Libyan Protests In Photos

Following are Photos of Protests in Libya.

Pakistan To Play Its First Big World Cup Match Against Sri Lanka Tomorrow

Although Pakistan won its first World Cup match on 23rd February against Kenya with a big margin of 205 but Kenya is a small inexperienced team. The real test of Pakistani team will start from tomorrow when it will play its first big World Cup match against one of the Favourites Sri Lanka on its own home ground in Colombo. It will be one of the biggest clash taken so far in Cricket World Cup 2011.

Sri Lanka is no doubt better team than Pakistan at the moment as Pakistani cricket gone through many crises but  it is capable of beating any team anywhere. Pakistan has good batting and bowling talent but it will be important to see how this talent is utilized?  Pakistan and Sri Lanka has played 120 ODI matches till now out of which 70 where won by Pakistan while Sri Lanka won 46.

Massive Protests Continues In Cities of Libya

Its almost more than week now from when massive protests and bloody clashes are taking place in different cities of Libya. The Protesters are demanding Libyan Ruler Muammar Gaddafi to resign who is in rule from last 41 years. Muammar Gaddafi is not ready to resign and he has blamed foreign Intelligence agencies and Al Qaeda for protests in Libya. More than 1000 People have died in bloody clashes in different cities until now. Everyday many people are losing their lives and hundreds are getting injured.

At Same time the youngest son of Muammar Gaddafi Saif al-Arab has also joined the protesters and demanded his father to resign.  There are also media reports that Muammar Gaddafi may follow footsteps of Hitler of doing Suicide if things not remains under his control.  Many Cities of Libya including second biggest city Benghazi are in control of Protesters.

Raymond Davis Wanted Pak American War: Russian Intelligence Agency

Russian Intelligence Agency SVR has claimed that CIA agent Raymond Davis who was arrested in Lahore for Killing two Pakistanis last month was working on agenda of war between Pakistan and United States. According to Russian Intelligence Raymond was trying to theft Pakistani Nuclear Material to give it to Terrorists so that America get get a excuse to attack Pakistan.

SVR has also said that many secret files of CIA are found from Raymond Davis according to which he is working for dangerous American task force 373. It is also found that Raymond Davis has connections with terrorist groups that are involved in terrorist attacks in Pakistan. According to Russian Intelligence America wants to start a new war with any country to save dying Western economy.

Muslim Students in US and Europe After 9/11

Discussion on Muslim Students in US and Europe After 9/11.

Protests and Clashes In Libya On The Rise

Massive Protests and Clashes of Protesters and Security forces are rising in different cities of Libya. more than 250 people are killed till now in the clashes. Ruler of Libya Muammar Gaddafi is not ready to leave the Presidency. Following is a photo of clash between protesters and army.

Pakistan Is Starting Its Cricket World Cup Journey Tomorrow

Long wait to see the performance of Pakistani Cricket team in ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 is almost over now as Pakistan will be facing Kenya tomorrow in its first match of World Cup in Hambantota City of Sri Lanka. Although Kenya is a weak team who also lost its first World Cup Match very badly from New Zealand but Pakistan must go in its first match with full strength.

The Real test for Pakistan will come on 26th February when it will face Strong Sri Lankan team on its own soil. If we see the past records Pakistan has beaten Sri Lanka more times in ODI, T20 and Test Matches but today's Sri Lankan team is more stronger than Pakistan which becomes even more dangerous when it plays on home grounds.  if Pakistan gives good performance in this World Cup people will forget all old Scandals and poor performances.

ISI Confirms That Raymond Davis is a CIA Agent

Pakistan's Intelligence Agency ISI has confirmed that American Citizen Raymond Davis who was arrested from Lahore last month for Killing 3 people is not a US Diplomat but a agent of CIA. An ISI Officer whose name is kept secret has said that there is no doubt that Raymond is an agent of American Intelligence Agency CIA who was spying in Lahore.

The things which where found from Car of Davis also confirmed that he was Spying in Lahore. On other hand famous American Newspaper Washington Post has also confirmed that Raymond Davis was working for CIA from several years and he was also taking part in secret operations.  In Pakistan his Job was to Spy on different Groups.

