the Girl  that died was daughter of Afghan Politician.  The Biased US media is as usual hiding this news while the Independent Media group around the World has reported it. Such Incidents are increasing hatred against US and Nato Forces in Afghan Public and also increasing attacks on Foreign Troops.