US Economy In Danger Debts Reaches To Dangerous Level

Debts Crises in United States has reaches to a very dangerous level due to which American Economy is in real danger.

Get Latest Prices of Products in Pakistan Online

Internet has uncountable benefits and one of them is that we can know the latest prices of any product of any brand in seconds online. Knowing Price of any product is really easy and simple on Internet.

April 2011 Also Turns Out To Be a Bad Month For US In Afghanistan

9 Years of US and Nato Invasion in Afghanistan are over and during these 9 years every tactic has been tried by US and Nato Forces to defeat the Afghan Taliban but they have failed to do so until now and there is also no chance of a win in future according to experts.

Imran Khan a Test Tube Politician: Chaudhry Nisar

Imran Khan-a Test Tube Politician claims Chaudhary Nisar in Parliament today.

Peace in Pakistani Tribal Areas and Afghanistan

which route the Pakistani nation should take? It is crystal clear that the reasons that tribals are fighting and supporting others in Afghanistan is something that is out of the control of the Pakistani government. Pakistan can only request the US to leave Afghanistan but they will leave on their own accord.

Famous Pakistani Actor Moin Akhtar Photos

Following are Photos of Famous Pakistani Actor Moin Akhtar.

Pakistan Takes Back Its Shamsi Airbase From America

After Raymond Davis Case and hundreds of Civilian Deaths in US Drone Strikes in Pakistani Tribal areas the relation between Pakistan and United States have became worse.

Will Not Change Our Stand On Kashmir: China

Beijing  (News Report) - Chinese Government has announced to stay on its stand towards Kashmir and made it clear that Policy on Kashmir issue will not be changed. China has announced to continue to issue Separate Visas for people of Indian Occupied Kashmir because Kashmir is not a integral part of India but a Disputed Area.

Chinese Government issued this Statement at a time when Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was on China's Tour. India is upset with China's fair stand on Kashmir issue and keeps on demanding Chinese Government to change its stand on Kashmir.

Time to Save the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan

This Peoples Party Government is going to end  Higher Education Commission which will completely destroy
Education System of Pakistan. Its time to save the HEC otherwise our future will become darker.

Dr M. ziaulislam
good step...why waste money on education..this should be spent to help the PPP poor workers who are living in poorety give them food and turn education has no benefit to a country

Plus i don't agree but apparently this is what our PM is thinking.

Actually PM want us all to get JAALI/FAKE degree...and soon they are going to provide us too...
so that's in his mind.

If HEC is destroyed - it will pave way for corrupt , politicians to only limit schools to their own children ..
HEC is what promises equal education and same standard to poor and rich , regardless of your province ...
Shame on govt!

Its a night mare for those, who are outside for their PH.D's
Plus it will also affect the Subsidies, government is giving to the government INSTITUTIONS ! and non profit institutions !

Dr M. ziaulislam
ironically i told me friends back in 2008 that HEC is going to sink..i mean which idiot politician will allow 60 billion rupees in education why not another benzair income program. i am surprised how did it survived for 3 years !!!!

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Photos

Following are Photos of Former Pakistani Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

Famous Pakistani Actor Moin Akhtar Dies

In last one month Pakistan has lost its several Big Actors and Comedians like Babu Baral, Liaquat Soldier and Mastana and latest shocking news is that another famous Pakistani Actor Moin Akhtar has also died few minutes ago. According to Geo News report Moin Akhtar has died due to Heart Problem.

Moin Akhtar was facing Heart disease from a long time. He was shifted to Hospital earlier today due to heart pain but he died in few hours of pain.  Moin Akhtar is the fourth big Pakistani Actor and Comedian who has died within one month. He worked in many TV Serials and TV Programs.

Imran Khan's Sit-In (Dharna) Against Drone Strikes Tomorrow

Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan announced to do Sit-In (Dharna) against US Drone Strikes in Pakistani Tribal Areas on 23rd and 24th April 2011 on path of Nato Supplies near Peshawar that goes from Pakistan to Afghanistan. As 23rd April has came close the arrangements for Sit-In (Dharna) are almost finalized by PTI.

People from different parts of Pakistani specially youth will be taking part in this Sit-In that will continue for two days. Political Workers of other Political Parties like Jamat Islami, Q League will also be taking part in the Sit-In.  The Main Purpose of this Sit-In is to register protest against US Drone Strikes in Pakistan which has killed over a thousand Civilians in last one year.

