Pakistan Also Need a Revolution Like Tunisia and Iran

33 Years ago World seen a big Revolution in Iran due to which Government of Pro American Corrupt Shah E Iran ended and he ran away from Iran. In First Month of 2011 World   seen another Revolution in another Muslim Country  Tunisia where a Corrupt President Zain al-Abidin Ben Ali was ruling from 23 years who was backed by US and Western Countries.  People of Tunisia came on Roads and continued their protests for many days finally Zain al-Abidin ran away from the Country. His supporters France and US refused to allow him to enter their countries.

Revolution of Iran and Tunisia are very similar and similar type of Revolution is needed in almost 90% Muslim Countries where corrupt Rulers are running the Governments and US and other Western Countries are supporting them. Pakistan is in desperate  need of such Revolution because its Corrupt Rulers are destroying the Country. Public is dying with hunger while Rulers are busy in doing Corruption. Its time for Pakistani Public to come on roads and bring a Revolution like Iran and Tunisia.