Israel Not Capable Of War With Iran: Iranian Army General

Former General if Iranian Army  Mohammad Salimi has said that Israel will never attack Iran because it is completely Incapable of doing war with Iran. Ex-Army General of Iran was giving a Interview to a New Channel on Friday in which he talked about the Capabilities of Iranian Army and  possible war with Israel or United States in near future.

Mohammad Salimi said that Iranian Army is so powerful today which it was never before. He said that the army is having best weapons and facilities. He called threats of Israel to attack Iran completely Empty.  Israel is blaming Iran for making Nuclear weapons from last few years and also threatened to attack Its Nuclear plants many times.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also asked United States to attack Iran but US which already engaged in two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan refused to do so. Iranian President Ahmadinejad has warned Israel many times that if Iran is attacked Israel will Vanish from face of the earth.