Occupied Muslims Lands Around The World Photos

Following are different Occupied Muslims Lands Around The World.


Will Not Compromise On Nato Forces Withdrawal: Afghan Taliban

Afghan Taliban has said that we will not Compromise on US and Nato Forces Withdrawal from Afghanistan and the solution of all problems in Afghanistan is Withdrawal of Foreign Forces. The Spokesman of Afghan Taliban Qari Yousaf has said that People of Afghanistan are facing trouble today due to Foreign Forces Invasion in Afghanistan so there can't be peace in the Country until US and Nato Troops not leaves the Country.

Qari Yousaf also said that No Dialogue will be done until Invading Forces are present in Afghanistan. Taliban Spokesman also claimed that Taliban are more stronger today than before and Public support is also with them and they are fighting for the freedom of their Country. He also said that Taliban are not attacking Public Places, Mosques and Shrines but Agents of Foreign Forces are doing it.

Successful Experiment of Anti-Aircraft Missile System By Iran

It looks like that Iran is working rapidly to Strengthen its Defence and one proof of it is more and more Experiments of different Missiles by Iran in a very short period of time. One of the main purpose of it is getting ready for a possible war with Israel or United States. According to Press TV Report on Saturday Iran has done a successful experiment of Anti-Aircraft Missile System called Sayyad-2.

Sayyad-2 is much better than Sayyad-1 Anti-Aircraft Missile System of Iran. Sayyad-2 has capability of targeting Aircrafts and it can take 200 KG Warhead with itself. Its speed is also very high 1200 Meters a second. Israeli and United States keeps on threatening Iran for a war if it not stopped its Nuclear Program. Iran is making itself ready for any possible War in near future.

Will Continue Drone Strikes and Operations in Pakistan: CIA

American Intelligence Agency CIA has said that Drone Strikes in Pakistani Tribal and Operations  will continue despite the reservations by Pakistani officials.  Pakistan's Intelligence Agency ISI's Chief General Ahmed Shuja Pasha met Chief of CIA Leon Panetta earlier this week where he demanded CIA to stop drone strikes in Pakistan and also demanded CIA agents to leave Pakistan but it not seems that CIA has accepted the demands.

Within 24 hours of Meeting between Pasha and  Panetta a US Drone Strike killed six people in Pakistan. on other hand different Political and Religious Leaders has demanded to close Nato Supply from Pakistan to Afghanistan if US not stops drone attacks.  Famous Politician Imran Khan has said that Drone Attacks are killing Civilians which is causing more extremism so these attacks much stop Immediately. Imran Khan also threatened to stop Nato Supply with public support if Drone attacks not ends.

Muslims Girl Attacked In UK For Wearing Hijab

According to Media reports An Muslim Girl Named Zahra Kazemi was attacked  Earlier this week On Wednesday In London by five British Women when she was going to School in the morning.  The British Women attacked  Zahra Kazemi because she refused to take off her Hijab.  Zahra Kazemi  faced several Injuries in the attack.

This is not the first time that an attack on Muslim Women has taken place in a Western Country for Wearing Hijab but Dozens of such incidents keeps on taking place in different parts of Europe. Western Governments are also running Campaign against Islam and keeps on bringing laws against Muslims. Just Last week France has started Implementation on Niqab Ban law and arrested hundreds of Women who came on roads in Niqabs.

Popular Pakistani Politicians Photos

Following are Photos of Popular Pakistani Politicians.

Can You Become Rich By Blogging?

Blogging is becoming very common these days because its a simple way of Making money online. You not need investment or any degree to do blogging. You simply has to choose a topic then get a blog to start writing on that topic.  Many people are even choosing blogging as their Career by leaving day Jobs and Studies. But this question is often raised by some people that how much can we earn from blogging? can we become rich by blogging? can we earn more than regular Jobs by blogging??  My answer to all these questions is yes as well as no.

You will be amazed why i am giving two answers Yes as well no?? The reason for this is that many Bloggers becomes successful while many fails. Some Bloggers becomes too much successful that they earns millions of dollars by blogging. Some becomes fails and can't even earn 5 Dollars a day. The success in blogging depends on many factors such as hard work, marketing and luck.  You will have to work hard in blogging by writing quality real content by keeping patience. then you will have to do right marketing of your blog. Luck is also important in blogging. So the Summary is that you can become rich by blogging but it all depends on how you do blogging? and how lucky you are?

