Shahid Afridi Apology To Nation After Losing The Semi Final

Shahid Afridi Apology To Nation After Losing The Semi Final.

Pakistani City Multan Photos

Following are photos of Pakistani City Multan.

Facebook Closes Down a Famous Pro-Palestine Page

US Officials and Medias Keeps on shouting about Freedom of Speech for everyone but the reality is very different. US Officials and Media keeps double Standards even in matter of Freedom of Speech.  You will not be punished in US if you will burn a Quran but you will be in trouble if you will speak against Holocaust. You can speak against Muslims but you can face trouble if you will Criticize Israel on Mainstream US Media.

Double Standards of US where exposed once again today when US Bases Social Networking site Facebook closed down a Pro Palestine Facebook page today. The Facebook Page was about Intifada uprising for Palestine against Israeli Oppression and Occupation It was liked by Millions of users.  The Page is removed after a Israeli Minister talked to CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg for removing this page.  This step of Facebook has once against exposed double standards of West towards Muslims. If you have not forgotten its the same Facebook which refused to delete the Page which was doing Blasphemy of Prophet Muhammad SAW last year even on request of Millions of Muslim Facebook users.

Pakistan Played Well In Cricket World Cup 2011

Pakistan's Journey in ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 came to an end yesterday with an defeat from India in Semi Final due to which Pakistan was knocked out of the Tournament while India Qualified for the Final which it will play with Sri Lanka on 2nd of April 2011. Pakistanis are in Sorrow over defeat in Semi Final. Pakistan's Captain Shahid Khan Afridi has also said sorry to his nation for not winning the Cup.

I personally think that Pakistanis not need to be sad on this defeat. Just think where was Pakistani team few months ago??? Pakistan Cricket was Surrounded by Controversies and Scandals and everyone was saying that this time will be out of World Cup in first Round but same team reached the Semi Final of World Cup and also performed well in that match so even this is a big Achievement and we should feel proud about it. If Pakistani team can play so well in Controversies just Imagine how well it will perform when we will have a good Cricket Board and a powerful Team? The Actual sad news is that Career of Rawalpindi Express Shoaib Akhtar has came to end with this World Cup.

Pakistani Cricketer Shahid Afridi Family and Personal Photos

Here are some Pakistani Cricketer Shahid Afridi Family and Personal Photos. Boom Boom's Wife name is Nadia Afridi and they have 4 daughters. He is Considered one of the best Cricket all rounder Pakistan ever had in the history. He is not only good in cricket but also as a human being. Afridi also feels blessed to have 4 female Children.

Shahid Afridi Family

Those Who Targeting Civilians Are Not Taliban: Mullah Omar

Leader of Afghan Taliban the biggest Resistance Group fighting in Afghanistan Mullah Muhammad Omar has said in his recent Statement that those who are targeting Mosques, Schools, Hospitals and Civilians are not Taliban but agents of America.

Spokesman of Afghan Taliban Zabihullah Mujahid issues the Statement of Mullah Omar on Saturday in which he has said   that Afghan Taliban are not targeting the Public Places and Propaganda of President Hamid Karzai is Fake. Mullah Omar  also demanded Karzai and Nato Forces to provide Evidence of Taliban Involvement in such attacks. Mullah Omar also strongly denied these Claims that Taliban have become weaker than before.  In the past Afghan Taliban also denied any connection with Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) which is involved in Killings of thousands of Pakistani Civilians.

America Using Uranium Bombs and Cruise Missiles On Libya

According to report of different News Websites American, French and British Forces are using Uranium Bombs and Cruise Missiles on Libya.  American Jets are dropping Uranium Bombs and Cruise Missiles on different Cities of Libya from couple of days.

American B-2 Fighter Jet is used for throwing Uranium Bombs on different cities of Libya.  These  Uranium Bombs are not only taking many Civilian Lives but are also very dangerous from health point of view. It can cause Cancer, Kidney diseases and Skin Problems.  It will not be wrong if Uranium Bomb is named as dirty Bomb.  There is no doubt that Air Strikes of US and Allied Forces are weakening Gaddafi Forces but they are also taking many Civilian lives and use of Uranium Bombs will also effect health of Libyans.

