Important Events In World During 2010

So we have entered a new year 2011 and 2010 has ended with Celebrations all around the World. During 2010 World seen many big events like Terrorist attacks, Sports Tournaments, Wars, Elections and Natural Disasters. If we talk about the Pakistan it was very tough year for Pakistan as Pakistan faced terrorism and Inflation was also on the rise this year. Following is short details of Important Events that happened in World in 2010.

Pakistan Floods: Pakistan was hit by massive floods In August 2010 that taken over 1/3 of the Pakistani Area. Millions of People lost their homes and where displaced. 2500 People where killed in these floods.

Haiti Earthquake: At start of 2010 in January an African Country Haiti was hit by a major Earthquake that killed Thousands of people.  Millions of people lost their homes in this Natural disaster.

FIFA World Cup 2010: Football FIFA World Cup 2010 also taken place this year that was by Spain by beating Holland in Final. This was first world cup that was held in African Country South Africa.

Wikileaks Cables: At end of this year a Website called Wikileaks that is famous for publishing secret Documents published thousands of secret US diplomatic cables that brought a storm in World politics. Many faced got exposed by  these leaked Cables.

Apple iPad Tablet: During this year popular Tablet device Apple iPad was launched by Apple Company that proved to be a great invention of this year. Apple iPad got millions of Sales around the World.