Israel Asks US For Military Action against Iran

Till now only one Muslim Country in the World has Nuclear weapons that is Pakistan but its Rulers are US puppets so US is not much worried about it however Propaganda in US media continues against Nuclear weapons of Pakistan. Another Muslim country that has not yet made Nuclear weapons but it is working very fast on its Nuclear program and whose Government is also free of US Influence is Iran.  So US and Israel are really much worried about it and wants its Nuclear program to end at any cost.

US and Israel both have Nuclear weapons and both are involved in series War crimes in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. On Tuesday Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has asked United States to take Military Action against Iran so that it can be forced to stop its Nuclear program. Netanyahu said the Sanctions on Iran are not working and pressure is not enough so US should go for other available options. Israeli officials has given same type of Statements in the past as well.  Iran has warned US and Israel that if is attacked Iran will hit back hard.