Pakistani and Indian Public Going Crazy For Big Semi Final

Two days are still to go in Big Cricket World Cup 2011 Semi Final Between Pakistan and India that will be played in Mohali but Excitement on both sides of the border has reached to Top Already. Every Pakistani and Indian Citizen is waiting for Wednesday to come so that he can view this big Clash between old Rivals. The Tickets of few hundreds Rupees are available in 1 two 2 Lakh Rupees for this match. Black Marketing of the Tickets is also going on.

Bookies are also active for this big clash between India and Pakistan.Gambling of billions will be done on this single match.  If we see the Social Networking Sites Facebook, Orkut or Twitter the Discussion is only Pakistani Indian Semi Final.  People from both Sides are also challenging each other on these Sites that their team will crush the opposition. Some are even calling it biggest Cricket match ever played in the history of Cricket. People of both sides only wants Win from their team. We still have to wait for two more days for this Super Semi Final to come.

Muslims Demands Trail of Quran Burners

Last Week Extremist Pastor Terry Jones From American State Florida burnt the Holy Quran along with some other Pastors in his Church. Muslim World has strongly reacted to this open act of terrorism by Terry Jones. On Friday Muslims in different parts of the World done protests against Act of American Pastors. Biggest Protests taken place in Pakistan. The Protests Demanded American Government to arrest Terry Jones and Punish him.  Officials of Different Muslim Countries have demanded for Trail of Terry Jones and his other friends who where Involve in Quran Burning.

Pakistani President Asif Zardari, Turkish President Abdullah Gul and Iranian Ambassador in US has demanded the United Nation to take action against those who burnt the Holy Quran. Such act of terrorism has also taken place in the past in US and other Western Countries to hurt the feelings of Muslims.

Exposing Double Standards of American Governments and Media

If We See Different American Governments and Mainstream media they keeps on shouting about Peace, Freedom and Love between Countries and people of all religion but the reality is very different from it. Zionists Controlled American Governments and Media have double standards in every matter. As Mainstream Media of United States like Fox News, CNN, BBC is also very biaseed so common American Citizen also never comes to know the reality. Following i am exposing some double standards of American Governments and Mainstream Media.

1 US Talks About Peace With Muslims Countries but it Invades One Muslim Country after another whether its Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and most recently Libya to take their Oil.
2 US Officials and Media calls Hamas a terrorist Organizations but they remains silent on Terrorist Activities of Israel. Infect they provides latest weapons to Israel and allows them to occupy more and more Palestinian land.
3 US Government and Media speaks against Nuclear program of Iran but they hide the fact they have provided Nuclear weapons to Israel Illegally.
4 US Government and Media calls Muslims Terrorists but they hide how many Muslim Civilians they have killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
5 US Government and Media also hide the fact that they themselves funded Al Qaeda and Taliban to Fight the Russians in 80s.
6 US Talks Freedom of Speech but you cannot speak against Holocaust however you can burn a Quran in US.
7 US keeps on saying that Al Qaeda done 9/11 but when its own Scientists, Engineers, Experts and Public demand Independent Inquiry of this attack then they ignores this demand.
8 US Shouts About Democracy but it supports Dictators in Muslim Countries for decades for its own purposes.
9 US Official and Media uses the terms Islamic Terrorists or Muslim Terrorists for Muslims but when a Christian do Terrorism they don't call him a Christian Terrorist.

Hindu Extremist Groups Threatens Pakistani Cricket Team

Pakistani Cricket Team has reached Indian City Chandigarh yesterday for playing Cricket World Cup Semi Final with India in a very high Security from where it will go to Mohali today for doing Practice. Pakistani Team will do Practice today under a high Security in Mohali Cricket Stadium. Different Hindu Terror Outfits like Shiv Sena and RSS are Threatening Pakistani Team and there is a possibility they may create some Disturbance in Pakistan Vs India Semi Final specially If India comes closer to Defeat in this match.

If Pakistan beats India in Semi Final and goes to Mumbai for playing Final then as well Shiv Sena can attack Pakistani team because Mumbai is considered a strong hold of Shiv Sena. Chief of Shiv Sena Bal Thackeray has already made it clear that Pakistani team will not be allowed to play in Mumbai.  Indian Interior Minister Chidambaram has said that Pakistani Team will be provided tough Security during its matches.  Thousands of Pakistanis are also going to India for watching the Semi Final and they can also become a target of Hindu Terrori outfits.

Peshawar City of Pakistan Photos

Following are Photos of Peshawar City of Pakistan.

