Internet and Social Media Played Major Role in Tunisia & Egypt Revolution

Few weeks back we seen a major Revolution in Tunisia in result of which corrupt Tunisian President ran away from the country. Now the same story is repeating in another country Egypt where a corrupt President Hosni Mubarak is in government from 30 years.  Egyptian public is on the road and demanding Hosni Mubarak to resign. hundreds of people have also lost their lives in these Protests of Egypt. A thing which played major role in bringing Revolution in both of these Countries is Internet and Social Media.

Internet and Social Media are playing a major role in informing the public with every information which they never got from TV channels or other types of Media. TV Channels and Newspapers can also be controlled by Governments but Internet is a thing on which everyone can become a Journalist and post his views. Everyone can add videos on sites like Youtube. This Song Allah Akber played major role in revolution of Tunisia. Millions of people watched it online and came on roads.  After recent protests in Egypt the Egyptian Government Shut down the Internet Service which is another proof that they consider Internet as a threat for their Government.