Facebook Closes Down a Famous Pro-Palestine Page

US Officials and Medias Keeps on shouting about Freedom of Speech for everyone but the reality is very different. US Officials and Media keeps double Standards even in matter of Freedom of Speech.  You will not be punished in US if you will burn a Quran but you will be in trouble if you will speak against Holocaust. You can speak against Muslims but you can face trouble if you will Criticize Israel on Mainstream US Media.

Double Standards of US where exposed once again today when US Bases Social Networking site Facebook closed down a Pro Palestine Facebook page today. The Facebook Page was about Intifada uprising for Palestine against Israeli Oppression and Occupation It was liked by Millions of users.  The Page is removed after a Israeli Minister talked to CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg for removing this page.  This step of Facebook has once against exposed double standards of West towards Muslims. If you have not forgotten its the same Facebook which refused to delete the Page which was doing Blasphemy of Prophet Muhammad SAW last year even on request of Millions of Muslim Facebook users.