No Army Operation Is Going on In Balochistan: General Kayani

Pakistan's Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani has said that no army operation is taking place anywhere in Balochistan. While Addressing With Inauguration Ceremony of Kasa Marble Project in Balochistan General Kayani said that Pakistan Army will continue to work for the progress of Balochistan. He said Peace and Progress are two necessary things for each other and we will have to bring both Peace and Progress in the Province.

Army Chief said that People of Balochistan has first right on Wealth of Balochistan. He also announced to Include five thousand more Balochs in Pakistan Army in next few months. He said Balochistan has so much natural resources that with a little try it can became the richest province of Pakistan.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmajinedad Photos

Following are photos of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmajinedad.

Raymond Davis Case Is a Chance To Get Rid of America: Hafiz Saeed

Chief of Jamat Ud Dawa Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has said that Case of Raymond Davis is a chance for Pakistan to get rid of America. Hafiz Saeed said that this case has provided Pakistan a chance to get up and get rid of American Slavery forever by taking stand against America's demand of releasing Raymond.

This Friday he was Addressing with Jummah Khutbah In Masjid Al Qadsia where he asked all Pakistanis to get united to get rid of American Slavery. Hafiz Saeed also said that Raymond Davis is not a US Embassy Diplomat but he is a CIA agent who was spying in Lahore.  Raymond Davis was arrested last month from Mazang area of Lahore for Killing two Pakistanis. Later on many things where found from his Car which pointed that he is not a Diplomat but a CIA agent who was Spying in Lahore.

You Can Watch World Cup 2011 Online For Free

Wait for arrival of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 is finally over and today on Saturday 19th February first Match of biggest Cricket Tournament is taking place between India and Bangladesh. World Cup will continue for 45 days.  Cricket is a very popular game in more than 20 Countries and having Billions of Fans. People of Subcontinent specially in Pakistan and India are crazy about Cricket. If you are one of those people who don't have to Facility of TV or you are Present in your Office where TV is not present that there is a solution for you to Watch World Cup 2011 on Internet for free.

Live Streaming of Many TV Channels are freely Available online that are Showing all the matches of World Cup.  You not need to pay any Money nor need any device to watch these Matches. Following i am sharing some Links with you where you can watch World Cup matches freely.

Geo Super
Neo Cricket 

Protests Continues in Bahrain and Libya

After Tunisia and Egypt it looks like that People of other Arab Countries are also not ready to accept the Corrupt Dictators ruling on them and this is why Protests in Several Arab States are on the raise.  Specially in Bahrain Protests are increasing very much in different Cities. Dozens of people are also killed by Police.  Due to firing of Bahraini military many people seriously got injured on Saturday.

Bahrain's Ruler Salman bin Hamad has said that i am ready to do dialogue with Protesters but Protesters are demanding only his resign. over 200 people have injured till now in Bahrain's Protests. The Similar Situation like Bahrain is present in big cities of Libya. Army of Libya is clashing with Protesters in different cities who are demanding Muammar Gaddafi to resign.

Yeh Duniya Hai Dil Walon Ki New Cricket World Song By Ali Zafar

Yeh Duniya Hai Dil Walon Ki New Cricket World 2011 Song By Ali Zafar

Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah Photos

Following are Photos Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah a great leader of Muslims of Subcontinent.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Opening Ceremony in Dhaka

Opening Ceremony of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 is taking place today evening in Capital of Bangladesh Dhaka. The Biggest Cricket Event World Cup is starting from 19th February while its opening ceremony is taking place two days before the World Cup. All Preparations for the Ceremony are almost complete. Three Countries India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are jointly organizing the World Cup 2011. The Final of World Cup will be played in Indian City Mumbai.

Today's Opening Ceremony will start at 5 PM Indian Time ad 5:30 PM Pakistani time. Different Celebrities are going to perform in the Opening Ceremony. Captain of all the 14 teams will enter the Ground by running Rickshaws.  You can watch the Opening Ceremony Live on Geo Super, Neo Cricket and Star Cricket.