Burqa Is Not Allowed In France But Nudity Is

Implementation on Ban of Burqa started Earlier this week in France after which no Women is allowed to come on roads by wearing a Burqa Otherwise she will be arrested and fined. over 100 women are arrested and fined so far for wearing the Burqa is last few days. Many Women said that they will continue to wear Burqa no matter how many times they are arrested or Fined. Many of these Women are converted Muslims.

Although Burqa is banned in France but do you know Nudity is still not banned in France. A Video is available on different site where a Naked French man is showed running on roads of French Capital who trying to cut a figure as a pole vaulter. You can also wear Bikini and short cloths in France but you can't wear a Burqa.  So Will you call it Double Standards and hatred towards Muslims or not???

We Will Close Nato Supply If Drones Strikes Not Stopped: Tribal Jirga

More and more Innocent Pakistanis continues to lose their lives in US Drone Strikes in Pakistani Tribal Areas. in 2010 alone over 900 Pakistani Civilians got killed in US Drone attacks. Earlier this month at least 50 Pakistani Civilians where killed in a US Drone Strike on a Peace Jirga. These Drone Strikes are not only increasing anger in Pakistan against United States but also becoming a cause of Terrorism.

On Thursday Pakistani Tribal and Political Leaders held a Jirga in which US was warned to stop its drone attacks in Pakistan otherwise Nato Supply will be closed. In the Jirga different Tribal leaders and local politicians said that Civilians Pakistanis are getting killed in American drone attacks so we cannot tolerate these attacks anymore.  A Big Jirga of different Tribal Leaders and Politicians from different Political Parties is also called on 20th April.

Pakistani City Rawalpindi Photos

Following are Photos of Pakistani City Rawalpindi.

India: Car of Retired Dalit Officer Washed With Cow's Urine For Purity

India is a place where Minorities and people of low Castes are suffering badly in several States. Minorities and Low Castes are always treated unequally. Earlier this week a incident taken place in Indian State Karela which exposed real face of Indian Democracy and Equality with Minorities. A Dalit Officer A K Ramakrishnan who was Former Inspector General of Registration retired on 31st March and after his retirement other Officers and Workers of his department Washed Car, Furniture and other things used by that officer with Urine of Cow for Purity.

Dalit is considered the lowest Caste In Hindu religion and people of above castes don't even touch the Dalits. On other hand Cow is given great respect in Hinduism and its Urine is also considered Pure. This is why Car and Furniture of this Dalit Officer where Washed with Cow's Urine. Kerala Human Rights Commission has announced to register the case of this Incident.

ISI Asks CIA To Stop Drone Strikes and Give Details Of Operations

Pakistan's Intelligence agency ISI Chief Ahmed Shuja Pasha is on America's Tour where he is meeting with officials of US army and CIA. According to media reports in his meeting with CIA Chief Leon Panetta The ISI Chief Pasha demanded to stop Drone Attacks on Tribal Areas of Pakistan. He also demanded to reduce CIA agents in Pakistan and given details of CIA operations in Pakistan.

Chiefs of ISI and CIA also discussed about War in Afghanistan and other issues.American Foreign Office has said that we are trying to solve differences with Pakistan that where created after Raymond Davis Case. on other hand Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari has said that long American War in Afghanistan is causing trouble in Pakistan and we need to find a solution to end this war.

Pakistani Hijab Styles Photos

Following are some Pakistani Hijab Styles Photos.

Wikileaks Cables About Kashmir Issue

Popular Website Wikileaks Leaked Thousands of Secret US Diplomatic Documents last year about different World Issues.  These Wikileaks Cables exposed real faces of many People and Governments. Many of these Cables where also about Pakistan, India and Kashmir Issue. I have created this post specially to share Wikileaks Cables about Kashmir Issue. So Following are the points which Wikileaks Cables Leaked about Issue of Kashmir.