Famous Tech Companies In Which Most of The Youngsters Likes To Work

Getting a Good Job After Completing Education is the dream of every Youngsters. Every Young Man Wants to get a good Job after Completing his Education to settle his life. There are many Companies which gives good Jobs to Youngsters but do you know which are the International Companies in which most of the Youngsters wants to do Job? Following are some of these Companies.

1 Google = Google is Search Engine Giant and one of the most Visited Website online. Google also offers many other Services and Products like Gmail, Android, Google Chrome Etc. Many Youngsters dreams to work for Google.

2 Facebook = Facebook is leading Social networking website in the World that has over 500 million users. Facebook is also based in US like Google. It also attracts many Youngsters to get Jobs.
3 Microsoft = Its a Company which introduced best Operation system Like Windows and Email Service like Hotmail. Millions of Youth also dreams to work in Microsoft.

4 Apple: Apple is a famous Tech Company which Introduced amazing devices like Apple iPhone and Apple iPad . This company is making massive profit and having thousands of employs.

5 Amazon : Its a very Popular Website where people sells and buys their Products. Lots of Young People are also interested in working here.

Pakistan India To Play Super Semi Final of World Cup 2011 in Mohali

People of Pakistan and India are crazy about Cricket and Cricket becomes special when Pakistani and Indian teams faces each other in a Cricket Match. When India and Pakistan Plays Cricket the Sports Becomes War.  But this time the contest between these two old Rivals is even more bigger and special because they are going to face each other in Semi Final of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 on 30th March. Both the teams have reached Semi Final by beating many good teams and now its time for clash between them.

The Winner of this Super Semi Final will Play Final of World Cup in Mumbai on 2nd April while Losing team will go home. People of both the Countries are very very excited about this big match and hopping for their teams to win. Pakistani Team has reached India today. Many Celebrities and Prime Ministers of both Countries may also come to watch this historic clash. If We see the history Pakistan has beaten India is more ODIs however In World Cup Matches India is ahead of Pakistan.

23 March Pakistan Resolution Day Parade

23 March Pakistan Resolution Day Parade

Swat Valley of Pakistan Photos

Swat Is a beautiful Valley of Pakistan having beautiful Mountains. However it is facing tough time due to Terrorism from last few years. Following are some Beautiful Photos of Swat.

Pakistan Reaches World Cup Semi Final After 12 Years

Pakistan Crushed West Indies in ICC Cricket World Cup Quarterfinal by 10 Wickets on Wednesday to reach the Semi Final of the World Cup. Pakistan has reached the Semi Final after 12 years. Pakistan Played World Cup Semi Final last time in 1999 and later on 2003 and 2007 World Cup it was out of Tournament in First Round due to poor performance.  In This World Cup Pakistani Team has performed really well in all departments.

Pakistan's Captain Afridi has said that this win is a gift of Pakistan Day for Public of Pakistan from us and we will try to perform even better in Semi Final. As Pakistan has played more and more matches in this World Cup its performance has improved only in Batting, Bowling and Fielding department. Pakistan will be playing Semi Final of WC on 30th March with the Winner of Australia Vs India Quarterfinal in Mohali.  If India Wins tomorrow's Quarterfinal from Australia than Pakistan Vs India Semi Final will really a big game to watch.

Russia, China Asks For Ceasefire in Libya

Many Countries   Including China and Russia has condemned the US and Nato Attack on Libya and demanded an Immediate Ceasefire in Libya. US and Nato Forces launched Air Strikes against Libya last week which killed Many Gaddafi Forces as well as Civilians. Nato Is also doing Air Strikes On Libya and Ground Forces are not entered in the Country.

Muslims World has also condemned US Attack on  Libya which is already engaged in War in two Muslim Countries. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has said that Nato Invasion in Libya will only make the Situation worse so this fight must stop Immediately. Many Experts claims that this war is not started to bring peace in Libya but its get its oil.

World's Biggest Terrorist Pastor Terry Jones Burns The Holy Quran

Extremist Pastor From American State Florida Terry Jones has burnt the Holy Quran in a Church along with other Pastors.  Devil Terry Jones first announced to Martyr the Holy Quran on 9/11 last year but later on he cancelled his plan. But Earlier this week He has burnt the Holy Quran.

Holy Quran was kept in oil for an hour and then it was burnt.  Muslims all around the World has strongly condemned this act of terrorist Pastor and demanded US Government to take action against him. This is not the first time such act of open terrorism is done against Islam and Muslims but in the past as well such Incidents has taken place. The Biased Mainstream Media is completely silent on this news.

