Egyptians To Continue Protests After Mubarak Refuses To Resign

Yesterday night every Media Network of the World was saying same thing that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is going to resign tonight. Everyone was waiting to see the Address of Hosni Mubarak with the nation in hope that Mubarak will announce to resign which he done at 11 PM Egyptian time. In The address Hosni Mubarak not announced his resign which increased the anger in Millions of Egyptian Protesters that where on the roads at 11 PM.

The Rumors about Resignation of Hosni Mubarak started after Egyptian Army Chief said yesterday evening that all the demands of Protesters will be accepted. Later on Egyptian Prime Minster also given a similar statement but Hosni Mubarak not announced to resign in his address. After this Egyptians has announced to continue to protests against Mubarak Regime. Another Million March towards presidential palace will be done. Egyptian Army has once again asked Protesters to go back home by promising that free and fair elections will take place in September but Protesters are not ready to go back until Mubarak Resigns.