1 Indian Security Forces are involved in Serious Human rights Violation in Indian Occupied Kashmir.
2 Kashmiri Prisoners where seriously tortured by Indian Security Forces. These Prisoners where beaten, Given Electric Shock and even where Sexually abused.
3 Kashmir Genocide  is called Similar to Genocide done in Bosnia.
4 India not  recognized Kosovo due to fear of Kashmir issue.
5 Pakistan and India where close to Resolve Kashmir Issue in 2008.

France Implementation on Hijab Ban Law Starting Today

Western Governments keeps on making such laws which shows their Hatred towards Islam. Islam is fastest growing religion in Western Countries which fears Western Governments. Few Months Back French Parliament approved the law of banning the Hijab In France. The Implementation on Hijab Ban Law is starting from today 11th April 2011. From today If any Women will  Wear Hijab In France she will arrested as well as fined.

Many French Muslim Women has announced that they will continue to wear Hijab because its their Human right.  Muslims all around the World has condemned the French Ban on Hijab and called it a step against Human Rights.  French Government is also thinking to take different steps to stop popularity of Islam in France.  Increasing Muslim Population In France is also worrying French Officials.

Pakistani Fashion Photos

Following are Photos of Different Pakistani Fashions.

America Failing Everywhere Bad Economy, Losing Afghanistan, Bad Image

Few Years ago United States of America was indeed most Powerful Country of the World. It was having World 's Best Economy and a great Image all over the Globe. But American Policies in last one decade has destroyed it everywhere. Today its Economy is going down, its Losing the Afghan War and its Image Worldwide specially in Muslim World is Terrible.

US is going through the Worst Economic Recession of its history. The Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are also effecting its Economy. After One decade of Invading the Afghanistan Us failed to get its Objectives. Taliban as powerful as they where in the past. Illegal Attack on Iraq by lying about Weapons of Mass Destruction is another cause which taken down US. US War Crimes, Drone Attacks, Civilian Killings, Incidents Like Quran Burning, Supporting Israel, Invading One Muslim Country after another are also proving Dangerous for United States. Obama came with the slogan of change but instead of bringing change he has made the Situation more worse.

Field Marshal Manekshaw On Bravery of Pakistan Army In 1971 War

Indian Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw Was Chief of Army Staff of Indian Army during 1971 War and he died in 2008 at age of 94. On 28 July 1999 Famous Indian Journalist Karan Thapar done a Interview of Field Marshal Manekshaw. During the Interview Karan Thapar asked a Question From Manekshaw whose Answer   shocked Millions of people in India The Question was how  much Credit of 1971 War Victory goes to you because Pakistan Army not shown any Bravery during this War?

Manekshaw replied its a wrong Perception the truth is that Pakistan Army fought very bravely in 1971 War but their was no chance of their Victory due to several reasons.

They where fighting thousands of Kilometers away from their base while preparation for war was very easy for us. There where 15 Indian Soldiers fighting with 1 Pakistani Soldiers so there was no chance of their Victory. Than Manekshaw told the story of a brave Pakistani Soldier Captain Ahsan Malik who fought very bravely alone with Indian Army In Dhaka. Indian Army done several big attacks but Ahsan Malik given them very tough time.

After the war Manekshaw even written a letter to Ahsan Malik in which he appreciated his Bravery. It was unique Incident because Chief of Staff of a enemy Country written a letter to admire the bravery of a enemy Country's Soldier.

After 1971 War Manekshaw came to Pakistan Twice and both times he went to meet Captain Ahsan Malik. He also said that Ahsan Malik deserves biggest military decoration.  This Interview of Manekshaw makes it clear that Pakistan Army fought with great bravery in 1971 War but they where fighting in such Situation where Victory for them was Impossible.

Pakistan Army TV Drama Alpha Bravo Charlie Photos

Following are Pakistan Army TV Drama Alpha Bravo Charlie Photos.

Will Not Send Ground Forces To Libya: America

The Pentagon has said that US Will never send its Ground Forces to Libya however Air Strikes on Libya will continue. The Pentagon issued a Statement on Wednesday in which Possibility of sending Ground Forces to Libya was ruled out.

US and Nato Forces has done hundreds of Air Strikes till now on different cities of Libya which not only killed many Libyan Army Soldiers but also taken many Civilian lives. Clashes between Libyan Army and Libyan Rebels are still taking place. Libyan Rebels has asked Nato to do more.

Protests in Afghanistan Against Burning of Quran By Terry Jones

Following is a Photo of a Protest  in Afghanistan Against Burning of Holy Quran By Extremist Pastor Terry Jones.