North and South Waziristan Photos

North and South Waziristan is a very Beautiful part of Pakistan's KP Province where tourists from all over the World used to come before but Unfortunately from last few years it is news for Terrorism. Many Terrorist Activities and Army Operations are taken place in Waziristan which has seriously effected these areas. Following are some photos of North and South Waziristan.

Pakistani Youth Wants Islamic Revolution: Wall Street Journal

Popular American Newspaper Wall Street Journal has said in a report that Pakistani Youth wants an  Islamic Revolution and not Democracy. The reports says more than 60% Population of Pakistan is based on Youth having ages less than 25 years and unlike Egypt Pakistani Youth Wants an Islamic Revolution not Democracy.

WSJ has also said that Pakistani Youth is really upset with present Situation of their Country and it can come on roads anytime to bring a complete change. In the report American Government is advises to support   Civilian Government in Pakistan.

Double Standards Of US and UN Exposed Again On Libya Issue

Its not more than a month when Protest in Libya Against Dictatorship of Muammar Gaddafi Started and within one month United States along with other Nato Allies launched an attack on Libya with Approvement of United Nations.  US Claimed We are doing this attack for the Freedom of Libyan People. This attack on Libya has one again exposed the Double Standards of United States and United Nation.

US and UN came in action within a month of fight in Libya but they are not ready to take single step in matter of Palestine or Kashmir. Millions of Palestinian are killed till now by Israel in last 6 decades and Israel's Geographical size has expanded five times as compare to size at time of its creation by occupying more and more Palestinian land .

Why US and UN not takes action on this issue? Why they are Silent on Kashmir issue where unlimited Human rights Violations are done? Why UN not done anything when US was attacking Iraq??  The Reality is that US and UN Keeps double standards. They do everything for their own benefits and not for benefit of Humanity. US is Invading one Muslim Country after another and there is no one to stop it.  One last thing i want to say is that Nato Invasion In Libya Will turn Muammar Gaddafi into a hero not just in Libya but whole Muslim World.

Indian Army Burnt 41 Kashmiris Alive In Year 2010

2010 Was another year of Serious Human Rights Violation and State Terrorism By Indian Army Against People of Occupied Kashmir which are facing this Situation from many decades. In year 2010 alone Indian Army burnt 41 Kashmiris alive while more than 2100 Buildings where also burnt due to which thousands of Kashmiris lost their Businesses in different parts of Occupied Kashmir.

According to report of Kashmir Emergency Service 41 Kashmiris where burnt alive while 29 where seriously injured by fire. 103 small Shops where burnt by Indian army while hundreds of big buildings where also burnt.  most of these Incident taken place in Sri Nagar, Baramulla and Pulwama.

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami In Photos

Following is Japan Earthquake and Tsunami In Photos.

All The Internet Broadband Companies Present In Pakistan

Internet Broadband is growing rapidly in all Provinces, Cities and Towns of Pakistan. More and More Youngsters are getting Internet Connections for Educational, Entertainment and other purposes. Still Internet has to get great growth in Pakistan. One of the major reason for growth of Internet Broadband in Pakistan is Many Companies offering Internet Packages on low rates. Following are different Internet Broadband Companies Present In Pakistan. You can get any of them according your need.

PTCL Broadband
Wateen Internet
Link Dot Net
Micro Net Broadband
World Call Broadband
Warid Wireless Broadband
Ufone Broadband  USB

Latest Example of American Media's Double Standards

On Thursday 41 Innocent Pakistanis Lost their Lives in a US Drone Strike In Datta Khel area of North Waziristan.  This Drone Attack was done on a Peace Jirga Where many Tribal Leaders where present but non of Taliban or Al Qaeda member was present. 41 Innocent Pakistanis lost their lives but we have not seen a single word about it in main steam US Media like Fox News, CNN or BBC.

This exposes the double standards of American Media. US Media shouts for many days if a single American gets killed somewhere but what about those 42 Pakistanis who are killed in US Drone strike?? Their Blood has no Value? Are they not humans. This is also what happens in matter of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir and every Muslim Country of the World. When Muslims faces Terrorism no media reports it. Such double standards by US Government and Media causes Extremism and if US and Western Countries are indeed interested in ending Extremism then they will have to leave double standards.

