Pakistan Facing Hardest Times of Its History

Pakistan was created 63 years ago on 14 August 1947 after end of British rule from India. During these 63 years Pakistan faced many good and bad times but today in 2011 Pakistan is facing the hardest time of its history.  Towards whichever side you will go you will find destruction in it.

From Financial Situation to Crimes and from Terrorism to Corruption Pakistan is facing huge trouble. The reasons due to which i am saying that Pakistan is facing its hardest time are following.

Massive Terrorism: Pakistan is facing the Massive terrorism in all of its Provinces and big cities from Lahore to Karachi. Terrorist Groups like TTP and BLA are killing innocent civilians. This terrorism is also destroying Pakistan's image in foreign world and also reducing foreign investment in the country.

Corruption: Pakistan is having the most corrupt Government of its history. President Zardari and all of his ministers are involved in Corruption of Billions of Dollars. Every week a new Corruption Scandal is coming on scene.

Bad Economy: Pakistan's Economy is in a very bad situation. Inflation is on the rise. Unemployment is increasing and Middle class is also going towards Poverty.