Indian Media Misquoting Afridi's Comments About Indians

Recently Pakistan Cricket Team Captain Shahid Afridi given a Interview to a Pakistani Tv Channel Samaa Tv in which he said that Allah has given Muslims Bigger hearts than others and Pakistanis are largehearted. After these comments of Shahid Afridi Indian Media started massive Propaganda against Shahid Afridi. Indian Media has old habit of lying, Misquoting and creating fake stories and this is what they done with Afridi's Comments.

Indian Media claimed that Shahid Afridi has said that Indians have small hearts while hearts of Pakistanis are bigger than Indians. One Indian News Channel also lied that Shahid Afridi has given this comment after he was threatened by Taliban.  Pakistani Captain has now given Clarification about his comments that he is Misquoted and i not said anything wrong about Indians. Afridi also said that i got lot of Love in India.

Afghanistan: 6 Civilians Killed In Nato Operation

More and more Incidents of Civilian Killings by US and Nato Forces Continues to take place in different Provinces of Afghanistan. On Tuesday 6 Afghan Civilians Lost their Lives in an attack of Nato forces. According to media reports Nato Forces Attacked a house at night in Sari Pul Province of Afghanistan due to which 6 Citizens got killed.

Nato Forces also arrested 4 people in this operation. In last 30 days over 20 Kids have lost their lives in different attacks of Nato Forces. On other hand Protests against Burning of Quran by American Pastor Terry Continues in Afghanistan. Last week Afghan Protesters attacked a UN Office killing 10 UN Officials.

Photos of Masjid Al Aqsa

Following are Photos of Masjid Al Aqsa that is one of the most Important Islamic Place for  every Muslims.

Hindu Boys Targets Kashmiri Girls Hostel In Celebration of Semi Final Win

India won Semi Final of ICC Cricket World Cup 2010 against Pakistan by 29 runs on Wednesday to enter the Final. After the Win Most of Indian Public Celebrated the victory.  Most of Muslims In Indian Occupied Kashmir where supporting Pakistani Team in this Semi Final and they also got disappointed like Pakistanis due to losing the match. According to report of Front Line Kashmir after India's win in Semi Final the Hindu Students of SKUAST-J University the Hindu Students attacked a Girls Hostel and harressed the girls.

According to report many Hindu Students crossed their limits and  harressed the girls who where not able to do anything in response. Incidents of Harresment of rapes by Hindu Extremists and Indian Army are very common in Occupied Kashmir. Few weeks ago two Indian soldiers where caught by Kashmiri Public who where trying to rape a Kashmiri Girl. Kashmiri Public Naked those Soldiers and smeared dirt on their faces.

PCB Makes Changes In Pakistan Team Squad After Defeat in Semi Final

Pakistan Cricket Team has reached back home today morning after losing World Cup Semi Final on Wednesday from India due to which it was Knocked out of the World Cup. After Defeat In Semi Final Pakistan Cricket Board has made several changes in Pakistani Team Squad for West Indies Tour. Pakistan's Tour of West Indies will start from 20th April and it will play T20, ODI and Test Matches in this Tour.

Wicket Keeper Kamran Akmal and Opening Batsman Ahmed Shahzad are dropped from the team due to poor performance. Central Contract of Shoaib Akhtar is ended due to his retirement while Afridi has himself decided to take rest in West Indies tour.  Taufeeq Umar, Imran Farhan and Adnan Akmal are included in the Pakistani Squad.

New Photos and Video of Afghan Civilian Killings by US Soldiers Released

Just after few days after dozens of Afghan Civilians death In Nato Air Strikes and release of Photos by a German Magazine  in which US Soldiers where shown posing with dead Afghan Civilians now new Photos and a Video are released today in which US Soldiers are shown killing several Afghan Civilians and they enjoying it in Kandahar city of Afghanistan.

The Kill Team of Bravo Company in Us Army is involved in these Civilian Killings. These Photos and Video are released by a US Magazine. According to Magazine US Officials where also trying to hide this Incident. Such Incidents of Civilian Killings by US and Nato Soldiers have become very common in last two years. Earlier this month some US Soldiers where also found involved in Uploading photos of Afghan Civilians on their Facebook accounts which where killed by US Soldiers.