Image Of Pakistan Army and ISI Also Effected By Raymond Davis Release

Everyone knows what is the Image the Pakistanis Politicians in Public of Pakistan. Pakistani Public considers their top politicians Corrupt, Thieves and Puppets of United States. But  If Any Institution has respect in hearts of Pakistani Public that is Pakistan Army and ISI. People of Pakistan feels proud about their Arm Forces. Several Acts of Former Military Dictators Pervez Musharraf like Lal Masjid Operation  badly damaged the Image of Pakistan Army but Present Army Chief General Kayani was successfully able to recover the damaged caused in Musharraf rule.

However some recent Incidents are once again effecting the Image of Pakistan Army Forces and Its Intelligence Agency ISI. Earlier this week CIA Agent Raymond Davis who killed two Pakistanis in Lahore was released by Pakistani Government and everyone knows that it was not possible until Pakistan Army allows it.  Silence on Drone Attacks By Pakistan Army is also creating Questions in minds of Pakistani people. On Thursday 40 Innocent Pakistanis where killed in a US Drone Strike in North Waziristan. After drone attack Army Chief Kayani condemned this attack. On the Condemnation of this drone Attack by General Kayani most of the Pakistanis reacted like this on Twitter and Facebook. We have kept one million army just to condemn such attacks? Where are our F-18 and F-18 Jets?  So Pakistan Army need to take such steps which can bring them closer to people of Pakistan because no army can win without support of their public. Enemies of Pakistan also wants to create differences between Pakistan Arm Forces and its Public.

Bad Boy of Cricket Shoaib Akhtar Takes Retirement

The Bad Boy of Cricket Shoaib Akhtar whose Career was full of Scandals, Controversies, Rises and Downfalls has announced to retire from International Cricket in a Press Conference in Colombo on Thursday which means Rawalpindi Express has reached its last stop. In the Press Conference Shoaib Akhtar talked about his Career and how he felt representing Pakistan in Cricket. Shoaib Also got emotional while announcing his Retirement and hardly controlled his tears.

Rawalpindi Express is considered fastest bowler of Cricket History. He also made the record of bowling fastest bowl ever in Cricket History. Shoaib played 46 tests and 163 ODI matches for Pakistan. in Tests he got 178 wickets while in ODIs he got 247 wickets. Speed Star also remained in news for many Scandals and Controversies throughout his career.

Pakistani Tribes To Take Revenge Over US Drone Strike That Killed 40 Civilians

After few hours of release of CIA agent Raymond Davis by Pakistani Government US given a gift of Drone Attack to Pakistan which killed 40 Innocent Civilians in North Waziristan including many Tribal Leaders. The drone attack was done on a Peace Jirga where many Tribal leaders where present. After the Drone Attack Pakistanis Tribal Leaders has announced to take revenge from United States over Deaths in Drone Attack.

Pakistani Tribal Leaders done a Press conference on Thursday in which they said we will take revenge from our enemy by going to other side of the border.  Pakistani Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani has also strongly condemned the attack. General Kayani has called the Drone attack an act of Terrorism and against Human rights.  US Ambassador in Pakistan Cameron Munter was also summoned on Friday by Pakistani Foreign Office over deaths in Drone attack.

Pakistanis Angry Over Release of CIA Agent Raymond Davis

Pakistani Government released CIA Agent Raymond Davis on Wednesday and sent back to him to his Country United States. He was arrested in January earlier this year for killing two Pakistani Citizens in Lahore and later on in Investigation it was found that he was a CIA Agent and was spying in Pakistan. Pakistani Government has said that Raymond Davis is released as families of both of the Citizens killed by Davis got ready to take the Blood Money (Diyat). Pakistanis are not ready to accept this Explanation of Government and strongly Condemning release of Davis.

In last two days massive protests where organized in different cities of Pakistan over illegal release of Raymond by Pakistani Government. People are raising many Questions about Raymond release  that how a person which was committing terrorism against the state can be left by giving Blood money? how he was sent back  soquickly in few hours? where are families of both the men killed by Raymond? Blood money is paid by the Killer but why Pakistani Government payed the blood money?

More Photos of 1965 Pakistan Vs India War

Following are some more Photos of 1965 Pakistan Vs India War. Some where shared in past.

Pakistani Soldiers In Indian City Khemkaran.