Turkey Refuses To Give Military Bases To America

Turkey has once again stand against the demands of United States and refused to give Military Bases To America. Turkish Prime Minister Abdullah Gul has said that Turkey will not give its Military Bases To United States for its  Military Objectives against any other Country. Turkish Prime Minister was giving an Interview to an Iranian News Channel in which he said Iran has right on peaceful Nuclear program.

Abdullah Gul is on Iranian Tour these days where he met President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other officials.  Turkey and Iran have also signed many agreements to increase trade between both countries.  Turkey has always supported Iran's Nuclear program and always called it a right of Iran.

More Massive Protests in Arab Countries

The new  year 2011 has came with bringing lot of changes in the   Arab World. The month of January brought change in Tunisia after massive protests  President Bin Ali ran away from Country. The month of February brought an end to 30 years rule of Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in results of bloody clashes and Protests in the Country. Now these Protests are heading to more Arab countries from Tunisia and Egypt.

In Bahrain Protesters have came out on roads and clashes between Protesters and Security Forces are taking place. Several people are also killed in these Protests. Libya is another big Arab Country where protests against President Moammar Gadhafi are taking place. Clashes are also reported in Libya between Police and Protesters. In Another Arab Country Yemen Protests are taking place from last 6 days.  In Jordan as well small scale protests are reported.

Pakistan's Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani Photos

Following are Photos of Pakistan's Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani. Army Chief in Pakistan is considered the most powerful person.

Saudi Arabia Sends Army To Bahrain To Control Protests

After Tunisia and Egypt now Protests are also spreading to other Arabian Countries like Bahrain, Algeria and Oman and Rulers of these Countries are trying to use force to crush these protests just like Bin Ali and Hosni Mubarak tried to do in Tunisia and Egypt. On Tuesday Saudi Arabia has sent hundreds of Army men to control the Protesters.  Protests from last few days are taking place in Bahrain against King Hamad bin Isa.

Protesters are demanding King to resign and bring a democratic government in the country. several deaths have also taken place in clashes between Security forces and Protesters. Lets see whether these Protests spread on a big level like Tunisia and Egypt or Security Forces will be able to control them?

ICC Bans Use Of Twitter On All Players During World Cup 2011

Twitter is one of the mot popular Social networking site which is also used by many Celebrities, Politicians and Sportsmen to get connected to their fans. Almost more than 100 popular International Cricketers uses Twitter regularly. Recent Scandal of Spot Fixing in Cricket badly damaged the Image of Cricket and now ICC is taking maximum steps to end Corruption fro International Cricket. As the biggest Cricket event World Cup 2011 is starting in 3 days there are also high chances of Corruption during this event.

Due to these fears International Cricket Council (ICC) has banned the use of Twitter for all Cricketers during World Cup 2011. An ICC Official Steve Bernard has said that Twitter is banned to to protect World Cup from Corruption .

President Obama Pressurize Pakistan For Release of Raymond Davis

American President Barack Hussain Obama has said that Pakistan must follow the Law of Vienna Convention and release Raymond Davis by accepting him a Diplomat. While talking to Press In Washington on Tuesday American President said that Pakistan has signed the Vienna Convention according to which a Diplomat can't be arrested so Pakistan must Immediately release the Davis.

On other hand American Senator John Kerry who is consider to be a good friend of Pakistan has also reached Islamabad to pressurize the Pakistani Leaders for releasing Raymond Davis without any Inquiry.  Pakistan's Former Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi done a Press Conference today in which he repeated his point of view that Raymond Davis is not a Diplomat so he must not be released. Shah Mehmood also said that i am ready to Sacrifice 100 Ministries for truth.

Top 8 Scandals of Indian Army

Indian Army has got involved in several Corruption and Sex Scandals over the years. Following are Top 8 Scandals of Indian Army .

Pakistani Cricket Team Practice In Dhaka For World Cup Warm Ups

Following is Pakistani Cricket Team Practice In Dhaka For World Cup Warm Ups.

Egyptians Demands Army To Handover Power To Civilian Government

Although Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has left the Presidency and his 30 years rule has ended but the Power is still in the hands of Egyptian Army Generals that are Pro America and Pro Israel.  America Provides Billions of Dollars every year to Egyptian Army.  The Real change for which people of Egypt came on road has not came yet. Egyptians are still looking for Democracy for which they given so much Sacrifices in last few weeks.

