Latest Example of American Media's Double Standards

On Thursday 41 Innocent Pakistanis Lost their Lives in a US Drone Strike In Datta Khel area of North Waziristan.  This Drone Attack was done on a Peace Jirga Where many Tribal Leaders where present but non of Taliban or Al Qaeda member was present. 41 Innocent Pakistanis lost their lives but we have not seen a single word about it in main steam US Media like Fox News, CNN or BBC.

This exposes the double standards of American Media. US Media shouts for many days if a single American gets killed somewhere but what about those 42 Pakistanis who are killed in US Drone strike?? Their Blood has no Value? Are they not humans. This is also what happens in matter of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir and every Muslim Country of the World. When Muslims faces Terrorism no media reports it. Such double standards by US Government and Media causes Extremism and if US and Western Countries are indeed interested in ending Extremism then they will have to leave double standards.