There Is No Record That Raymond Is a Diplomat: Pakistani Court

Chief Justice of Lahore High Court Justice Ijaz Chaudhry has said that there is no record that Killer of two Pakistani Citizens in Lahore Raymond Davis is a Diplomat. Foreign Ministry of Pakistan has also given this Statement in LHC court that there is no present record that Raymond is a US Diplomat and Raymond  was present in Pakistan on Business Visa.

Chief Justice Ijaz Chaudhry also said on this Occasion that Court will decide whether Raymond Davis has Diplomatic Immunity or not? According to media reports the Relatives of Two Pakistanis that where killed by Raymond Davis in Lahore are also getting offers of taking Money for forgiving Raymond. However Relatives are not ready to accept such offers yet. on other hand another American official of US Embassy was arrested on Monday In Islamabad for hitting a Motorcyclist with Car.

Saudi Arabian Forces Enters Bahrain To Control Protesters

On Monday more than 1000 Saudi Arabian Troops entered Bahrain with heavy Weapons on request of Bahraini Government to control the protesters that are launching Anti Government protests from almost a month.   Saudi Forces entered Bahrain under an agreement according to which one Gulf state will help other in any Security need.

Bahraini opposition and protesters has called arrival of Saudi Troops in Country an act of Occupation. On other hand Iranian Government has slammed Invasion by Saudi Troops in Bahrain. According to Statement Issued by Iranian Government Saudi Arabia must not interfere in matters of Bahrain and such acts will make the Situation more worse. According to latest update Bahraini Government has also declared a state of emergency for 3 months in the Country.

Pakistan Reaches World Cup Quarterfinal After 12 Years

Pakistan Cricket Team reached Quarterfinal round of Cricket World Cup  last time in 1999 almost 12 years ago. After it in World Cups of 2003 and 2007 Pakistan was out of World Cup in first round after losing its intial matches. But yesterday after almost 12 years Pakistani Cricket Team has reached the Quarterfinal of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 by beating the Zimbabwe.

In First Round Pakistan has played its 5 matches till now and won 4 while lost one to New Zealand. Pakistan still has to play its last match of first round against Australia on 19th March. Now Pakistan just need to win 3 more matches  Quarterfinal, Semi Final and Than Final to win the World Cup. But in these three matches Pakistan will have to beat three of the best teams which will not be a easy job. Pakistani bowling is good in this World Cup like past but Fielding and Batting remained poor in many matches which needs to be improved. Senior players like Misbah Ul Haq, Younis Khan, Captain Shahid Afridi and Shoaib Akhtar will have to perform best.  Pakistani nation which is facing so much difficulties at the moment desperately need a World Cup Victory which can give them some Happiness.

Taj Mahal Photos

Following are Wallpapers of Taj Mahal which was made during Muslim Rule on India in Agra City. Mughal emperor Shah Jahan made this beautiful building in memory of his wife Mumtaz  Mahal. It is considered most beautiful building in whole India by many people. Following are its Photos.

Pakistan Cricket Team Squad Which Won 1992 Cricket World Cup

These days everyone is talking about Cricket as the Cricket World Cup 2011 is going on. Pakistan has played 4 Group Matches till now in this World Cup and won 3.  Pakistan need one more win to Qualify for the next round of Quarterfinals.  Pakistanis are hopeful that their team will bring back trophy of World Cup from Mumbai by winning the World Cup 2011. Pakistan has won one Cricket World Cup till now in 1992 under the Captaincy of Great Imran Khan. Following was the Squad of Pakistani team which won World Cup 1992. This Squad has many great players and all of them are retired now.

Imran Khan
Amir Sohail
Zahid Fazal
Wasim Akram
Salim Malik
Ramiz Raja
Mushtaq Ahmad
Moin Khan
Javed Miandad
Inzamam Ul Haq
Ejaz Ahmad
Aqib Javed

Israel Not Capable Of War With Iran: Iranian Army General

Former General if Iranian Army  Mohammad Salimi has said that Israel will never attack Iran because it is completely Incapable of doing war with Iran. Ex-Army General of Iran was giving a Interview to a New Channel on Friday in which he talked about the Capabilities of Iranian Army and  possible war with Israel or United States in near future.

Mohammad Salimi said that Iranian Army is so powerful today which it was never before. He said that the army is having best weapons and facilities. He called threats of Israel to attack Iran completely Empty.  Israel is blaming Iran for making Nuclear weapons from last few years and also threatened to attack Its Nuclear plants many times.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also asked United States to attack Iran but US which already engaged in two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan refused to do so. Iranian President Ahmadinejad has warned Israel many times that if Iran is attacked Israel will Vanish from face of the earth.