On Monday a massive Protest taken place in Cairo whose main purpose was to demand Egyptian Army to hand over power to a Civilian Government.  Egyptians are demanding for a Civilian Government that must came with free and fair elections.  US, Israel and Egyptian Army Generals are feared that If free Elections take place Muslim Brotherhood may come in power.

Pakistani Government Trying To Free American CIA Agent Raymond Davis

United States is continuing its pressure on Pakistani Government to free American CIA agent Raymond Davis who murdered 2 Pakistanis in Lahore last month and 2 more deaths also taken place in the same incident.  Pakistani Corrupt Government that is puppet of United States is also trying to free Raymond Davis but Pakistani public which is already very angry is not ready for this. Recent Removal of Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi  from his Ministry was also due to this case.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi was not ready to give Immunity to Raymond Davis because according to him Raymond Davis was not a Diplomat so Immunity can't be given to him.  This is Shah Mehmood lost his Foreign Ministry.  Now Zardari Government will bring a new Foreign Ministry who will get ready to give Immunity to Raymond Davis.

Great Muslim Warriors Photos

Following are Photos of some great Muslim Warriors.

Salahuddin Ayubi

If Team Plays As a Unite Pakistan Will Win World Cup: Imran khan

Former Pakistani Captain Imran Khan under whose Captaincy Pakistan won Cricket World Cup of 1992 has said that if Pakistani team plays with Unity as one unit then there are high chances that Pakistan will win the World Cup. Imran Khan said Pakistan will have to play with Strategy. He said top 4 Batsmen must be Specialist.

Imran said Abdul Razzaq, Umar Akmal and Kamran Akmal has massive talent but they have failed to show it on ground. Former Captain also advised Shahid Afridi to play role of a good Captain during World Cup. While talking about recent Scandals in Pakistani Cricket Imran said these Scandals has harmed Pakistani Cricket very much but now its time to move forward.

India Shows Reservations on Relations of China and Pakistan

Indian Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao has said that India has reservations over Increasing relations between Pakistan and China. While talking to media in a School of New York Nirupama Rao said that India has reservations over Nuclear Cooperation between Pakistan and China. Nirupama Rao also showed her reservations over separate Visas for people of Occupied Kashmir by Chinese Government.

Recently Pakistan and China has done an agreement according to which China will build more Nuclear reactors in Pakistan.   In the past United States also showed its reservations over building Nuclear reactors in Pakistan by China. Chinese and Pakistani Government made it clear that these Nuclear reactors are for peaceful purposes so reservations on this agreement are useless.

Protest By Italian Women Over Berlusconi Sex scandal

A big rally was organized over Sex scandal of Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi in Italian Capital on Sunday. In the protest thousands of Italian women including many film actresses and politicians also taken part.  Prime Minister Berlusconi was found  involve in Sex Scandal with a 18 years old prostitute girl by paying her money.

This scandal of Berlusconi has increased anger against him in Italian women.  The rallies where also organized many other big cities by Italian women. Prime Minister Berlusconi has dismissed the allegations against him by calling it a Conspiracy against him Government.

Historic Places in Pakistan Photos

Following are Photos of Historic Places in Pakistan.

Tensions Between Pakistan and United Sates Over Raymond Davis Case

United States is threatening and Pressurizing Pakistan for just one man Raymond Davis who killed 2 Pakistanis in Lahore. United States is demanding Immediate release of Raymond Davis by claiming that he is a Diplomat so he has Immunity but Pakistan is not ready to free Raymond Davis. Pakistan has made it clear that the Case is in Court and whatever decision will court take will be accepted.

America has also announced to stop Dialogues with Pakistan. The Dialogues where starting from 23rd February but American refused to do Dialogues to show its anger for not releasing  Raymond Davis. America which keeps on shouting about Justice its double standards are exposed once again. To save its one man America is do all this while it has killed hundreds of Civilian Pakistanis in illegal drone attacks.

