Pakistanis Observing Kashmir Solidarity Day Today

Pakistanis are observing Kashmir Solidarity Day Today which is observed every year on 5th February to make this promise that Pakistan will continue to provide complete diplomatic, Moral and political support to people of Occupied Kashmir until they they get freedom from Indian Occupation. Public holiday takes place every year in Pakistan on Kashmir Solidarity Day and different Programs and Rallies are also organized.

A big Human Chain is also made every year in this day in Azad Kashmir. Pakistanis are observing Kashmir Solidarity Day from the year 1975.  Today big rallies are taking place in all major cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad that are organized by different political and religious parties. Biggest rally is taking place on Lahore Mall road which is organized by Jamat Islami. People of Occupied Kashmir are struggling to get freedom from Indian Occupation from last 64 years and during this struggle more than 1 Lakh Kashmiris lost their lives. Indian Government and Army tried many tactics to crush Kashmir freedom movement but this Movement is alive even afte 64 years.