Cricket Stadiums in Pakistan Photos

Following are Photos of Cricket Grounds in Pakistan.

Information About Childhood of Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah played a major role in Creation of Pakistan and its Independence from British and Indian rule. Recently i read a good book about early life of Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah so i decided to share the information about his young age here. Following i am sharing some important points about his early life.

1 Real Name of Quaid In Muslim Air Book of India is Muhammad Bhaai Ali Khojani.
2 Quaid Azam Was From Rajput Family.
3 His Birth date in Madrasa Al Islam Karachi is 20 October 1975.
4 Parents of Quaid Azam wher from Kathia Ward.
5 Name of Quaid Azam's Grandfather was Poonja Meghaji.
6 Quaid Azam liked to do Horse Riding in childhood.
7 His Mother Tongue was Gujrati.
8 His mother died in 1896.
9 Name of his Phuppi was Maan Bai.
10 Quaid Azam was having seven brothers and sisters.
11 Biggest sister of Quaid Azam was Rehmat Bibi while smallest was Fatimah Jinnah.
12 Quaid Azam did his first marriage at age of 16.

Democracy Is Good For Pakistan Or Dictatorship?

We see lot of debate in Pakistan media on simply this issue that Whether Democracy is good for Pakistan or Dictatorship? Some of the people thinks Democracy is good while some other supports Dictatorship. There are also people who says Whether its Democracy or Dictatorship both has not given anything to Pakistan. People where suffering in Dictatorship of Pervez Musharraf and today People are suffering even more in Democracy of Asif Zardari.

What i personally feel is that Democracy or Dictatorship is not good or bad but Rulers are good or bad. If a Dictator cares for his Public and works for progress of the country then there is nothing wrong in such Dictatorship. Similar is the case with Democracy. So Pakistan needs a good ruler no matter he comes from Democracy, Dictatorship or any other way.

Palestine Wallpapers

Following are Palestine Wallpapers.

Hillary Clinton Admits US Is Losing Media War

On of the Tool which United States Governments has used in recent decades to gets its objectives and change the minds of American people  is Media Propaganda specially Television Media. TV Channels Like Fox News, CNN, BBC are used to spread baseless Propaganda and lies by US Governments but in recent years Many rivals of US Mainstream Media has came into existence which has successfully Counter these TV Channels.

TV Channels like Russia Today RT, Press TV, Al Jazeera, CCTV are getting popular rapidly. Audience of these TV Channels is growing everyday which is a big threat for Mainsteam US Media. Recently American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared before a congressional committee where she admitted that US Media is losing the Media war and more funds are required for spreading US Propaganda by creating more TV Channels.  On other hand Internet Is another place where people like Alex Jones and Webster Tarpley are exposing the Lies and Propaganda of US Governments.

Hafiz Saeed Admires China's Role On Kashmir Issue

Chief of Jamat Ud Dawa Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has admired China's role on Kashmir Issue. Hafiz Saeed said on Sunday Issue of Visas on White Paper for people of Occupied Kashmir by China is a very good step and we see China's Steps on Kashmir with respectable eyes. He said Muslim Rulers must learn lesson from China to Save Kashmiris from Indian Terrorism and Brutality.

Hafiz Saeed said that Peace in Whole region of South Asia is connected with the Kashmir Issue and there can't be any peace until Indian Army is present In Occupied Kashmir to stop Kashmiris from their right of Freedom. Jamat Ud Dawa Chief also said that India will have to run  away from Kashmir very soon.

Pakistan Will Win World Cup 2011 Indian Parrot Predicts 3 Times

According to many media reports an Indian Parrot has predicted that Pakistan Cricket Team will win the Cricket World Cup 2011 Final that will be played on 2 April 2011 in Mumbai. According to Geo News this Parrot predicted 3 times that Pakistan will win the World Cup. After this Prediction of Parrot a member of Hindu Extremist Group Shiv Sena killed that Parrot in anger for the doing Predication of Pakistan's win.

This news has widely spread on Pakistani Sites and Blogs however Indian media is completely hiding this news.  On  Sunday Indian Hackers attacked many Pakistani Websites which where promoting this news.  Hackers Posted on hacked sites this Message that Stop Dreaming an Parrot can't Predict your win in World Cup.