Bouazizi The Man Due To Which Tunisian and Egypt Revolutions Came

It  is Mohamed Al Bouazizi The Man Due To Which Tunisian and Egypt Revolutions Came. He burnt himself in front of President office after he was tortured by Tunisian Police. After this Protests started In whole Tunisia and President Bin Ali ran away. Due to these Protests the people of Egypt also came on roads and removed Hosni Mubarak.

Egyptians To Continue Protests Until Real Democracy Comes

The person who ruled the Egypt for last 30 years from 1981 to 2010 Hosni Mubarak has gone now after massive Protests by people of Egypt and Egyptian Army has came into power. The Protesters are still not ready to go back to their homes until the real Democracy comes in the Country. Protesters has demanded Egyptian Army to bring reforms like ending Emergency, Leaving all political prisoners and working to held a free an fair election soon.

The Egyptians wants to bring a real revolution and they don't just want to see change of faces from Hosni Mubarak to another puppet of United States. Biggest Opposition Party of Egypt Ikhwan Ul Muslimeen has also demanded Egyptian army to hand over the Power to Civilians.  United States which has given billions of Dollars to Egyptians army till now would not like to see a free Government in Egypt and will try to use army once again liked they used an Army man Hosni Mubarak for 30 years.

Different Pakistani Cities Photos

Following are Photos of Different Pakistani Cities.

Protests In Yemen Against President Ali Abdullah Saleh

Protests In Yemen By the Citizens Against President Ali Abdullah Saleh demanding him to leave Presidency.

Middle East Will Be Soon free from US & Israeli Influence: Ahmadinejad

In last one months those things has happened in two countries of Middle East Tunisia and Egypt which no one was expecting 30 days ago. People of Tunisia and Egypt has got rid of Dictators which where ruling their Countries from many Decades and where also puppets of United States. The Same Situation is still existing in several more Countries of Middle east and if people of these Countries Wakes up and presents Sacrifices they can also get rid of these Corrupt Dictators. Iranian President Ahmadinejad  has said that Middle east will soon be free from Influence of United States and Israel.

On 32nd Birthday of Iranian Revolution Iranian President said now US and Israeli Policies of Brutality can't work in Middle east anymore. He also warned people of Egypt about double face of United States which supported a Corrupt Dictator in Egypt for 30 years and now is talking about Democracy.

Egypt Is Finally Free From US Puppet Hosni Mubarak Rule

Everyone was expecting for resign of Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Thursday night but he not given resign on that day and made every Egyptian Angry. Yesterday on Friday night Hosni Mubarak unexpectedly resigned   as President of Egypt and his 30 years rule came to an end. After listening the news of Hosni Mubarak's resign every Egyptian came out on road and danced in Joy.

Many thanked Allah by going in Sujood. So Egypt Is finally free from a Puppet of United States after 30 years. Power is temporarily handed over to Egyptian army. Opposition Parties has now called for a free and fair election soon. United States and Israel will try to bring another puppet in Egypt and if it happens only faces will change but not the system. Role of Egyptian Army will be crucial in this process. Biggest Opposition Party of Egypt Muslim Brotherhood has asked Army to hand over the Power to a Civilian Government.

GPS Decoder Found By CIA Agent Raymond Davis

GPS Decoder Found By CIA Agent Raymond Davis which he was using for spying.

Greatest Pakistani Cricketers Born in 63 Years History

Although Cricket is not the national game of Pakistan but Pakistanis are crazy about game of Cricket. Many Greatest Cricketers are born in Pakistan in 63 years of history who made many record and won many titles for Pakistan. The greatest names that comes in minds while talking about Pakistan Cricket is Imran Khan under whose Captaincy Pakistan won Cricket World Cup 2011. Following is a list of Greatest Pakistani Cricketers which Born in 63 Years History of Pakistan.

Imran Khan
Javed Miandad
Hanif Muhammad
Zaheer Abbas
Abdul Qadir
Sarfraz Nawaz
Wasim Akram
Shoaib Akhtar
Abdul Razzaq
Ramiz Raja
Inzamam Ul Haq
Waqar Younis
Saeed Anwar
Shahid Afridi