Pakistani and Indian Public Going Crazy For Big Semi Final

Two days are still to go in Big Cricket World Cup 2011 Semi Final Between Pakistan and India that will be played in Mohali but Excitement on both sides of the border has reached to Top Already. Every Pakistani and Indian Citizen is waiting for Wednesday to come so that he can view this big Clash between old Rivals. The Tickets of few hundreds Rupees are available in 1 two 2 Lakh Rupees for this match. Black Marketing of the Tickets is also going on.

Bookies are also active for this big clash between India and Pakistan.Gambling of billions will be done on this single match.  If we see the Social Networking Sites Facebook, Orkut or Twitter the Discussion is only Pakistani Indian Semi Final.  People from both Sides are also challenging each other on these Sites that their team will crush the opposition. Some are even calling it biggest Cricket match ever played in the history of Cricket. People of both sides only wants Win from their team. We still have to wait for two more days for this Super Semi Final to come.