Here i have a got a Video about the Prediction of this parrot.

Chinese Army Wallpapers

Following are Photos of Chinese Army.

Gaddafi Forces Again Open Fire On Protesters In Libya

Death toll is increasing in Libya with every passing day due to clashes of Gaddafi Forces and Libyan Rebels. Thousands of Innocent Libyan Citizens are killed till now in these clashes. According to different reports the death toll has crossed 7000.  Gaddafi Forces once again opened fire on Protesters On Friday in Tripoli which killed dozens of people.

Incidents of Firing on Civilian Protesters by Army are taking place in many other Cities of Libya as well like Benghazi, Ajdabiya and Brega.  Many Cities are under control of Gaddafi Forces while Libyan Rebels have also kept many Cities under their control. On other hand United States is planning to attack the Oil Rich Libya for its own Benefits.

China Increases Its Defence Budget 12% Reaches Up to $91 Billion

China which is called next super power by many experts due to its growing economy and progress has announce d to do 12% increase in its Defence budget after which total Defence Budget of China has reaches Upto  $91 Billion. United States has the biggest Defence budget of $700 Billion in the world after which China has got the second biggest Defence budget of $91 Billions.

Due To growing economy and increasing Defence Budget Countries like India and United States seem to be unhappy.  in last 10 years Defence Budget of China has increase 4 times.  China is also having a very strong Defence Cooperation with its friend Country Pakistan which also upsets India and enemies of Pakistan.

America May Take Different Actions Against Pakistan: Western Media

Western Media has claimed that United States is thinking to take different actions against Pakistan like closing its Aid and sending its Ambassador out of Country if case of Raymond Davis is not resolved soon. The Writer has said in its report that America may stop aid to Pakistan as punishment for not releasing Raymond Davis.

Until now America has not imposed any ban on Pakistan but if relations reaches to point of no return than America may take several action to pressurize Pakistan. American officials has said it many times that Raymond Davis is a US Diplomat so Pakistan must release him Immediately. However Pakistan has found in Investigation that Raymond Davis is not a Diplomat but a agent of CIA who was spying in Pakistan.  On Friday Raymond Davis is sent to Jail by Pakistani Court and his application of Diplomatic Immunity is rejected.

Photos of Ravi River

Following are Photos of Ravi River that is In India and Pakistan.

America Is Preparing For War With Libya

America is already fighting two wars in Muslims countries Iraq and Afghanistan where it has killed large number of Civilians in name of war against Al Qaeda and Taliban which it failed to win. Now According to media reports America is preparing for a military intervention in another Muslim Country Libya. United States has also sent two warships towards Suez Canal for possible attack on Libya.

America has demanded Libyan Ruler Muammar Gaddafi to leave the Government In Libya but Gaddafi don't seems to be in mood to leave the power. Gaddafi has also warned that if United States attacked Libya than a bloody war will start in the region and Americans will be defeated. on other hand Protests and clashes continues in Libya and death toll raises to 6000.

Bollywood Actress Gul Panag Comes Under Fire For Calling Afridi Cute

Large Number of Indians specially men got really angry when Indian Tennis Star Sania Mirza got married to Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Malik last year. The Similar Incident takes places earlier this week when famous Bollywood Actress  Gul Panag came under attack for simply calling Pakistan Cricket Team Captain Shahid Khan Afridi Cute. Gul Panag simply posted On her Twitter account that "I think Afridi is very cute" after which many Indians specially man started targeting her.

Many called her Traitor while many others asked her to leave India. Many Indian Men also abused her however the response of most of Indian Women was positive to this message of Gul Panag. The response of large number of people on just calling a Pakistani Cricketer Cute was really amazing which shows has much extremism and hatred against Pakistan exists in India.

9 Afghan Kids Martyred With Bombing Of Nato Forces

More and More Civilian deaths are taking place in Afghanistan as the war between Afghan Resistance Groups and Foreign Forces is getting expanded. On Wednesday 9 Young Afghan Kids got killed in Bombing of Nato Forces in Kuntar Province of Afghanistan while many got seriously injured. The ages of these Kids where from 7 to 9 years.

Nato Forces has again repeated the same lame excuses which they always repeats after killing the Civilians that they where trying to target the Taliban. Afghan Public done a big protest against Civilian Killings by Nato Forces and asked Government to take steps to stop attacks on Civilians.