Exposing Double Standards of American Governments and Media

If We See Different American Governments and Mainstream media they keeps on shouting about Peace, Freedom and Love between Countries and people of all religion but the reality is very different from it. Zionists Controlled American Governments and Media have double standards in every matter. As Mainstream Media of United States like Fox News, CNN, BBC is also very biaseed so common American Citizen also never comes to know the reality. Following i am exposing some double standards of American Governments and Mainstream Media.

1 US Talks About Peace With Muslims Countries but it Invades One Muslim Country after another whether its Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and most recently Libya to take their Oil.
2 US Officials and Media calls Hamas a terrorist Organizations but they remains silent on Terrorist Activities of Israel. Infect they provides latest weapons to Israel and allows them to occupy more and more Palestinian land.
3 US Government and Media speaks against Nuclear program of Iran but they hide the fact they have provided Nuclear weapons to Israel Illegally.
4 US Government and Media calls Muslims Terrorists but they hide how many Muslim Civilians they have killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
5 US Government and Media also hide the fact that they themselves funded Al Qaeda and Taliban to Fight the Russians in 80s.
6 US Talks Freedom of Speech but you cannot speak against Holocaust however you can burn a Quran in US.
7 US keeps on saying that Al Qaeda done 9/11 but when its own Scientists, Engineers, Experts and Public demand Independent Inquiry of this attack then they ignores this demand.
8 US Shouts About Democracy but it supports Dictators in Muslim Countries for decades for its own purposes.
9 US Official and Media uses the terms Islamic Terrorists or Muslim Terrorists for Muslims but when a Christian do Terrorism they don't call him a Christian Terrorist.